Mother speaks out after 3-year-old son dies in hot car

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LANCASTER, S.C. — A mother is speaking out after her 3-year-old son died after getting trapped in a hot car in Lancaster last Wednesday.

Amber Bender and Trevor Cox said they had hope this weekend because 3-year-old Logan was showing good signs at the hospital.

Logan suffered severe heat stroke when he walked outside, climbed into a car with his dog and became trapped. His parents were dozing on the couch.

After about 30 minutes his mother woke up, yelling for him.

“I jumped up, I screamed, I screamed his name. I was like, ‘Logan! Logan,’ looking everywhere,” Bender said.

She saw the blinkers on her car flashing, and found the boy inside, passed out. His dog was with him and already dead.

She called for help and the boy was airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

Bender said people who are lashing out at her, don’t know her.

“I just want people to stop judging me. I am a very good mother,” Bender said.

Both parents say it was a terrible accident.

Sheriff’s deputies and the Department of Social Services are still investigating.

Source: WSOC


    • melissa

      Yes parents do nap when there kids do, but as myself I always make sure they secure & cant just walk out the house, this makes no sence at all. how many other times have this child wandered off while they sleep, for the love of that child u will keep them safe as u possible can

  • Leigh

    Very sad. I pray for the parents who will relive those moments for the rest of their lives. Things can happen so quickly. Be careful about judging these people because one bad decision could quickly change any of our lives forever

    • Anonymous

      So did you and your spouse never sleep at the same time? Who stayed up 24/7 and kept both eyes on your children every second of every day?

    • Don't Judge

      Shame on them for taking a nap? Do you not have kids? Who are you to judge these people you don’t know what happened only what the media portrayed. As a mom myself I take a nap when my kids do they have been known to wake up before me and wreck havoc on my house simply because they were really quiet

  • Joanne

    You must not have kids. The parents were napping AFTER their son had already begun his own nap. Babies die of SIDS when their parents are sleeping. The kid woke up sooner than usual and didn’t bother his parents. Life is hazardous. Stop judging.

  • Sad

    These poor parents. What a tragic accident. You jerks here sitting in judgement of these parents better pray for yourselves; as bad as y’all need it I’m just not going to waste my energy praying for scum like you.

  • Stephanie G.

    Some of the comments in here are so cruel. Parents sleep. Parent secure things, kids watch and see how to get out of secure things. It’s not bad parenting if children get out of the house , gates, etc. Things happen in life. These parents will NEVER be the same again. As a parent I would be devastated . Please show some compassion!!!

  • Suzi

    This is one of the few “hot car” situations that was honestly a tragic accident & NOT a matter of neglect or cruelty. My heart goes out to this family.

    • Sad

      Suzi, I’m glad you agree that this incident was honestly a tragic accident, but it’s not one of the “few” that are. MOST hot car fatalities are tragic accidents; I don’t know where you are getting your false information that says otherwise.

    • Ginger

      Suzi you are exactly right. This was a horrible accident. Prayers, thoughts and condolences to tha family.

  • concerned

    no offense but poor parents..poor child… what about the poor dog.. the fact that this dog followed this child into the car only to die guarding the child the parents failed.. what is that worth to anyone..? seems odd the dog would just follow the child three yrs old into a car.. the dog didnt bark? was it just a puppy? so many questions left unanswered.not just one life lost here but two. the dog is not ur property, its ur child so

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