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High Point woman arrested in connection with assault on 1-year-old child; man sought

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A woman was arrested Thursday and a man is sought in connection with an alleged assault on a 1-year-old child.

On May 25, officers responded to the emergency room at High Point Regional. Upon arrival, officers were told an infant had sustained a number of fractures and abrasions inconsistent with the mother’s explanation of the injuries.

Paige Octavia Jackson, 22, of 604 Clara Cox Way, is accused of assaulting her 1-year-old child. She faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injuries and intentional child abuse causing serious injuries.

She remains in the Guilford County jail in High Point under a $500,000 bond.

Police are also looking for Joel Rayvon Brooks, 23, in connection with the investigation. He also faces felony child abuse charges.

Anyone with information as to the location of Joel Rayvon Brooks is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 889-4000.


  • Chucky

    Now let the haters start bashing. To those of you who will certainly start creating all different types of punishment for Ms. Johnson, remember, she has been charged but there might be more to this story than is reported. She is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Her family believes that she is innocent (I’m not family and don’t know her) and there is another person who has been arrested and charged in this incident.

    • Shannon

      It dosent matter what “the story is” the facts are she beat a 1 yr old child who could not defend himself . The legal system can not come close to punishing her the way she or he did that innocent child! N that’s that!

      • Chucky

        This was exactly the type of comment I was expecting. Just because she was charged with it does not mean she was the one who assaulted or abused the child. It would scare me to have a person like yourself on a jury. The press never knows all of the facts… much like yourself.

        What if the boyfriend abused the child and she was scared of him so she lied to get help at the hospital? Would that make any difference to you? While she might have lied under these circumstances, that would not mean that she assaulted or injured the child.

        I’m not saying that those are the facts, just that you don’t know what they are like several other people on here.

    • leah

      Guilty until proven innocent…her “story” doesn’t match the evidence. Yeah, people that hurt kids deserve all the hate that comes their way.

    • Fay

      If she knew it and let it happen she’s fucking guilty. If she’s not guilty why the fuck did she lied to the hospital,

  • Sandra

    She needs to stay in jail. Anyone that could assault a 1 year old toddler has very serious issues!!!

  • leah

    They should have never let Casey Anthony off for what she did because since that day, “parents” have lost their minds and went fully insane!

    • Iama Retiree

      @ FAITHC – did not realize she was your Sister ! You really come from some bad lineage ..

  • Mark Stabler

    Looks can be deceiving, both ways. Apparently the story she provided regarding the injuries to the child didn’t make any sense. If she is found guilty, her punishment will not come close to what she would really deserve.

    • FaithC0

      Oh please do you think that for one second that everyone does not know that 6 of the comments here including the two under my name are by the same person.
      Sinner, bo diddley, chucky, k*ill them all, Jethro, Looky, me, and many others. You post and answer out own posts. Loser for sure. LOL

      • Iama Retiree

        Really, you gotta do better on the name – it stands out like a sore thumb for being a fake ! Will have to give you an “E” for effort, but really deserving of an “F” – you failed miserably ……

      • Chucky1992

        Fake? Really? I don’t give a rat’s a– if you think it sounds fake or not… Anyone can use any name they want to on here so they are rarely real names anyway. :)

  • Charity

    I think that if the situation is that she was in a abusive relationship and the kid was hurt it is STILL her fault. She should be put in jail for life. If you don’t want your kid give it up don’t beat, starve, or kill your children

  • whatthehellokitty

    Weather she lied or not its a parents DUTY to ALWAYS make sure his or her child is safe!!

    I have no further opinion….

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