16-year-old girl says her rape went viral, disturbing photo being mocked on social media

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HOUSTON — A 16-year-old Houston girl says a photo that shows her after she was raped has gone viral and she is being mocked on social media, according to a report from KHOU.

Jada, as she is identified by KHOU, claims she was invited to a friend’s home last month. She said the boy hosting the gathering offered her a drink of punch.

Jada believes the drink was spiked and she claims she was raped that night.

Jada said she passed out and had no clue what had happened until disturbing tweets, pictures and videos appeared on social media.

Despite the horrific experience, she has been forced to relive that night through social media.

“No one’s daughter deserved this,” Jada’s mother told KHOU. “No human being deserved this.”

Photos of the incident then sparked a #JadaPose hashtag, where people recreated a photo of Jada after the alleged sexual assault.

KHOU said Jada wanted to be identified in the story to help identify the person responsible.

“There’s no point in hiding,” she told KHOU. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”


  • ncturd

    Why would you need to see video of a sixteen year old girl being assaulted? Would you like the media to show more evidence when children are assaulted? I know you are dumb but now I know you are a pervert.

    • JT

      Aw, where’s your sense of humor? You can read any of Sinner’s posts and tell that racism, homophobia, and child sexual assault are just downright funny–if your brain doesn’t touch your spinal cord, that is.

  • Ahayes

    First from what I read it was a photo of her afterward. Second why would you say that unless you know that is in fact what the person is doing? Third you have no heart. I know plenty of people that play the “victim” card so I understand how people do it very regularly and how easy it is to not trust someone having a story like this…but to actually post how YOU feel about someone YOU don’t know in this way WITHOUT knowing the TRUTH is wrong and people SHOULD bash you for it. Keep your negativity to yourself if that is what you want to say, this girl and her family and OTHERS who are scared to come forth (because of people like you) deserve better.

  • Patricia G.

    If it were your child how would you feel? Yes, of course if it were your child it would never have happened. Sorry, but that is the oldest line in the book, never my child. This poor girl has been humiliated and shamed enough without your type of comments.

  • Patricia G.

    In response to SINNER 3, your comments are shameful, but at least you used the right handle to call yourself. It explains a lot about you and your comments.

  • Ken

    Please explain the “point” and the sarcasm behind such moronic post. Given your history of asinine posts here, it would seem that there was no point and that you wouldn’t know sarcasm if it slapped you upside your head.

  • Lisa

    There’s too much evil on this earth, but God says revenge is His! Someday, somehow, they will pay.

  • Harvey Williams

    you should have been at home in your bed getting ready for the next day you to young to be out having fun.I hope that you get a lesson not to be staying out all night yo to young to be have fun it is time put your had in some book to come thing.

    • Jamilex

      You think she would have known she was going to get raped that night.. What you’re saying is completely wrong… and 16 isn’t to young to have fun, 16 is when you start to experience fun…

  • Kaye Brundage

    Parents teach your kids to Never accept open drinks from other people! Teach your kids about “No Means No!” Teach them there are consequences to their actions. Teach your kids that bullying through social media can get you in trouble, hurt, or killed. Dumb kids and stupid parents. These kids need to be found and tried as adults. My opinion, which I have a legal right to.

  • Selia

    Stop the victim-shaming and victim-blaming!! To say this girl should have been at home or studying is like asking what she was wearing – it is ALWAYS the fault of the perpetrator who violates the rights of another human.

  • Selia d'Katzmeow Carmichael

    Stop victim-blaming and victim-shaming. Telling a girl that she should have been at home or studying is the same as asking what she was wearing – telling it was her fault she was raped. It is ALWAYS the perpetrator’s fault when the violate another human’s rights.

  • Joanne

    It says a lot about the boy that he has to drug a girl into helplessness in order to get her. That’s the same kind of victory you get by beating up a stronger man when 2-3 of your friends are holding him for you. He is a sniveling coward, and a little sneak thief, a punk who isn’t courageous enough to look a girl in the eye and ask for what he wants. When he gets caught, he will run to hide behind mama’s skirts.

  • Belinda Morgan

    There is true evil in the world, and it extend beyond the abusers, it is so sad to be victimized twice and those responsible should be held accountable in the court of law for producing and distributing child pornography and made to pay restitution to the viction, the same as the attackers ! this needs to be a federally mandated law.

  • dreamer

    I dont know what to say about this because there is so much that isn’t being said and more unknown. Just saying that what ever happened is bad but they are teen and yes you as perants should monitor you kids better.

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