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Rabid fox attacks 4-year-old boy in Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN, N.C. -- A rabid fox that attacked a 4-year-old boy in Jamestown on Saturday has tested positive for rabies, according to the Guilford County Department of Health and Human Services.

Nasir Jones (WGHP)

Nasir Jones (WGHP)

The attack happened Saturday afternoon around 5 p.m. at a home on Kearns Street.

Nasir Jones, 4, was playing outside with other children when he was attacked by the fox, according to family members.

The fox then bit an adult who was visiting from out of town.

Relatives say they were able to fight off the fox by kicking it and beating it with chairs.

The boy was taken to the emergency room where he received treatment. He continues to receive rabies shots daily.

Animal control officials trapped the fox, euthanized the animal and tested it for rabies.

This is the fifth confirmed case of animal rabies in 2014.


  • Bo Diddley

    I bet the kid was antagonizing the poor fox. I’ve read on Wikipedia that the fox could have been treated. Boo on you animal control!

    • John B.

      That is not exactly how rabies works…Animals will attack unprovoked when they have rabies, and only domesticated animals are usually treated for this. No one is going to spend thousands of dollars to keep a wild fox quarantined to treat it.

    • Eleshia Jones

      my kid was outside in his yard playing he was bothering nothing or nobody and got attacked and thats the second fox that attacked someone in my area so save what??? ARE you crazy!!!!!

      • Terrell Oduya

        Come on sheboon,we all know your feral little niglet antagonized attacked that poor fox. It was in its feral nature to attack that which it thought was defenseless. The only pity I feel here is for that poor fox.

  • Janie Ann

    My daughter just this past weekend had a fox in her pasture that was obviously quite ill and disoriented….animal control would not come get it because it was on their property. Later that day same fox cornered by 5 cars/folks in the middle of their road..sheriff dept came then because now it was on county property…..What! That kid that got attacked could have been my grandchildren!!!!!!!!!!!! Bless the childs heart…hope he recovers soonest!
    Point being that we know foxes carry rabies so why don’t the authorities just come get them when the call is made?!
    Sure would save a lot of heartache…….

  • Emily

    I can honestly say I feel horrible for this family. I live about 2 streets away from where this happend. We have had problems with the fox for quite a few months now. I know myself, I have personaly contacted Animal Control, Wildlife Officers, Wildlife Commision and Pest Control services(wasnt able to afford the $ 350 they wanted for the first trap to be set an a additional $100 for every trap after that) on several occasions because the fox would just run up and not act scared of a thing. Funny how the report says that Animal Control trapped the fox. Yet when I called their office they were quick to tell me they aren’t allowed to trap a fox because they are not liscened to do so but, gave me helpful advice such as always make sure when your children are outside playing that they have proper supervision, and if you should see the fox walk in the oppsite direction and get inside to safety. I do these things already. It a shame it had to take a 4 year old child getting hurt to get the fox trapped and removed.

  • Eleshia Jones

    I’m ust thankful that my son is a big strong guy and that he was smart enough to get up and run when something was trying to attack him. I’m thankful that he is able to get treated for this as well!!!! God has truely been with us and blessed us through this tuff time with my baby!!!!!

  • Brianna King

    some people are just plain ignorant smh the world we live in today “poor fox” no poor kid… and shame on you for being so ignorant…. but hey ignorance is bliss so enjoy it

  • Jeanne McGaffigan

    It is just sad that if a person is on my property, they can be arrested. If a dog or cat is on my property, animal control will come get it. But if there’s a fox on my property, I’m supposed to “co-exist” with the fox. We have a family of foxes in our neighborhood. At least one of them was in my fenced in back yard, about 15 feet from me and my new puppy. Once one of them approached me while I sat on my front porch. They have growled at my husband and the puppy. And this weekend, one of them growled at my granddog while on the other side of the fence. I don’t feel safe to go out in my own yard and animal control refuses to do anything about it.

  • give it a break people

    Praying for this baby Bo DUMMY let the ‘poor fox’ come live with your family rabies and all

  • susan

    Why do we even have animal control if they won’t come to get wild animals that are a threat to people’s safety? I don’t get this.

    • eleshia jones

      I didnt know your mother knew where da fox was located at to give the fox rabid thats the only little ape that i could think of

    • Eric Jones

      Its sad that racism still exist. MY son is 4 year and and the comments that im reading on here is just plan ingornant. To the people on here thats praying for my son thank you, and for the people on here with negative and racist comments fuck yall you know where I live come make them comments to me and see what happen this my first and last time commenting

  • jklasljkfalsjkdfaslkjdfalkjdsfalkjsdfjlkasfkjlasdflkj

    Coal burner whore of a mom should have kept an eye on her turdlet.

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