High Point man jailed on drug charges, held under $1 million bond

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A High Point man jailed on multiple drug charges is being held under $1 million bond.

Qwinton Lavarus Carroll, 30, of 210 Taylor Ave., was arrested on Wednesday and charged with two counts of possession with intent to sell/deliver cocaine, three counts of possession with intent to sell/deliver heroin, three counts of selling/delivering a controlled substance within 1,000-feet of a school or day care and one count of trafficking heroin.

Capt. Mike Kirk said High Point has been plagued with heroin overdoses. However, Capt. Kirk said there is no way to know if Carroll sold drugs to the folks who overdosed.

There have been 66 heroin overdoses in High Point in 2014.

Carroll’s home is less than 1,000 feet from Fairview Elementary, likely triggering the three counts of selling within 1,000-feet of a school or day care.


  • ^^^^retard^^^^

    Go harass Rickster’s Bar and Grill because that’s where Sutton Way’s customers come from when they close. I’ve witnessed Ricksters employees sell dope plenty of times.

  • Jay Jay

    I’m getting to the point where your punishment should be your crime. Make him eat it. If you leave your kid in the car on a hot day, then you should be stuffed into a hot car for the day. You want to beat an old lady or ice cream man then you should be getting a whooping yourself.

  • jbob

    Why is this even worth making the news??? Why is it the social norm to put drugs and violence as headlines??

  • Bulls Eye

    May as well go shut own Sutton Way Bar and Grill too…that place is infested with coke and heroin addicts every night! Cant bust one and think the delivery will stop because it wont!

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