Dead body on stretcher flies out of coroner’s van and into traffic

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BUCKS COUNTY, Penn. — A dead body on a stretcher flew out of a coroner’s van and into traffic after a “malfunction” in the van’s door.

The Bucks County Courier Times reported the incident happened Friday near a shopping center in Feasterville, Pennsylvania.

Jerry Bradley posted a photo on Facebook that showed the stretcher in the middle of the road.

The coroner’s office said the driver of the van returned to get the corpse “in a manner of seconds.”

“Care was taken to respect the deceased individual in this instance. The Bucks County Coroner’s Office deeply regrets this incident and will take steps to ensure that it is not repeated in the future,” the Bucks County Coroner’s Office said in a prepared statement.

Many cars were reportedly driving around the stretcher, but Bradley stopped to help get the body back to the driver.

“I thought someone was playing a prank. Someone is pranking people,” Bradley said, according to the paper. “It was the most bizarre thing I’d ever seen.”

Bradley’s Facebook photo has been shared more than 2,000 times.


  • Chucky

    It does indeed sound like something from a movie. You would think that there would be a device inside of the vehicle that would keep the cot in place if the doors were to open. I think that ambulances have that kind of thing. Without a device, the cot would just roll around in the back while the vehicle was moving. @Stinger90 I think a 3rd one would be a bit like beating a dead horse kind of thing. :)

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