NC 11-year-old shoots, kills grandfather after seeing him shoot his father

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HENDERSON, N.C. — An 84-year-old grandfather was killed in his own home Monday night, when deputies say his 11-year-old grandson shot him.

It happened right after the grandfather shot at his 49-year-old son.

WTVD spoke to the victim’s daughter who said the incident began with a fight between her father, Lloyd Woodlief, and his son, 49-year-old Peyton Woodlief.

Melissa Thomas said her father and brother have had trouble getting along for years. She said it all came to a head Monday night, when Peyton showed up at her father’s house near Kittrell.

Thomas said Peyton walked inside and pushed Lloyd into a back bedroom.

“He pulled out a club, like a policeman’s club stick, and told him he was gonna beat him to death with it,” Thomas said. From there, she said Peyton put up the club and grabbed Lloyd’s shotgun. Lloyd told him to put it down and reached for his pistol.

“‘I’m not gonna let you hurt me,'” Thomas described her father warning Peyton. “And so Peyton, my brother, reached over, put a shell in the shotgun and give it to his son, Daniel, and said, ‘If he shoots me, I want you to kill him.'”

Thomas says her dad told Peyton to leave, but he didn’t. “He steps again,” she explained. “My dad shot him. He shot him five times.”

Immediately, another sound of gunfire, this time it was from that shotgun deputies say her 11-year-old nephew fired.

“Come to find out he was buckshot and it went all the way through his body and it even hit a picture of him and my mama on the wall,” said Thomas. “And I was so scared I didn’t know what to do. I called up 911 and said please send some sheriffs out here.”

By the time deputies got there, it was too late. Both her dad and brother were lying on the floor. Her father was already gone.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Peyton Woodlief was still receiving treatment at Duke Medical Center. No word on how the 11-year-old is doing.

Deputies say charges are pending.

Source: WTVD


  • Tracey

    Charge the father with the murder of the grandfather not the 11 year old, who was probably scared and obeying his father. Now the kid needs counseling for killing his grandfather. Please break this circle!!

  • Chucky

    What a lovely man to put his 11 year old son in such a position. It sounds like the wrong person died.

  • l337g33k

    Wow… What a horribly written article. You need a flow chart to follow along. Just interchangeably switching between their proper names and pronouns, and writing sentences not focusing on the direct objects. Just ONE of many examples, it states in the beginning, “WTVD spoke to the victim’s daughter…” It’s unclear who the victim is at this point and it’s referencing the daughter without a name yet, and the sentence continues to focus on the indirect object (Lloyd) instead. How about… “WTVD spoke to Melissa Thomas, daughter of 84-year-old Lloyd Woodlief, who said the incident began with a fight between her father, Lloyd Woodlief, and her brother, 49-year-old Peyton Woodlief…”

    I’m not usually one to grammar police; however, some of the articles this site churns out have become an embarrassment with biased writing (Man jailed for 8 months after Winston Salem Search Warrant) and insufficient information (wow so many, but the article about Bitcoins stands out).

    • Emerald Heller

      Yes, the writing is really hard to follow on this piece.
      “Immediately, another sound of gunfire, this time it was from that shotgun deputies say her 11-year-old nephew fired.”
      I can’t tell who shot who here. It reads awkwardly because there’s no verb attached to the subject “another sound of gunfire”.

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