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Breastfeeding mother kicked out of Brad Paisley concert

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAN DIEGO — Police escorted a Navy wife from a Brad Paisley concert at Sleep Train Amphitheatre Thursday night because they said she was endangering her baby by being in the “pit” area.

Megan Christopherson recorded the interaction between her and at least three Chula Vista police officers and posted the video to YouTube.

The video shows officers asking her to leave the pit area of the concert with them. When she asks why, one of the officers tells her that she is putting her baby in danger because of the loud music and the possibility that the baby could be crushed if the crowd surges forward toward the stage.

The officer explains that they consulted the District Attorney’s Office before approaching her and were told that bringing a baby to the pit area of a concert constituted borderline felony child endangerment.

Christopherson suggested that the real reason they were asking her to leave was because she had been breastfeeding the baby earlier, but the officer denied that, saying that their only concern was for her baby’s safety.

The officers told Christopherson that she could be seated in a safer area to watch the concert or leave the concert and get a refund. Christopherson opted for the refund.

As the woman was lead out of the venue, both she and her older daughter, who appeared to be about 10 years old, burst into tears.

Christopherson said that her husband is in the Navy. She repeatedly asked the officers for proof that noise levels in the pit area posed a danger to her baby.

At one point during the interaction, an officer threatened to refer the case to San Diego County Child Protective Services. He also said that if she had refused to leave the pit with the baby, she would have been placed under arrest.

The Chula Vista Police Department released a statement Friday about the incident which was consistent with the events shown in YouTube video.

“The Chula Vista Police Department’s involvement in the incident was due to the welfare and safety of the infant and not due to a mother’s legal right to breastfeed in public,” the statement concluded.

Source: KSWB/CNN


      • anom

        What a stupid remark!!! But she should have left the infant at home with a responsible adult. WOW, do people really think the public wants to a child being breast fed???????

      • not today

        forget that she was breast feeding!!! SHE HAD A BABY AT A CONCERN!!!!!! she is stupid!!!!!
        it does not bother me if a woman breast feeds…. Lets talk about having a baby at a concert!!!!!

  • bella07

    I don’ understand the reason for bringing a young baby to a concert anyway.She should have hired a sitter.

  • Luv Life!

    They should of stopped her at the gate and checked her tickets for her seats. The children should not have been allowed in the concert because of their ages and the noise level. This lady put her husband’s career in jeopardy.

      • Luv Life!

        I used to be an Officer’s wife and whatever I did reflected back to my husband. If the spouses broke the law, the active duty spouse would have to take care if the issue and his/her promotion could be affected because the “rules” weren’t followed. This lady had her name run through the mud and caused negative remarks which were also sent to her Military spouse. She “rocked” the boat….no pun intended!

      • allboymom

        It is true “Question”, Ask any military personnel, ANYTHING we/you do that is in violation of the law, even so much as a speeding ticket, reflects on the military person. My dad was in the military for 23 yrs and you bet your but if I got in trouble, it was his commanding officer who got the report before my dad did. BUT above all of this, she should NEVER have taken her infant to a concert, I can see taking her 10 yr old. to see Brad, but not the infant.

  • Hobbes

    Well, I agree that the mother shouldn’t have brought her baby to the concert. I also think the fact that she cried when she chose to leave exposed her immaturity. But the cops and DA threatening her with CPS and serious charges is ridiculous. That’s the knee-jerk response of cops these days, start threatening people with felonies instead of simply seeking to protect and serve. I’m sure if she argued for just a few more minutes she would have been charge with multiple counts. We live in a day when life has been illegal. You can be charged with just about anything at any time by any cop… and it will cost you a fortune in legal fees to fight it.

    • Richard

      What do you think would happen if the crowd did surge forward and the young baby was hurt? Then everyone would be like “why didn’t the police/security take action to stop it from happening”. I firmly agree with what they did now that the full story has come out, because at first it was just that she was breastfeeding and she was kicked out. But now that I know that she is in the pit area then yes that child was in danger.

  • FaithC

    I have seen to a Brad Paisley concert and his music is not as loud as rock concerts I have been to, but it is still way to loud for an infant. This woman has a total lack of common sense.

  • Larry Haver

    My question is why bring up the fact that her husband is in the Navy, is that suppose to make her decision okay? I also notice that the headlines mentioned the breastfeeding as the reason, I think it was more as to let’s get peoples attention for this story. I mean if they had lead with mother removed from concert due to noise who would have read it?

    • Chucky

      Her judgement got called into question, she lost. That is why she is making the breast feeding an issue. She will have a tough time proving her case though. If they never said anything about the breast feeding to her and they gave her an option to move or leave and get a refund, it was her choice to leave.

    • Kevin Dirk Boaz

      you must be as daft as the woman in the story. If you bothered to READ the woman herself is the one who made the charge that they were doing it because she was breastfeeding. which is BS she shouldn’t be exposing the child to loud noises like that.

  • Joe Dirt

    like grandpa said, “you can’t fix stupid”, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.
    maybe she should breast feed while skydiving or whitewater rafting. Babies don’t need to be around
    loud music or a crush of people. I bet she lit up a cig after she left to calm herself.

  • USMCVet

    I attended a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert a few years back in Raleigh. Faith Hill was on first, and she stopped the show in the middle and brought out a set of earplugs and gave them to a young mother that had her young baby there. She then proceeded to inform the mother of her bad decision to bring a child to such an event and especially sit so close to the stage as it could hurt the development of her hearing. Everyone in the audience cheered Faith for her words and the young mother left in tears shortly after. Faith apologized to all as she didn’t intend to call attention to the lady and her baby but as a mother herself she knew how destructive the environment was. I thought it was a class act to provide hearing protection and take the time to address this issue (although others didn’t, I could see the majority of the parents in the crowd agreed with Faith Hill’s actions).

    • Hmmm

      Wow, that was rude of Faith Hill. It is good that she brought earplugs for the child but she should’ve just handed them to the mother and asked her to put them in the child’s ears and let it go without further comment. That would’ve been humiliating enough but perhaps not quite so humiliating that she couldn’t have stayed and enjoyed the rest of the concert that I’m sure she paid a lot of money for.

      • USMCVet

        I don’t agree it was rude. It was Faith Hill’s concert and when presented with the ear plugs the mother refused to put them in the baby’s ears and also admitted that the baby was 6 months old. Faith stated she wouldn’t continue until the earplugs were in place, and then proceeded to talk about being a mother herself. Sorry if this inconsiderate mother spent lots of money on the concert or not, that doesn’t give her the rights to put her child’s health at risk. She was a new mother with no sense of how to care for her child’s welfare. She could have gotten a baby sitter for the night, or sold the tickets and attended a concert at a later date. Sorry if your thoughts that the mother’s humiliation and continued attendance at the concert is more important than a child’s health (and the mother did stay for s few more songs and then slipped out during the remainder of the concert.

      • Joseph

        I don’t think it was rude at all. Its a shame parents don’t take better care of their children. If someone can afford concert tickets (which aren’t cheap), they can surely afford a babysitter. Pathetic nitwit pretending to be a parent. :-(

      • Ken

        Again, you miss the bigger point here. She should never brought her child to a concert in the first place, end of story. Sometimes idiots need to be called out for doing idiot things. Finally, if she paid her hard earned money for this, then she should have put some money aside for a sitter, end of story. Nothing rude about what happened at all.

      • Hmmm

        Well, USMCVET, you certainly left out some important details from your first comment, didn’t you. You never said the mother refused to use the earplugs for the baby; you made it sound as if Faith gave her the earplugs and then immediately started scolding her. Some details do make a difference; it might help if you included the relevant ones in your original comments.

  • Diane Purcell

    In my opinion, she’s using breast-feeding as an excuse..trying to gain public sympathy. She had no business bringing an infant to a concert. The noise, the people, the risk….foolish.

  • joe

    Don’t you just love this liberal media. This ad nothing to do with this idiot breast feeding, which I’m sure nobody wanted to see.

    • Queenbee

      Liberal media? The headline leads you to believe this story was written by the liberal media? I see nowhere in the story where the writer accuses the cops of throwing her out because of breastfeeding. There are tons of misleading headlines all over the news. And I would call your comment misleading as well.

  • joe

    That’s what the liberal media does. Low information people only read the headline so liberal media plays on them.

  • Tear Drop

    Garbage….how about taking care of your baby and leaving it at home when you want to go to a concert! There is a time and a place for everything, but I know a concert is nowhere near the place to bring a newborn…and I say newborn because of the breastfeeding and her trying to gain fame by using breastfeeding as the issue…sorry momma, but your plain stupid and dont deserve that child if your going to go enjoy yourself and put your newborn in harms way due to your negiligence.

  • Chucky

    I would just love to know why she thought it was so important that she go to the concert, that she took her two children. It looks like most people who have commented on here so far agree that she shouldn’t have taken the baby. It is just not an appropriate place for either a baby or a 10 year old to be. My parents didn’t go places where they could not take us when we were growing up. I don’t even remember them leaving us with a sitter accept to go to work or if they were in the hospital.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Guarantee there will be a Lawsuit filed by the Mother & will be suing the Police, Brad Paisley, the Amphitheater & anybody else she can think of for a Big Payday, that’s what this is all about pure & simple….wait for it!!

  • MG

    This is so stupid- you should not have an infant at a concert. I am sure this had nothing to do with breastfeeding and everything to do with being in the pit! Also I love that they point of how she is a Navy wife- like that has something to do with it (coming for a military spouse).

  • greatclits

    poor quality mother, her leg spreading skills have overwhelmed her common sense, some females should not reproduce

  • larry

    Can you spell ” IDIOT”. How old is the mother, 10 ?.So many people running around without any “parenting skills” having children,so very sad .

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