Retiring Greensboro Police Chief Ken Miller speaks with FOX8

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Greensboro's top cop is retiring. Police Chief Ken Miller says it's just time to move on.

"I feel that we are in a really good shape and position to hand this off to someone for even more success," said Miller.

Miller took over the Greensboro Police Department in 2010 and he's proud of the changes since then. He says this is the safest Greensboro has been in decades.

"We are safer at any other point [since] we’ve been collecting data, actually 1976 is the earliest we have data," said Miller.

Since 2010, there's been a 39 percent drop in the number of burglaries and the number of car break-ins decreased by 45 percent.

"Robberies continue to slide. The pace of robberies came down most dramatically before I got here and it has continued to come down additionally," said Miller.

Miller feels during his four years he's brought stability to the police department and the community. He believes Greensboro greatest challenge is the ability to come together as one community.

Miller is one of six finalists for the police chief job in Greenville, South Carolina. He told FOX 8 he expects to hear from Greenville by the end of the month. The earliest he would step down would be September. The City of Greensboro is prepared to name an acting chief until a permanent chief is hired.


    • FaithC

      A couple of years ago when I left one job and took another in the same field, I did not consider it retiring…I was just switching jobs. Not sure how this is retiring.

  • Dickson John

    The purpose of this change is to put a black police chief in this office!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just watch citizens and see if I’m not right. The next police chief will be BLACK.
    And the city will go down hill fast. Why would any good loyal quality chief want to stay
    here anyway. It happened to the schools and now see how bad the schools are in here in Guilford
    County. Greensboro should be named “Heritage House”, the city is already living up to that name.

  • FaithC

    “Miller took over the Greensboro Police Department in 2010 and he’s proud of the changes since then. He says this is the safest Greensboro has been in decades.”
    That does not mean it is safe. If you have 1000 crimes a year and now you have only 998, that is safer but still not safe for the law abiding residents.*
    *(I used random numbers to make a point, before anybody get nasty)

  • Adam Z.

    In addition to trying to figure out how taking the same job in Greenville, SC, is “retirement”, I’m also wondering how a 39% drop in burglaries can be directly tied to the actions of Ken Miller and the GPD. Seriously – the police enforce the law after it has been broken. No disrespect intended toward Chief Miller, but I don’t see how this particular statistic is a reflection upon him or his department.

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