Residents meet to keep the Seagrove post office

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SEAGROVE N.C. -- Residents in the town famous for handmade pottery packed the town library Thursday night to discuss ways of keeping their post office open.

With more people turning to the internet for communication, the U.S. Postal Service lost $5 billion last year alone and many small town post offices may have to pay the price.

"Potters use the post office a lot in mailing packages," said local business owner Phyllis Lawrence who depends on the post office. "A lot of things we can't do over the internet or through email so we have to go through the post office."

Last month more than 6,000 customers in the Seagrove zip code were surveyed on whether to reduce hours at the post office or close the building and continue retail services through mail carriers, a contractor or through neighboring post offices' in Asheboro, Biscoe and Robbins.

"It's really the hub of the community, everybody uses it," said town resident Charlotte Wooten who fears the lack of a post office will hurt the community who is seeing growth. "Some towns are dying but Seagrove is blossoming and I don't even know why they are considering it."

Postal officials plan to share the feedback from customers next Tuesday at 1 p.m. at the Seagrove Post Office.

Residents say despite the inconvenient time they plan to fill up the post office to hear the results and plan to appeal if the decision includes closing down.


  • Bo Diddley

    Seagrove is NOT a growing community. Look at the folks in the picture, everybody is near or at retirement age. If the post office is the hub if your community, you’ve got a problem.

    • FaithC

      How would you know anything about Seagrove? All you do is sit in your basement and post nasty remarks here under 6 different names. You are the one the the problem.
      Yes, now go ahead and post under my name and the 6 others you post under. I know it is your only power in life. We all know the comments are from you. LOL

  • Doc Bennett

    Lets keep the stables for the horses that care the mail too.
    If you ship any amount at all you don’t need to go to the post office!

    WE (tax payers) employ these people called POSTMEN and they will come right to your house or business and pick up your packages. Its like magic, voodoo or aliens. Go buy a scale, ship your own stuff and shut down a waste of money government building!

    And by the way, Mayberry does NOT have a Post Office ….Why you ask?


  • Anonymous

    Such nasty and negative comments from people that don’t know jack! How many of u live in segrove? Exactly! Well I do and I’m not retiring anytime soon! As far as it being a dope town, no it’s not, far from it! We do have arrest for drugs just like any other town. Theres more honest, hardworking, nice southern people here I’d be willing to bet than where u live “sinner3” !!

  • Anonymous

    Postmen do not, and will not, carry everything u see and need in a post office. Not sure if u have ever lived outside city limits but “postmen” don’t walk up to our doors either! It would be hilarious trying to get one of our “mailmen” as we call them, to take and ship loads of heavy, expensive pottery!!

  • Voice of Reason

    Seagrove facts:

    1.) Has the highest per capita burglary rate of all triad communities.
    2.) Has no grocery store but 2 Quik Cheks. (although only half of the gas pumps work)
    3.) Has one stoplight, and it is always red from both sides. (not kidding about this)
    4.) The police force only works on certain days. (not kidding about this either)
    5.) The view from the elementary school is of a propane tank graveyard. I can only imagine the kids staring out the window dreaming of when they can live anywhere else.
    6.) The only drug store in town has been robbed several times, and the pharmacist shot. (see #1)
    7.) The Community One bank has also been robbed countless times. (#1 again)
    8.) The town’s claim to fame (pottery) has two warring factions that enjoy sabotaging each others’ festivals. (that’s right, 2 pottery festivals, and still no grocery store)
    9.) The Dollar General gives third world children nightmares. (I am not counting this as a grocery store)
    10.) Has a gun shop but no car wash. (also no grocery store)

    But, but, but no post office is going to cramp our way of life.

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