House of Blues-affiliated music venue coming to downtown Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greater Greensboro Entertainment Group announced Thursday that a House of Blues affiliated music venue will be coming to downtown Greensboro.

The entertainment venue is planned for 117/119 South Elm Street, where Allure is currently located. Wolf Construction is set to  begin construction on Monday.

The venue is affiliated with House of Blues Entertainment and Live Nation.

The name of the venue has not been officially announced, however it will not be named House of Blues.

House of Blues Entertainment will book acts for the venue.

Rocco Scarfone, president of the Greater Greensboro Entertainment Group, said the new venue that will bring a national presence to downtown Greensboro.

The venue will have two seating configurations: 525 fully reserved seats, or 350 reserved seats plus 500 general admission seats, according to the News & Record.

"We'll never book a Paul McCartney," Scarfone said. "We'll fill a great niche."

This will be the third House of Blues affiliated venue in the Carolinas, including Fillmore in Charlotte and House of Blues at Myrtle Beach.


  • Bulls Eye

    Better beef up the GSO Cops since most hang with the little pretty girls downtown anyways being perverts gawking at them as they all walk by like they have something to offer…..this is only going to cause more crime and drunken fights downtown.

    • Sinner 3

      The name of the venue has not been officially announced, however it will NOT !! be named House of Blues.All that needs to be said I will not spend money on generic music !!

  • Musician

    This venue will be gone within a year. Downtown GSO is not equipped for this. Parking is a joke at best.

    • Chuck

      Clearly you haven’t been to a HOB anywhere besides Myrtle Beach. Park in the parking garages and walk.

      • Musician

        Actually, I’ve been to Elm St. in downtown Greensboro hundreds of times. Who wants to walk a half a mile just to get to the club from a parking deck? No one. Traffic and parking is a total failure. Not mention the utter lack of interest in live music in this city. (Once again, remember The Flying Anvil? They only lasted a year despite having a big venue. They also had ZERO parking). They might as well just turn this new place into a big dance club/bar. That is what the “Elm St. crowd” really wants anyway. (P.S. – Good luck with late night crime that is getting worse and worse on Elm St.)

    • spcoon

      downtown greensboro hasn’t been supportive of alt / indie / hip music. that was the anvil route. it was unfortunate, but that’s the city we live in. that said, a house of blues type establishment *could* pick up the patrons of the jazz club that just closed, as well as all the patrons that hit the war memorial for the buddy guy’s of the world. it remains to be seen if scarfone actually books solid talent, or if it’s another weak excuse for a club. as far as parking, the location is much better than the anvil; there are four parking decks and at least five ground lots found in a three block radius. i realize greensboro folk don’t like to walk, but we’re not talking miles here.


        All good points, SPCOON. I don’t mind walking (I prefer it actually) but I prefer ‘free parking’ and a safe walk to the venue. It also remains to be seen how much involvement Scarfone will have with booking the talent. It appears House of Blues Entertainment will oversee that. With the abundant liberal college scene in GSO, it’s a shame we cannot attract a more pioneering genre.

      • Musician

        Ever walk down Elm St. late at night on a Friday or Saturday? Ever walk through one of those “safe” parking decks? Downtown GSO will never have the music scene that Winston or Chapel Hill does. It just isn’t going to happen, no matter how much money is being spent. All people want to do on Elm St. is drink and go to “dance clubs”. Maybe another 500 teenagers will throw another riot downtown when it opens. LOL. I’ll be saving a screenshot of this page. Can’t wait to post it when this place closes in a year or two. MARK.MY.WORDS.


    Another niche that needs to be filled…parking, affordable tickets to these shows, and some original ‘indie’ alternative music instead of over-played cover bands.

  • Ed

    oh great, Malone, Liberty Media, Live Nation, World Corp, Amplify, = we don’t need no edukation.. with canned spoon feedings like this… getting to be too programmed… strange brew.

  • Dive Bars Over Nightclubs Anyday

    Great. Another “La Familia” (aka King, NC mafia) Scarfone-owned downtown business. Just what Greensboro needs: one more place for douchenozzles and sorostitutes to occupy and beat each other up.

  • Dr. Sylvester Caraway Jr.

    Although this is a great ideal, this club also needs to look at producing a TV show series from Greensboro that’s just like “Austin City Limits” but promotes all up and coming artist from poets, dancers, musicians, singers and more. Contact Caraway Entertainment Agency in Greensboro, North Carolina for more information about how this TV show series can be produced to reach the world.

    • Aaron

      You know Doc..I highly doubt any viable, up and up business venture ever came about from a solicitation in the comments section of a local news station.

  • William S.

    I like Mr. Scarfone (I’m the same age as his son and we played football together as kids), but I’m not so sure about this move. His entertainment company tried this about 8 years ago at the exact same location. I was never that interested in the bands they brought to the venue (a lot of boring radio rock, imo), and the club itself lasted only a few years. Who’s to say that won’t happen again?

    I want this venue and downtown Gso to thrive as much as anyone, I just hope they learn from the mistakes of previous years.

  • Tony Fair

    Winston-Salem has had a House of Blues-type establishment for 20+ years. It’s called “Ziggy’s” and it’s locally-owned and not a generic corporate chain.

  • Keith Wallace

    What’s with the spammy pre-roll advertising that says you’re missing a video converter?? How much of a cut are you getting for people fooled into installing that garbage?

  • Bo Diddley

    Every venture Scarfondle, the self proclaimed mayor of GSO has tried has been a failure or a fast sell off. Any given weekend in GSO it’s either 500 extras from the planet of the apes running wild or somebody having a duel in the streets…this dump will be closed in two years.

  • eric

    Police presence is a joke in Greesboro, shootings , riots and no arrest,Cities like wilmington, charlotte, Raleigh all have police helicopters patrolling downtown events and give their citizens a sense of being safe , he’ll I got robbed at gun point, despite officers efforts no arrest was made

  • Musician

    Whatever they call this place, we all know it’s going to be generic radio rock and rap acts playing there. The same nonsense that Scarfone had there years ago. Guess what? It failed miserably. Downtown GSO is already overly congested with fratboys, “gangstas”, and teenagers that riot in the street on Friday and Saturday nights. FACT. How about opening it somewhere OTHER than downtown with an actual parking lot! Of course that would never happen because EVERYTHING entertainment-related HAS to be located in downtown. Typical short-sighted thinking that will cause this place to fail – AGAIN. We have Ziggy’s in Winston and the Blind Tiger here. The demand for live music market in this city isn’t the same as Winston or Chapel Hill. It’s just not – period. End of story.

  • Randy

    you guys never been to Ga to a night club it is worse than greensboro that is what the triad needs use to be heavy hitter for nightlife glad to see it back but better

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