Police say school teacher sold heroin, pills while on break from class

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TACOMA, Wash. (KCPQ) — A 33-year-old school teacher living in Tacoma has been arrested and could face drug dealing charges after police said they discovered he was allegedly selling heroin and other contraband during school hours.

Sources tell Q13FOX News that teacher is Brian Bennett and the school where he has been teaching is Drum Intermediate School in University Place.

Police say they began investigating Bennett earlier in the year for selling narcotics. According to Tacoma Police Department Officer Loretta Cool, police stopped him Thursday leaving his home in the 8400 block of Phillips Road SW and arrested him for possible drug possession.

Officers served a warrant to his home and recovered Oxycodone pills and heroin. He allegedly admitted to selling both drugs, even leaving the Drum Intermediate School to sell during his break.

The suspect was adamant he did not sell drugs to his students, police sad.

He was booked into Pierce County Jail on suspicion of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance and possession, but at this point no formal charges have been filed.

University Place Schools Superintendent Patti Banks said Bennett had been placed on paid administrative leave.

Banks said they were ‘shocked and saddened’ to hear the news and that she was unaware of any problems with him in the past.


  • butterflyd

    The suspect was adamant he did not sell drugs to his students,; well okay then…………………..

  • Sinner 3

    See there people even a drug dealer has scruples maybe no morals but scruples ! I’m sure we can take his word as the truth right ?

  • ratfink

    you can’t trust kids these day. the little narcs, what next taking chastity pledges. thanks president obama, a teacher is reduced to selling drugs just to make it. what’s next pastors hooking for a little scratch too. thank the lord for true patriots like john “sensitive” behner for taking the time and tax money, no matter the cost or the time needed for other issues that will actually give results, to take this president down.

  • Doc Bennett

    Why didn’t the sign work?!?
    Does that mean those “Gun Free Zone” signs don’t work either

    The Horror

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