Vine star Nash Grier apologizes after homophobic slur video sparks controversy

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DAVIDSON, N.C. — Nash Grier, the Davidson 16-year-old known for being the most followed person on Vine with 8.7 million followers, has issued an apology after a deleted video of him using a homophobic slur surfaced recently and sparked controversy.

Grier originally posted the video back in April but promptly removed it. However, it was recorded and re-posted to Vine by user Munera on April 11.

The video starts with a clip from an HIV commercial and ends with Grier screaming a homophobic slur. Tyler Oakley, a fellow Internet personality, found the video and tweeted about it on Sunday morning.

Grier tweeted an apology for the video within an hour of Oakley’s tweet.

Editor’s note: The video contains a homophobic slur. Viewer discretion advised.


  • Benatthebody

    his apology is tone-deaf and obviously sparked by his representation.
    Mr Grier has a knowable trail of homophobia on the interwebz.
    I’m STUNNED his parents didn’t do a better job raising him…

  • Zombiekiller

    His parents must be soooooo proud of their idiot son doing stupid stuff on the internet.

  • Tay

    Are you seriously kidding me right now? He has made even more offensive statements in the past. And even criticizing how girls should look a certain way. It it highly unacceptable and very immature. In my opinion, he is an arrogant and ignorant snob yet, millions of people still are fans of him. Like seriously? He should get consequences for his actions rather than rewards. He could have put a lot more effort in is apology, like atleast making a sincere video and apologized.

  • Monitor

    What Nash said was terrible.. and to prove his youth just review his ‘apology.’ When he did that video ‘he was young’???really??? I got news for you Nash… you are still young. It’s like he is now an adult after a few months? lol

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