Davidson Co. neighbors sick of tanker trucks using residential road as shortcut

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- Neighbors are sick of living on a "shortcut" route along a residential Davidson County road.

Some drivers use Becks Church Road to get to Interstate 85 from Highway 47 instead of traveling to Highway 8 to get to the interstate.

According to maps, using the highways is about a seven mile drive. Cutting along the four-mile-long Becks Church Road shaves about three miles off that route to I-85.

FOX8 first did a story in May sharing their concerns about tankers and speeders.

At the time, a tanker carrying ethanol crashed and caught fire, scaring people who lived there.

"Well I'd like to say: Which is the more important? Saving a few cents a gallon on your gas? Or saving maybe forty or fifty lives?" questioned Myrtie Younts, who lives on Becks Church Rd. "We have heard it could level this place for a mile if one would explode."

She and other neighbors are especially concerned about tankers carrying chemicals and flammable materials, which they see daily on the road. Tankers most often come through in the morning and evenings, they said.

Donnell Griffin is also worried. "We're going to have a bad accident. The worst case scenario is either they're going to hit the [electric] tower which troubles me because I live next to it. Or they're going to hit a school bus. There are a lot a lot a lot of school buses, activity buses, I mean we have three schools near this road."

"It settled down for a while, there were not as many. But we are noticing it picking up again," explained Younts.

Griffin said, "This has been going on for years. We've been calling for years."

The N.C. Highway Patrol told FOX8 in May they were increasing patrols in the area. They have not gotten back to us about how many citations have been issued since then.

The state Department of Transportation tells FOX8 they will have to run a crash history on the road before telling us how many accidents have occurred there. A spokesperson explained in an email, "It will be next week before this can be done and verified."

When we asked about the possibility of lowering the speed limit or adding signage to the road, the DOT spokesperson added, "We will need to visit the site to determine the existing signs and how they relate to the characteristics of the roadway. We do not arbitrarily lower the speed limit on roadways in hopes that it slows motorists down. This has proven not to be effective in changing motorists behavior and can make the situation worse by doing so. This typically takes a minimum of three to four weeks to complete."


  • Irene Carmen

    Not just lower the speed limit but also put a weight limit on the road! That road was not made for tractor trailers! And any time I’ve used the road since the tanker accident, I haven’t seen one NCSHP on that road!

  • Devin J

    thats stupid to just target mostly truckers most truckers obey the road laws and some dont just as much as cars do most truck drivers are very alert on the road, just because of all the news you hear about truck accidents on the road dont mean all truckers are bad and cars go way over the speed limit and out of those accidents how many involved truck people are just terrified of rigs but you have no clue what its like and what idiots you see driving cars everyday

  • Randy Wilson

    first of all the truck did not crash. second becks church rd is a safer road than highway 8 is. third it has nothing to do with saving a few cents on fuel it is saving time so the drivers can get home to there families sooner .

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