Woman dragged 20 feet by vehicle during Craigslist robbery in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Police are searching for three suspects after a woman was robbed of a phone and then dragged by a car Tuesday afternoon in Greensboro.

Officers responded to 2105 Pinecroft Road at the Bank of America in reference to a robbery.

The victim agreed to meet an unknown subject who she met on Craigslist to sell an iPhone. She met with three black males, who arrived in a green Camry or Accord.

The victim approached the passenger side of the vehicle and after a brief conversation the passenger attempted to grab the cell phone out of her hands.

The woman refused to let go of the phone and driver sped off, dragging the victim approximately 20 feet before she finally let go of the phone.

The victim sustained several abrasions and was treated and released by EMS. The victim was unable to give any further information in reference to the description of the suspects.

Police suggest sales such as ones made through Craigslist should be conducted at a police station.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 336-373-1000.



  • news2me

    This happens over and over and over…..What people do on a daily basis is so astounding…..The public has been warned hundreds of times from all of the news stations about the dangers of selling on craigslist and meeting strangers in parking lots. Goes in one ear and out the other..

    • this should be good

      I have NEVER had a problem..The thing is is people know who and who they cant pray on..A female should NEVER go alone

      • Mike

        Yeah, my buddy usually sits in the car with his “protection” laying in his lap in addition to video recording the entire transaction with tag numbers. We have NEVER had a problem, even with the late night gas station meetings. ALWAYS take a backup and make sure they stay in the vehicle, keep the engine running, if its dark, keep the lights on, high beams if you want.

  • Cops_think_they_are_above_the_law

    lol I would have filled that car full of holes, and then tracked the blood to their location

  • FaithC

    People need to have enough sense not to meet anybody in a parking lot no matter what time of day or night. Didn’t the cops say that you can meet at the police stations?


    I have sold quite a few items on craigslists and never had an issue, but I do think ahead and use judgement. Always daylight in a local public place with surveillance, never meet alone/always bring friend or family and for sure if they don’t bring cash with them…time to leave.

  • C

    Women please let’s stop becoming victims we must protect ourselves stop going places alone at night we make ourselves look like targets. Craiglist is a gateway for criminals always bring someone with you at least a smith & wesson meet in a store restaurant somewhere safe.

  • M.W

    This very thing happened to my husband last year with a cell phone. He had always been cautious but this time unfortunately his “protection” was in the car and he was outside of the car in front of a business. When he filed the report the police said Greensboro is a bad place to do any kind of business like that. They eventually caught and arrested the person that robbed him. Our new rule of thumb is to hold their license and/or park behind them to get a pic of license plate. I did not know you could meet at a police station, which is a good idea to deter someone planning to rob you.

  • Anonymous

    Police Station is a perfect place, if the person has bad intentions like robbing or kidnapping, most likely when u say meet @ police station, they’ll cancel or not show!!

  • sucko

    all you pansies talking protection in the car shouldnt be so broke to deal with craigslist how funnt you lames arent the mafia PROTECTION haha u need it

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