Missing teen that left behind ominous notes found safe, human trafficking investigation underway

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CAMAS, Wash. (KPTV) — A missing 17-year-old girl who left behind ominous messages at her Camas home has been found.

Clark County deputies said Wednesday evening that 17-year-old Anji Dean was located safely at the Clackamas Town Center.

Detectives said they received around 150 phone calls, as well as numerous other tips through social media about this case.

Detectives contacted Dean at the mall, interviewed her and then reunited her with her family in Clark County.

Deputies said the investigation into her disappearance is continuing.

25981617_BG2“This is an active investigation that includes the crime of human trafficking,” according to a Clark County Sheriff’s Office release.

Dean walked away from her home two weeks ago and her family said they had not heard from her since.

However, her family said she sent messages to her boyfriend saying, “I’ve been in something for a long time and I haven’t told you,” later adding, “They were going to kill you and my family.”

Dean’s mother said she also found a binder with three letters Dean left behind, addressed to the family.

“The first letter said, ‘If you’re reading this, I’m missing or dead,'” her mom said.

It was signed by the teen and read, “When or if you find me, I’ll be all used up or dead.”

No other details were released about the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.


  • My2€ent$

    Really weird. ..not much details and “found safe” but it’s a “crime of human trafficking,” …?…

  • Tracyjo242

    Whatever the case may be,at least she was found safe,and not dead somewhere..at least her family has her home again safe,not like alot of kids found dead and can’t be back with family..some of you guys are so rude.you shouldn’t even comment if you don’t have anything nice to say….How about if it was your kid or a family member,How would you feel if you read this and see things said about them..I know you wouldn’t like it..so Shut the F*** up..

  • Peacock290

    Most kids that are taken don’t ever return home, specially if there in human trafficking. I am glad she has returned home safely!

  • MilkAndWookiees

    Pretty sure “human trafficking” in this case means something along the lines of prostitution with the money going to an organized group of criminals acting as pimps.

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