NC couple arrested, accused of being ‘too drunk’ to care for children

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MONROE, N.C. — A Monroe couple has been charged with child abuse after police said they were too drunk to care for their own children.

Antonio Alsobrooks and his girlfriend Gabriel Ivey were arrested early Monday morning after police say Ivey’s father called 911 concerned for her welfare.

Ivey’s father told dispatchers his daughter called him claiming someone was threatening her life, according to WSOC.

When police checked on the couple, police say they found them severely intoxicated.

Officers say the man became extremely belligerent and was shouting obscenities at officers when police discovered the couple’s 3- and 4-year-old children inside the home without proper supervision.

Alsobrooks and Ivey remain in the Union County jail on charges of misdemeanor child abuse.

Source: WSOC


  • Tracey

    You didn’t have much to say about the white “Couple accused of leaving children in car while they go ‘barhopping’” you racist pigs!!

    • Laila

      Or the sleeping sleeping couple who let their child die from a heat stroke when he was playing in their car. These comments never cease to amaze me. When will people realize that all races have their fair share of ignorant representation. Smh…

  • FaithC

    3 and 4 years old. So they popped out the first one saw the money and benefits they could get and figured, how about we double it. If they have money for booze they need to loose their free government handouts. Oh wait, that is how they pay for their booze. Total scum.

  • Erica Pinkston

    Funny how this is somehow a racial debate. Clearly by the looks of the articles below it is not a black or white issue it is a horrible parent issue. I am a single WHITE mother who has received assistance while WORKING and going to SCHOOL full time. I have never used my assistance for drugs or alcohol, have never endangered my children, and by no means have I ever once thought about having more children for the sake of getting more assistance. For those of you who sit on your high horse and judge those less fortunate than you the government doesn’t provide even a portion of what it really takes to raise a child AND you have to work for what little they will offer you. When we were getting cash assistance we had to work 30/week every week to get $600/month hmmmmm let me see you work for what equals about $5/hr before you complain about anyone getting any help! These poor children need help, shame on the parents, shame on their family and friends for not stepping in, shame on the neighbors who watch or turn a blind eye as these children are being abused. And shame on this awful society we live in who would take so much time to slander someone due to the color of their skin or economical status before they would use their tiny little brains to offer any help.

  • SoLo

    How do ANY of you people know that this family is on welfare? Is it simply because it’s a black family? Who are any of you to comment on and/or question how they live? I’m willing to bet the majority of you commenting how they’re on welfare and they get checks for the kids are the same people that have alcohol & drug problems, dirty little secrets and probably really ARE on welfare….just saying you all sure do sound like a bunch of predetermined judgment passing, faceless, hiding behind a computer screen hypocritical people. SMH Shame on you all.

  • SoLo

    Furthermore, if they were drunk in their own home, what right did the police have to arrest them? Apparently they weren’t fighting, no neighbors called in or anything. They were intoxicated yes but not only on their own property but INSIDE their own home!!!

    • annonymous

      Well good grief they were arrested for child abuse now that they arrested them I bet they get the kids will be turned back over to them when they get out of jail so yes shame on the parents but shame on the court system to if they give the kids back and it shouldn’t be racial bc there is just as many white drunks and dopeheads as they are colored the color of skin is just a color it don’t mean their dopeheads drunks or on welfare bc their a lot of whites thats guilty for all 3 of those also so don’t judge by color …….

  • j

    Seriously? This was nothing like the couple who were dozing off with their kid who then woke up and got into the car. That was a real accident. These people here were doing bad parenting on purpose by abusing substances to the point where they couldn’t even function. The guy is passed out in his mugshot! Big difference and the reason people are having a problem with this isn’t because of race.

  • Pamela

    Yes the parents were wrong.but why make this a dispute about racism.White,black,mexican or any other nationality has nothing to do with poor judgement and negligence. Don’t be so quick to judge others based on their nationality. What gives you the right anyway?

  • JC

    People forget YALL BOY GEORGE BUSH WAS IN OFFICE FOR 8 years destroying our economy, fighting in wars on false pretenses and getting even more richer off the American people. And never tried to kill Osama but Obama has done nothing but the facts are the TEA PARTY is trying to destroy The USA

  • Katelyn

    There is no place in this article that mentions they are receiving money for SNAP or welfare. Why would one assume that? Also, you people do know that they don’t accept food stamps or welfare at the ABC store? LOL. Ok and let’s assume they are on SNAP and somehow they are using their EBT cards to buy liquor (that’s a stretch), cutting off their SNAP benefits would ensure that those precious, little children will go hungry. Please think before you judge. I’m still confused by everyone assuming they get government benefits.

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