NC man puts up massive tarp to block neighbor’s surveillance camera

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MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. — A Mount Holly man took drastic measures to protect his privacy by putting up a 10-foot-wide strip of tarp around his home.

“Who wants to be videoed or have pictures took of him the whole time they’re outside?” said Tony Jones, according to WSOC-TV.

Just last week, he added another tarp to hide the side of his house from yet another camera. He said the cameras are affecting his social life, too.

“It stopped any of our friends from coming here,” he said. “They just don’t want to be recorded.”NC man puts up massive tarp to block neighbor's surveillance camera

We went to the house with the cameras, but no one there wanted to talk to us.

Neighbors, even some yards away, called the tarp an eyesore.

“I think it’s ugly for the neighborhood, I really do,” said Ann Love.

Jones emailed Gaston County commissioners asking for tougher privacy rules, but the county attorney told commissioners legally there’s nothing they can do.

“It’s unfortunate. We hope in this situation people can work together and find something for the common good. Because they are neighbors,” said Commissioner Chad Brown.

Jones is vowing not to back down.

“He can get used to the blue tarps. I’ll leave ‘em there until he takes the camera down or points it on his own property,” he said.


    • Fay

      Why should he have to go to the expence of a nice looking fence to please the people who are causing the problem, i think a brush pile would work.

  • Cynthia Davis

    I don’t blame him either. He’s trying to make a point and I get it. Why should he have to fork out tons of bucks for a huge fence because his neighbors are nosy! They may be doing it to get him to pay for a fence so they don’t have to!

  • Chucky

    I’d probably plant trees or something but I wouldn’t want the cameras aimed at my house either. It really should be illegal to aim cameras at another person’s property.

    • Kay

      Its more like a security camera. My old piano slash chorus teacher had them all over his house just to keep his family and his stuff safe.

  • stephen

    I have cameras at my home and my businessesso speaking from that point of view I can say that I doubt his neighbor cares what he’s doing and is not trying to record him doing anything the camera owner is trying to protect his property the guy with the tarp to me is probably trying to hide something illegal that he’s doing why else would you make such a deal about this. my neighbors have cameras also I don’t care if they record me or not I have nothing to hide

    • Cynthia Davis

      Then they should be pointed at his own property, not his neighbors. The article says that the neighbor refused that. I don’t blame him for having cameras either but they should be pointed at his own property or the street not his neighbors.

    • Sean

      Why does he have to be doing something illegal to enjoy privacy? If you don’t exercise your rights from time to time then you loose them little by little until ther are none left…… think.

    • Monica Rega

      So you won’t mind if your neighbor had security cameras pointed at your house and not of his own property. There’s an issue, why on earth does he have security cameras if he isn’t using it to record at his own house? I’d be upset and forget those neighbors that say it’s an eyesore – then get together and get the neighbor to use security cameras on his own property

  • Asdfghjkl

    Went through something very similar with neighbors when I was in my teens. Police said they can have cameras, but the cameras cannot record anything past the property line. So I’m guessing it is illegal to have them recording onto the mans property

  • Cops_think_they_are_above_the_law

    it would be funny if the guys house was broken into and the only way to find who done it was to ask the neighbor for surveillance videos

  • SJS

    DVRs have a masking feature that allows blocks of the image from being recorded. I have done this a lot because a camera has to be pointed to collect the most data but sometimes that means seeing neighbors property

  • Jeannie

    If the neighbor can afford the security camera’s , he should put a tall fence so the neighbors can have privacy and it will look good too. Home Depot and Lowe’s have tall privacy fences that are sold separately and should not cost more than $50.

  • mimilll

    Law enforcement in NC are allowed to push their way into a 3rd party residence without permission and without a search warrant. It seems like anyone can do about anything and get by with doing it. A NC citizen can walk into a NC Magistrates’ Office and take out multiple warrants against another person for just about anything as well. Heck….if is sad when there are 7 warrants taken out against the same person in less than 8 weeks, without any sort of *evidence or investigation* that anyone actually did anything…..Violation of US Constitutional Rights? Not sure anyone really knows what *rights* are these days. It is interesting that people really have NO CLUE.

  • Spoony Jackson Esq.

    You go man! IF he wants something to film, you gave it to him. IF he dont like it, take down the cameras, freedom swings both ways!

  • fco

    I don’t blame him, actually nobody have privacy in them self back yards except for rich people with huge and expensive fance and beautiful pool.

  • TWC

    This happened to my husband before we got married. His neighbor put up a camera and would call the sherrriff everytime he was out working in the yard. The sherriff got so tired of coming out, that they finally told my husband that the next time he was out working and needed to relive himself to do so facing their camera. That did the trick, the camera came down.

  • Chucky1992

    It says a lot that the neighbor added a camera after the tarps were put up. I’d sue his tail to make him either remove the cameras or aim them onto his own property.

  • missy

    I don’t think the neighbor with the tarp is doing anything wrong. If his idiot neighbor can point a camera at his house, which is an invasion of privacy and I thought that taking pictures or the recording of someone was against the law without their consent, then he can put up as many ugly tarps as he wants. I would do the same thing, after I tried to fight it. I was in a similar situation when my children were small. we had a neighbor that was on drugs and an alcoholic, didn’t take care of her own kid and was on disability so sat home all day doing nothing but nebbing in everyone elses business seeing who she could start trouble with and eventually it was my turn. after a few years of magistrates and fighting she put up a camera and I found out from someone that she was acrtually in her house watching everything we did, including my kids and company we had, all day long. pressed charges and the magistrate was an idiot and told her not to watch us so much and that he couldn’t do anything. so where were my rights in all of this, how about the rights of my kids who were minors, how do we know she wasn’t putting their faces up on the internet on child porn sites or something. eventually I ended up ripping down the camera but paid a fine for trespassing onto private property and was told she had a right to have anything she wanted on her house, where were our rights in all of this. but you know what… I didn’t care I had the right to protect my kids. needless to say she didn’t put up another camera… got the picture I guess.

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