Gov. McCrory threatens budget veto

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Gov. Pat McCrory

Governor Pat McCrory said Thursday he will veto the latest Senate budget plan or “any plan that resembles it,” WTVD is reporting.

In a statement released to the media, McCrory said “…because I know of no financial way we can go beyond the House proposal without eliminating thousands of teacher assistants, cutting Medicaid recipients and putting at risk future core state services.”

McCrory said he is committed to getting a raise for North Carolina teachers and will clear his calendar next week to meet with any Senate or House member “both Republicans and Democrats – to personally communicate my resolve and to communicate to teachers who are waiting in limbo as the school year approaches.”

After speaking with House Speaker Thom Tills Thursday morning, McCrory said he has agreed to move from a 3 percent raise to a 6 percent raise for teachers.

“We have a plan that doesn’t raise taxes, provides meaningful raises for teachers without cutting thousands of teacher assistants and avoids ending critical services to the blind, elderly, disabled and those with Alzheimer’s disease,” said McCrory.


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