Tweet may offer clue in murder of NC school counselor Maggie Daniels

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NEWTON, N.C. — Friends and family gathered Wednesday to say goodbye to a beloved high school counselor who was murdered in Newton.

Hundreds gathered for a memorial service for Daniels at Newton-Conover High School where she taught and coached basketball for several years.

Investigators are still working to find out who killed Daniels, and why. They still have not released how she died.

Police tell WSOC that they are aware of a particular message Daniels posted on her Twitter page last summer, which may be a clue in the investigation.

Last August she posted a text someone sent her which said, “Be careful with your neighbor you mentioned. I would really encourage you to take a self-defense class.”

Police didn’t comment further.

bsc8bxtcqaamcusDaniels was found dead inside her apartment on June 28. Since then, police have sealed the search warrant in the case and have not released how she died except to say that it was a murder.

On Tuesday, police released a photo of Daniels leaving the Walmart in Conover with a friend the day before a neighbor made the gruesome discovery.

Police are asking for anyone who saw Daniels on Friday or Saturday — possibly wearing the same outfit at the Walmart — to come forward.

The investigation into her death is ongoing.

Anyone with information should call the Newton Police Department at 828-465-7430.

Source: WSOC


  • Alex Smith

    I guess I’m the only person that finds it odd that the “friend” she was texting in the picture is a fairly successful and very married basketball coach, and the texts contain all the “love you!!! love you more!!! love you most!!!” sappiness of a Lifetime TV movie.

  • Jean

    very strange for a married coach and a woman he isn’t married to to say I love you all the time. Strange

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