Lexington man wounded by stray bullet is out of intensive care

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A Lexington family is at a loss for what comes next as Brandon Yam, 47, recovers from a bullet wound to the head.

He’s been upgraded to fair condition at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte after a few days in intensive care.

Yam was shot while working in Charlotte as a vendor during the grand opening of a Buddhist Temple Friday night. Police have said the bullet was random -- likely the result of a gun being shot into the air as part of Independence Day festivities.

At first, Brandon's wife Sopheap Kim thought that he had been hit with a firecracker.

"He fell down, blood came from his head and he just passed out," said Kim.

She said that Yam was awake when police arrived but unable to answer any questions that police asked him.

Kim said she's been visited by police at the hospital but they haven't been able to provide any answers about the shooting.

Meanwhile, Yam is still experiencing paralysis in his right leg and is very confused. For the moment, doctors have ruled out brain surgery to remove the bullet.

"I mean its real rough on us," said Chenda Yam Wilson, Brandon's sister. "We go hour-to-hour, we don't know what's coming up next."

Yam is from Cambodia but has lived in Lexington for more than 10 years. Yam lost his job about two months ago and was in Charlotte to make money for his family.

According to Kim, the family has qualified for aid with medical expenses but with four children there are other expenses. The family has also set up a bank account with Wells Fargo for donations under the name Brandon Yam.

They’d also like to see the Charlotte community step forward with information about the shooting. According to the family, the bullet could have been fired from up to two miles away.

Police have not contacted the Yams with any update on the case.


    • Tony

      You know what saves the us more money? If lazy Americans would get up and actually work for a living and not depend on the government. At least he’s making money to support his family.

    • truthjourney

      Another fine example of good Christian charity in action. What would Jesus say? “Go back home, ya bum!!” Somehow I don’t think so.

  • V

    Thomas Tilley, it wasn’t his fault he was injured. He was actually working at one point and paying taxes like you did! So get over your racist butt and go get mad at others that aren’t doing nothing but living off our tax dollars! So ignorant!

  • Chorvy

    Dumb and ignorant! Doesn’t matter where he came from! He didn’t hurt anyone and he didn’t deserve that! How could such people say those kind of things???? You Guys are heartless. My prayers goes out to his family, And I hope he gets well asap!

    • truthjourney

      Maybe some comments have been deleted, and I missed them, but I only see one person who left a heartless comment… “you guys are heartless?”

      • V

        TRUTHJOURNEY, I was confused about that one too. Just ignore it because we are not the one saying negative and heartless things. People cannot help it that they had to leave their country to come to America, the land of the free and the land of opportunity. That man did not deserve this. Prayers to his family everyday, hoping he will recover from this crazy ordeal.

  • mommacass76

    I know many people born and raised in the US that won’t get off their rear-end to help support their families. Mr. Tilley, you should be ashamed of yourself. This man, after losing his job, was doing what he could to make money and was completely innocent. Now his life will be changed forever. Ironically, I bet the person who shot the gun is probably some hoodlum who is living off the government themselves. But then again, that’s just an educated guess. Would your comment, Mr. Tilley, have changed if he was some businessman out at a festival with his children and got shot in the head? Maybe next time you should think a little before putting pen to paper. To the Yam family, my prayers are with you for peace, recovery and strength during your time of struggle.

  • shiftover

    This guy was 1 of 7 children brought here during a horrible time in Cambodia 35 years ago. Please watch the movie “The Killing Fields” before commenting again. His parents fled the country after the king tried to kill his dad and every other person of any intellect. The man who helped them escape was killed in helping them live. “Thomas Tilley” in this thread needs to think or at least learn before he speaks. But, maybe Thomas is just a child or teenager with not clue about life. The internet does not hold people accountable for the stupid shit they say.
    Please send a prayer for Brandon (Kirivan Yam) and his family. It is still tuff times. The Dr. won’t remove the bullet in his brain because they do not know what type of bullet. There is no good scenario either way.

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