Car carrying gunshot wound victim crashes into hospital in Greensboro

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IMG952470GREENSBORO, N.C. — Police are investigating after a car carrying a person involved in a shooting crashed into Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro on Wednesday night.

Officers responded to Patio Place just before midnight in reference to a shooting. They were told that the gunshot wound victim had been driven to the hospital.

Upon arriving at Moses Cone Hospital, the driver of the vehicle crashed through the ambulance entrance at the hospital.

The driver crashed through two sets of glass doors used to bring patients into the emergency department.

Police say the victim’s gunshot wound is non-life threatening.

No one was injured in the crash.

Crews are installing wood doors as a temporary fix.

Moses Cone Hospital issued a statement on Thursday:

“At around midnight, a car crashed through the ambulance entrance of The Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital. No one was injured. The car crashed through two sets of glass doors used by ambulance crews to bring patients into the emergency department. Ambulances were able to use other areas of the hospital to bring patients and the emergency department has remained open. “





  • Thomas Noell

    Its bad enough that Greensboro has to have police sub-stations in emergency rooms to deal with gang warfare spilling into the triage as well as visitors being robbed/car-jacked in hospital parking lots, and now we have city thugs and their “homies” crashing into the medical facilities after getting shot. Is this the Gate City or Detroit???

    • sinner 3

      Well I guess this is a rare situation Thomas the Chief has been bragging about the G_Hoods low crime rate ! Could he be lying about any of the crime stats?

      • Thomas Noell

        True, it is rare, but highly troubling and unacceptable in the one place that people should feel safe without the fear of being shot or run over: in a hospital lobby. I wouldn’t be surprised at the possibility of GSO PD doctoring official crime statistics to make themselves, and the city, look good (lots of motivation to do just that), but if one reads the local news on a daily basis as some of us do, you cannot help but wonder about that after daily reports of home invasions, assaults, shootings, murders, robberies, and other crimes that are at excessive and unacceptable levels in a city that was listed as “the most liveable in America” only 25 years ago. What is more disturbing is the fact that city resident accept this, ignore, or try to explain it away somehow. But when I see what Greensboro has become in recent years, I feel that I made the right decision when I moved from the city in 1991… sad!

    • meg

      They arent substations. Those are off duty officers contracted by the hospital. You would find them at any hospital in America.

    • The Real Truth !!!!

      This is the truth i will be writing a letter to news & record so everyone can no the real story.. Kids where outside random shot were fired. the drivers little brother was shot . Atleast 15 people were outside calling the police & ambulance. only 2 police came no ambulance no nothing if it wasnt for his brother the victim would have died. even when he put his brother in the car. 15 minutes later ambulance still werent there. Usually when people fight on patio pl. it is atleast 10 police come out for one fight. but a 14yr old boy gets shot & only two police come. Yes he was 14yrs old!!! …. His brother rushed thru traffic with his hazard lights . While he was driving his brother screams in pain and repeatedly states that he cant feel his legs. They say he didnt lose alot of blood thats because he brother was not about to let him die. When he arrived at the hospital no one was around. He states that he seen a nurse out smoking a cigrarette he said please help my brother is shot. she looked at him looked at her phone and continued to smoke her cigarette. his brother is sill screaming in pain he does not know what to do he cant get anyones attention. still honkn the horn. so driving threw the doors was his first instinct.. You people judge but dont know the story his brother was about to die. Racism is always the first thing people turn to it does not matter if he was black, white , indian, or chinese. its not about the race. know the whole story before you judge. His brother is alive and has to were a bag on his stomach cuz he was shot in the colon yall dont know that do ya…. dont be so quick to judge. Racism is why your mind is how it is now!!!

      • Cops_think_they_are_above_the_law

        About time someone sets the real story out there, That’s what’s wrong with this world, All these judgmental Christians out here that judge people they don’t even know, Thank you for the real truth

      • Bert

        You don’t get service by driving through the ED doors that’s just asinine, in fact I hope they arrest the driver. They said his injuries were not life threatening so he should have stayed put and let medical help come to him instead of endangering other peoples lives blasting through traffic. Besides what is a 15 year old doing out just before midnight anyway.

      • chris

        “@The Real Truth”. When you do find the time, between your high level English/Literature college course load and collecting your government assistance, to write the letter to the News & Record please ensure that you have one of your literate friends look over it with due diligence. Your friend’s editing will assist us all in understanding what “the real truth” is. If you decide to write that letter using your current literary incompetence, we wouldn’t understand what “the real truth” was anyway. Thanks in advance.

      • Seriously.

        Actually the idiot drove up to a food truck first to try to get help. The nurses at the food truck had no way to help this guy. They probably didn’t even have a stethoscope on them. The way the hospital is laid out he would have had to drive past the ER to get there. Luckily, the ER staff was busy with something else that had just come in and was nowhere near the doors when this dumbass came crashing in. I hope they throw the book at this fool. That is the real story homie.

  • sinner 3

    The Chief in G_Hood is no more than a lying Politician ! Claiming bogus numbers to make himself look good! Just another political hack chasing the dollar !

  • l337g33k

    Best of all, I’m sure they won’t even have to pay for the hospital visit! Keep on raising my premiums, brahs

  • Thetruth

    Well crime statistics in G-hood can say what ever someone wants them to say!! i listen to the police scanner every night and it’s a lot more crime going on than you ever see in the newspaper or on the news on TV. the weekends are the worst. robberies, shootings, break-ins of homes and cars, and yes 90% of all the calls “Black Males” are the criminal suspects. and that’s a fact!!!

    • Chris Reeve

      Well crime statistics in G-hood also say that 99% of adolescent boys who get molested are “White males” molested by other “White Males” and that’s a fact!!!!

  • Joseph (USA Disabled Veteran)

    I truly believe that life will judge us all. Those of you who left the obvious racist statements; I would like to refer to you from here on as ” ignorant white/black american mentality,” Please choke yourselves. It is sad to here ignorance speak of stupidity so constantly as it is done here. Bottom line a young adult was looked upon as less than by people that knew him not and treated as such in what could probably be the scariest moment in his life, even, in some of your big mouth, ignorant, 10 Cent word using, and Fatherless children’s life experience as well. So please for the lot of you Do Not Reproduce. Ignorant white/black american mentality I hope the grammar and syntax flows well enough for you to get a reflection of how ignorant your life seems due to your ignorant comments.

  • Selina

    We are all Gods children and we are are the ones that turns our backs on God. God doesn’t see color he sees good/evil regardless of our race we should all be treated the same but this world is a very wicked place and one day God will take the true Christians out to go live with him of all races and the ones left behind will be the ones that aren’t truly with God that will be a sad day for the ones left behind this world is just like Sodom & Gohmorrah!

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