60-pound shark caught near swimmers at Carolina Beach

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CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. — Family and friends were relaxing on Carolina Beach when some fishermen began struggling to reel something in…something big.

A man captured footage of the fishermen reeling in the 60-pound shark just feet away from other swimmers.

YouTube user kmcgee6969 uploaded the video on July 6.

The final few minutes of the video are nerve-racking as the men attempt to get the hook out of the shark’s mouth without losing any fingers.


  • Jaquetta72

    This why I do not think you should be allowed to fish around swimmers you are just asking for trouble!

    • John

      That’s why swimming near people fishing or next to a fishing pier should not be allowed common sense

  • Matt

    Wow, poor shark handling, poor unhooking execution, and very poor use of common sense or just plain fishing techniques. I landed a 7 foot tiger off of wrightsville and had it back in the water in 5 minutes. This is why rednecks shouldn’t fish. And to the lady who said “this is why you shouldn’t fish near swimmers” actually those sharks are more abundant than you could even imagine. If anything awareness of the situation from us fishermen could help save some of you people from a trip to the ER. And it is clearly a black tip btw. If people don’t know how to undo a hook, cut the leader and the hook will rust out in a couple weeks.

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