NC man killed by 11-year-old grandson after he shoots son

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HENDERSON, N.C. — An 84-year-old man was shot to death Monday by his 11-year-old grandson after the man shot his 49-year-old son during a fight, according to WNCN.

The Vance County Sheriff’s Office said deputies responded to a fight on Cricket Creek Lane around 7 p.m.

Upon arrival, deputies found Lloyd Woodlief, 84, suffering from a 12-gauge shotgun blast. He died shortly after from his injuries.

Deputies say the man was shot by his 11-year-old grandson after Woodlief shot his son, 49-year-old Lloyd Python Woodlief.

The 49-year-old is being treated at Duke Medical Center.

Charges are pending in the incident.


    • Vanita

      It really is sad that this child and other children have to live this type of life everyday. My prayers are with this little fellow.

    • brenda

      I agree with you. That 11 yr old boy was protecting his father. He was there and not us. He must have seen a threat. I hate that he had to do this. Hoping the investigation will clear him. But i don’t know all the facts of the case. They didn’t say why he might have charges. Makes me wonder what wasn’t being said.

  • Jeanie Nelson

    Tragic for all involved. Two grownups should have been able to work things out and young children should not.have to be involved at all y oh don’t argue in front of kids.

  • Scott Mann

    Nothing to see here, just a couple of Americans exercising their rights and freedoms! ‘Murica!

  • Adam Z.

    It may not be a “closed case” after all. Just speculating here, based on the report that charges are pending. One possible scenario is that the 49 year old father was the aggressor in the situation (remember, there are a lot of details we don’t know), and that the grandfather acted in self defense when he shot his son. The 11 year old being scared and just having seen his father get shot, then gets hold of a gun (possibly wrestling away the same gun the grandfather just used?) and shoots his grandfather.

  • FaithC

    It is a shame this child had to do this. Don’t know all the facts but no child should have to go through this. I hope he will get the mental health care he will need to deal with what happened.

      • Adam Z.

        Speaking of stupid things to type…. Why is it stupid to hope for the child to receive counseling services after a traumatic experience such as this?

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