Former SC sheriff charged with vandalizing neighbors’ homes, cars with sling shot

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ROCK HILL, S.C. — The former Lancaster County sheriff has been arrested for allegedly vandalizing his neighbors’ homes and cars with a sling shot, according to WCNC.

On June 6, Rock Hill police were called to a home in reference to property damage. The victim told officers she kept hearing “popping noises” on her front door and went to investigate, according to WCNC.

She then observed her neighbor, John Walter Cauthen, 58, standing by the back corner of his home face the victim’s residence. The victim heard a popping sound and glass shattering. She then opened the front door and found the glass of the exterior door shattered.

Officers recovered several sling shot pellets, marbles and paint balls in the victim’s front yard.

Officers then responded to a second residence after reports of property damage. The victim told police she thought someone shot her windshield with a pellet gun after noticing a small dent. She also found several sling shot pellets, marbles and paint balls on the side of her home.

Cauthen is charged with malicious damage to property over $2,000 in connection with the shattered glass door and malicious damage to property $2,000 or less for the car windshield.

Source: WCNC