Boy on life support after being pulled from pool in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Neighbors at an apartment complex in Winston-Salem came together to help a boy who stopped breathing Thursday afternoon after a trip to the pool.

Winston-Salem police said the 9-year-old was spotted underwater and not moving at a pool in the Salem Crest Apartments off Ebert Road.

Chevez Brunt heard a call for help and jumped into the pool despite not knowing how to swim.

"He played with my little brother and all them out here but I would have done the same thing for anybody else's child," said Brunt.

Brunt said he pulled the boy out and another neighbor, Susan Jeffcoat, started giving the boy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Jeffcoat is a nurse who said her training and instincts kicked in.

"God just takes over and lets that happen," said Jeffcoat.

Police also helped give the boy CPR until paramedics could arrive.

The boy was rushed to the hospital and at last check was listed in serious condition. A police officer told FOX8 that the boy was on life support but his vital signs were good.

Police said the boy was not being supervised by an adult at the time of the near drowning. Neighbors said that's not what normally happens but the boy was too excited about visiting the pool and ran off without adults realizing it.

Neighbors who witnessed the drama said knowing they gave the boy a chance to live makes them feel good but they realize there's still plenty of uncertainty ahead.

"I'm praying for him -- praying for his brain to recover, praying for his family, praying for his friends," said Jeffcoat.


      • Iama Retiree

        According to “FAITHC”, the resident expert, who owns a $9.99 wading pool from Walmart, apartments do not have lifeguards ! Gee, what a shocking statement — She is so original – wonder if she has hired a lifeguard for the wading pool from Walmart when she dunks her number 11’s in the plastic pool ? Should be an interesting sight —- maybe we should sell tickets ! Let me know what ya think and I will get the venue set up !

    • FaithC

      Apartment pools don’t have lifeguards, even the very high-end ones. I am sure you know nothing about high-end. So where were the parents or the adult who should have been watching this child?

      • Iama Retiree

        @ FAITHC – The expert “FAITHC” has spoken ! Faith, how did you become so smart to be so ignorant ?
        Everyone – give “FAITHC” a round of applause …….

    • Bo

      Most apartments (that I have seen here in winston anyway) do not have lifeguards but they have huge signs that says no running and under age kids must be supervised. The failure here is not the lifeguard but the people that were in the er with him. Maybe a little harsh but it is the truth. We have to do better as a people at watching our young loved ones.

      • My2€ent$

        Agree with you…& There isn’t any life guards at these pools but there are signs and it’s on the lease…

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