Weather Blog: Looks and acts like Polar Vortex, but it is not

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Summer Polar Vortex

It looks similar and will produce much cooler weather, but is is not the same as the Polar Vortex which we saw last winter.   Some are calling this one a “Poor Man’s Polar Vortex.”   Some of the National Weather Service offices put out a statement about it on Thursday being a Polar Vortex and later that was reversed.

This one does not contain all of the ingredients of a true Polar Vortex, but it is going to be a bit unusual and make conditions much cooler than normal. It also resembles the jet stream pattern of the one we had back in the winter.   This is actually in response to a Typhoon that hit near Japan which altered the jet stream flow.

This is going to be quite noticeable next week. Especially over the Great Lakes and western New England. Even here in the Piedmont, we could be as much as 10 degrees cooler than normal and that will feel nice in July.

More about Polar Vortex and what it means:

Again, this is not a True Polar Vortex, but many are calling this a Poor Man’s Version of the Polar Vortex.

Take a look at this 6-10 Day Temperature Outlook. Much cooler than normal to our northwest. A little cooler here too.