Negative campaign for 6th congressional district continues in only televised debate

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RALEIGH, N.C. – The Republican runoff for the 6th congressional district between former pastor Mark Walker and Rockingham County District Attorney Phil Berger Jr. has been one filled with accusations and finger pointing.

The negativity continued Friday night in the campaign’s only television debate held by Time Warner Cable News in Raleigh.

The candidates' views on repealing the Affordable Care Act, Immigration and Reducing Taxes were overshadowed by allegations.

Walker repeatedly asked Berger to admit whether or not his father, Phil Berger Sr., funneled $75,000 to a super political action committee to help Berger campaign.

"Yes or no,” asked Walker. "Ask him yourself," said Berger "Call him."

The Republican State Leadership Committee made the donation to Berger in April in which Berger Sr., president pro tem of the state Senate, helps oversee.

Walker said he felt good about the debate but still wanted answers to questions he asked about Berger's record as District Attorney.

"What he's claiming as his record is not factual with the reports he's putting out," Walker said.

Berger says he has a clean record and one that shows hard work for citizens.

"It's unfortunate that this type of political tactics and basic fact checking tarnished what was otherwise a good debate," said Berger, who called out Walker for linking him to the ethics violations case of Berger v. United State in 1935.

"To hear me associated with it was quite stunning. I wasn't even born when the case was heard," he said.

Walker said he was given false information from a credible source.

"Looking back I don't believe there was any direct connection to Phil on that particular case," said Walker. "We are going to own up to that."​


  • sinner 3

    This is a great example of why the GOP can not win elections !! Stick to the issues and stop the in fighting !We know that all parties are really crooks and payoffs and favors using taxpayer money is just common practice !

    • Sinner III

      Sinner you are so right, I mean if the GOP could get it together they would have the Governors mansion and both side of the state legislator…….oh I forgot they DO! Walker is a crybaby who does not know that the Berger v US case was filed during the 1930’s? No he is a liar or an idiot, you guys do have something in common.

      • sinner 3

        The fact there are Reps. in this pissant state has little to do with the rest of this country or its problems,look at the big picture beyond your narrow little mind !

  • Doc Bennett

    Way to go you two WINNERS. Spend all your money now and give the DEMS more ammo to use against you in the general election. YOU TWO are the reason we have Washington full of the DEMs we got up there now.
    Stop, for once in your lives, and do what is right for the country, your district and the party.

  • John Smith

    Privileged white boys want all the entitlements in their family pockets. They are fiscally conservative just plain greedy. They want it all and they want it now and they will never be satisfied.

    • Sinner III

      English is not your native tongue Mr. Smith? Websters has this book, you may want to look at one.

  • PeteandCarrie Hutchens

    Sinner 3 and his clone sinner III .. Dems going down in NOV.. Regardless of either one that gets the nomination.
    Obama scare and the Hagan travesty will over shadow this clown circus in a massive way !

  • JWS

    Whats the problem? This is just another example of the family values, patriotic, Christian values party that is running our state and wants to run the country. I am sure someone will compare them to someone worse! Is that the choices we have? Bad and worse.

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