George Zimmerman: Where is he now?

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On July 13, 2013, a Florida jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the death of Trayvon Martin. The former neighborhood watchman never denied fatally shooting the unarmed teen, but he said he did so because he feared for his life.

The intensely watched murder trial inspired passionate debate about race relations in America, gun laws, profiling and self-defense, and a good deal more.

Here’s where some of the key players are one year after the verdict.

George Zimmerman

Zimmerman has popped up a few times post-verdict. Just days after his acquittal, he helped rescue of a family of four from an overturned SUV. His wife, Shellie, filed for divorce in September, citing irreconcilable differences — and in November, Zimmerman was arrested and charged with felony aggravated assault for a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. Prosecutors dropped the case in December after Zimmerman’s girlfriend recanted part of her story.

Since then, he says, he has turned to painting as a “creative” way to express himself, and that he would like to pursue a legal career. In the meantime, he remains unemployed, and the nearly $500,000 raised online for his defense is at a near zero balance. The U.S. Department of Justice investigation into whether Zimmerman violated Martin’s rights is still ongoing.

Judge Debra Nelson

Nelson is still serving as a circuit judge in Seminole County, Florida. She had taken the Zimmerman case near the end of her one-year rotation in the criminal courts. After presiding over the high-profile trial, she went back to handling civil cases.

Ironically, she presided at the related case Zimmerman v. NBC. She ruled recently that Zimmerman was not entitled to any money from the network, effectively dismissing his allegations that NBC portrayed him as racist by selective news editing. As of July 1, Nelson is back for another turn in criminal courts.

Benjamin Crump

The colorful attorney who represented Trayvon Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, has been busy, taking on several high-profile cases spanning the nation. Crump regularly speaks at conferences on race relations and is currently representing the family of Robbie Tolan, a former baseball player shot in Texas by a police officer in 2008. The case was dismissed in 2012 by a federal appeals court, but in May, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled the court failed to consider the Tolan family’s accounts.

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin

Trayvon Martin’s parents have been actively engaged in working to change “stand your ground” laws and speaking to groups and conventions around the country about ethnic profiling and prevention of violent crimes. Fulton and Martin are heavily involved in a foundation they established in their son’s name, which provides stipends to families who have lost children to gun violence.

Angela Corey

The tough-talking prosecutor continues to take on high-profile cases as the state attorney for the Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida. In February, her office argued a case against Michael Dunn, accused of shooting at four teens in a vehicle after complaining about the volume of their music. Jordan Davis, 17, was killed. Trial results were mixed: Jurors found Dunn guilty on three counts of attempted second-degree murder, but deadlocked on the first-degree murder charge for Davis’ death. Dunn’s retrial is expected to begin in September, after which he will be sentenced for his previous convictions.

Mark O’Mara

The defense lawyer was inundated with calls after his victory defending the man who was once described as “the most hated man in America.” O’Mara, who does not currently represent George Zimmerman, is now flush with new business and is a current CNN legal contributor. Of the approximately $2.5 million legal fees racked up over the course of the trial, O’Mara and co-counsel Don West each received a single payment of approximately 2.4% of the total costs — or about $30,000 each. There is no expectation of further payments.

Bill Lee

The ousted former Sanford, Florida, police chief, who took the brunt of criticism about how the initial investigation in the shooting was conducted, is now working as a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Orlando Regional Operations Center Public Integrity Squad. As an investigator, he looks into alleged misconduct of public officials, including in-custody deaths and officer-involved shootings. Lee is no longer a supervisor, but FDLE colleagues say he is a “tremendous asset” to the team.

Rachel Jeantel

The bombshell defense witness, who captivated trial-watchers, graduated from an alternative high school in Miami in May. A cadre of supporters took Jeantel, 20, under their collective wings after she was subjected to scathing public criticism over her appearance, demeanor and speech during the trial. After Jeantel appeared on CNN last July, popular morning radio talk show host Tom Joyner offered financial assistance to pay her way through college. Jeantel says she’s interested in pursuing a postsecondary degree and is weighing whether she wants to attend college or go to fashion school.


To date, little is known about the mainly faceless jurors who deliberated for more than 16 hours before rendering George Zimmerman’s fate. Five white women and one black Hispanic woman were on the main panel; four alternate jurors, two men and two women, were also selected. Juror B29 told ABC she believed Zimmerman “got away with murder” but that she had to “grab our hearts and put it aside and look at the evidence.” Alternate juror E54 told WOFL he “supported the verdict.” Juror B37, the first juror to speak, told CNN that Zimmerman was “justified in shooting Trayvon Martin” but that he “had good in his heart, he just went overboard.” She initially planned to write a book about her experience but withdrew after major backlash against her comments.


  • sinner 3

    WOW its ZIMMY !! So how much trigger time you putting in ? Are you teaching any shooting classes ? Still fire for center mass ?

  • Devout

    Zimmy was spotted on the street corner on his knees in an ally giving another homeless man some head…o lawd help him for he know not what he is doing…

  • Lou Gots

    “The U.S. Department of Justice investigation into whether Zimmerman violated Martin’s rights is still ongoing.”

    What nonsense is this? “ongoing investigation?” Years after the alleged civil rights violation? What are they waiting for?

    There had been a federal investigation into the civil rights ramifications of this incident. Nothing was found.. There comes a time when dragging something like this out is official oppression. It could be that the administration is plotting to get some political advantage out of bringing this up before the mid-terms. Watch them decline prosecution, but try to get some sort of pro gun-control message out of it.

    • Devout

      What nonsense about bring George Zimmerman to justice? Is that what you are in fear of? or are you in fear that they might strip you of your gun rights? Now which is it…?

  • Stealth

    LOL!!!! Its funny all the people holding signs and posting “he just went to get some iced tea and Skittles” I hope u guys realize how clueless you are when you find out that he was mixing the iced tea and skittles with robitusum cough syrup to make a toxic drug called lean which he was posting all over his FB on how to make and was found in his blood the night he was killed…so clueless lol..its like those kids who’s parents just fail to believe that there child has ever done anything bad until one day he he goes to jail for 10 years and the parents are saying “this does’nt make any since,how could we not have seen this” WAKE UP!!!! he wasn’t the innocent boy you think he was.

    • Devout

      Even if that were true, which it plainly IS NOT, it did not give Zimmerman a right to fVck with the boy. Further they did not find any such thing in his blood other than an alleged trace of marijuana. You are so freaking clueless, and it’s probably because you spend so much of your free time rubbing the back of your head until your a** hole opened…and now you’re just full of sh&t…

      • Carl

        I did my own research of this case and solved it. Please see a synopsis of my comment below and my full comment at trayvon dot axiomamnesia dot com under documents.

      • Stealth

        “Plainly is not” huh…do alittle research…if you wasn’t blinded by your racial agenda this would be clear…Zimmerman did not fuck with the boy…he simply followed him because he was running through yards late at night in an area that had lots of breakins in which the suspects were black…was being black possibly one of the reasons he looked deeper…probably…if dozens of stolen cars are identified as a chevy impala of course those cars will be looked at more closely…its freakin human nature.Nobody was profiling.The kid simply fit the description of the suspects during the well he should have considering he was found with a burglery tool as well as some stolen items…

        I can also see from your anger in your msg that you obviously are being guided by your emotions and not the facts.I can pretty much gaurantee that if trayvon was white you would not be here defending him..I guess theres a little bit of racist in everyone whether they know it or not.

  • Carl

    TM case solved: To solve this case you first have to step outside the box. Subplot # 1 of 3. A frightened teen running from his creepy stalker and killer looks good on paper towards a conviction but the reality is there’s only 3 possible scenarios.

    1. TM ran and a speedy GZ chased him down and killed him.

    2. TM ran and then came back an attacked GZ even though GZ was to slow to catch him.

    3. TM didn’t run because he had no reason to and never realized he was being followed.

    I’ll take scenario # 3.

    It’s the real reason GZ attacked TM in the dark while holding a working flashlight in his hand (Recording #3 @ 2:50) and (Recording #5 @ 1:38). The element of surprise was still on his side. Clubhouse video also confirmed that somebody flashlight was on as they walked along the east perimeter of the building.

    NEC timeline:

    7:09:34 start of NEC

    7:10:32 He’s coming towards me

    7:10:56 He’s coming to check me out

    7:11:40 He’s running (nobody runs from a man sitting in a parked truck who’s talking on his cell phone with windows rolled up) When is the last time you found this situation scary enough to run from? Answer: never

    7:11:46 GZ opens truck door

    7:12:06 TM answers Jeantel’s incoming call 26 seconds AFTER GZ claimed he was running. Question? Why discuss whether or not to run from the creepy K while you’re ALREADY RUNNING from the creepy K. This is the contradiction that seals the case.

    Please see my entire comment at trayvon dot axiomamnesia dot com

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