Garth Brooks is back! New album, digital music and tour on the way

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Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks promised to announce a world tour on July 14 and he hinted that the first new music under his Sony deal would be out around the end of the month.

“Today, I feel very lucky to be joining Sony Music,” Garth Brooks said on Thursday during a press conference.

In addition to joining Sony, he says he will be going digital in the next two to three weeks. His songs will be available for digital downloads from his website.

A double album, which he’s working on now, will be released around Thanksgiving at “a stupid price” initially to reward fans who have waited through his retirement.

Brooks was the biggest selling solo recording act ever when he left the road and studio behind to concentrate on raising his three daughters 14 years ago. Fans have only seen him perform since then at a few benefit concerts and a weekend residency in Las Vegas

Brooks offered to “drop on my knees and beg” Ireland’s prime minister to get his comeback concerts back on track after the Dublin city council denied licenses for two of his five shows.

Brooks said he had no clue until the last two weeks that there was a problem with the shows, for which 400,000 tickets had been sold.

“I don’t have a clue how we got here,” Brooks said about the sudden cancellation of the sell-out shows. “All I know is the powers that can fix it are not here.”

The Dublin shows had been planned for Croke Park Stadium, a football arena that can hold more than 90,000 fans, on five consecutive nights during the last week of July. The council approved Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows, but rejected licenses for Monday and Tuesday night concerts.

Instead of going forward with the three approved concerts, Brooks said he would not do any since it would mean choose which 160,000 fans would be shunned.

“If the prime minister himself wants to talk to me, I will crawl, swim, I will fly over there this weekend, sit in front of him, I will drop on my knees and beg for those 400,000 people to let them have fun.”

His youngest daughter Allie graduated from high school in May, relieving Brooks of his paternal duty to drive his kids from his farm in Owasso, Oklahoma, to school each morning and be there for every soccer match.


  • John S. Stamos

    the ‘stupid price’ comment was made in reference to the upcoming digital release of his music on his website. he said that people would think he is ‘giving it away’ but that it would be available at a ‘stupid price’ initially to reward those who waited so long. It was not in reference to the ‘new’ music that is coming with the double-album around ‘black Friday’ – and a new single for radio in the next month or two.

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