13-year-old arrested in connection to attack on NC ice cream man

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police have made another arrest in connection to the beating of a man who operated an ice cream cart in northeast Charlotte.

The attack was caught on camera and shows three young people attacking and robbing an ice cream man.

Within eight hours, they arrested one of the teenagers they believe was in the video, Daishaun Tyrone Burney. Burney was charged with common law robbery.

On Tuesday, police arrested a second suspect who is 13 years old.

Officials have also identified a third suspect who is 15 years old.

In the beginning of the video, a girl opens the ice cream cart and when the ice cream man closes it the young people begin hitting the man over and over.

Source: WSOC


  • FaithC

    13, 15 and however old the 3rd one is and already arrested. I am sure they will be in the criminal system over and over again This is what happens when you give people more money every time they pop out a kid. They pop them out for a bigger check, have no clue who the father is, nor do they care, don’t bother to raise them and we get a bunch of street scum.

  • life22

    it seems like each days that passes more and more kids want to be thugs and hard core . its ashamed that people has to work long hours just to get money to support themselves and their family and have peoples like this steal it within seconds. hopefully they either lock them up for a good while or make them go out and sell ice cream like this man.

  • d jones

    All of you racist should take a day off. White people cannot tolerate any race but their own. I was appalled by the actions of these young people. It was disgusting. This is not my life nor my sons life. White people are funny. When the man in Florida left the baby in the car, the man was criticzed not his race. You’re missing all the stories about your race. I love how you seperate that from yourself. Both of my sons have two jobs. I come from a working family. Racist and Faith need to drop off the planet. You are more useless than these kids

    • Don't fret

      Don’t worry too much on them. Most racists say stupid things out of fear. They’re afraid. And once they figure it out, their ego will shrink like their testes when walking down a dark alley. At which point, they’ll realize that colour has nothing to do with getting beaten and robbed. Fear comes from misunderstanding, and it does some silly things to stupid people. Alas, street trash is street trash, no matter it’s colour.

    • BBB

      Interesting that you use racist comments to decry racism. I guess it’s OK as long as it is directed at a group that you dislike.

      • lovethetruth

        BBB, I didn’t see any comments made about how white people need a bullet between the eyes, etc. Why don’t you take off your blinders and see what’s so obvious to everyone with a brain?

  • Me

    These “Black Children”(haha) are not the problem. The problem began over 400 years ago when their ancestors were LIED too, Stolen, and were taught to FIGHT for their lives!!!!!! Yes these children are wrong and should be punished.. Lets try to remember how it all began. If the lighter race would have left us alone in the beginning, we would not be here and there would’nt be any fighting– all that would remain are the child molesters, rapists, children shooting up the schools, majority of the lawyers, etc, etc,etc……Unfortunately , this is a big percentage

    • Richard Nance

      Just remember, there were just as many Black Slavers selling Blacks as it was Whites selling Blacks so I think the blame lies with both races for Blacks being here but if Blacks don’t want to be here in America, they can always go back to the country their ancestors came from but more then likely there won’t be too many going……

    • Dick Tracy

      No one has forgotten how it all began and whether you can accept it or not, slavery was a normal way of life back then and none of us today are responsible for it or a victim of it. Blacks were equally as guilty for the slave trade as white’s were and despite how horrible it must have been, our society today would be vastly different had it not happened at all. Those that did it are now dead and while we should never forget the horrible life these individuals and families suffered, that is no excuse for people today to keep using it as a crutch. Therein lies the problem: Too many people in the black and white communities using this excuse as a means to explain away all the violence and lack of civility within the black community.

      It is time to stop blaming the past and everyone else and start admitting that parents today in certain area’s of the black community do not care about family, respect, education, goals, parenting, social skills, or anything else that other races are able to perform on a daily basis. Yes, many black families do quite well and I am happy for that, but the black race has a perception problem throughout the country for violence and crime and much of that perception is based on their actions and not skin color.

      Here’s a test:

      You are walking down the street when you are forced by an obstacle to walk down the sidewalk. On one side, you will be harassed but you will make it home safe to your family. On the other side, you will be mugged, shot and left for dead on the sidewalk, never to see your family again.

      On the left sidewalk are four black men with baggy pants, red/black clothing, ball caps on sideways and walking rather weird due to the baggy pants and the learned strut.

      On the right side of the street are four white men (feel free to pick any other race) wearing red neck clothes, tattoo’s, chewing tobacco and a worn out John Deer hat.

      Which side of the street will you pick to try to make it home? The left or the right and you have a 50/50 chance of dying if you pick it wrong. Human instinct (and most life on earth) is to survive and to do that we analyze threats and take measures to survive. It is not based on race, color or past events in history, It is based on immediate threat acknowledgement and if your pick wisely, you have a good chance of surviving.

      So again, which side of the road will you pick based on your perception of the individuals walking down either side of the street?

    • Bob Jones

      Are you serious? You are going to say this is the result of something that nobody on this planet was responsible for? So you are your saying you should have been left alone and would now be much better off living in Africa? Yeah, all those folks living there now were so lucky to not have been taken, they live such great lives now!!!!!

      • lovethetruth

        Imagine what our country would be like if the strongest, smartest, best, most virile, most fertile, etc. were taken away and sold in a country far away. All that is left is the old, the tired, the infertile, the worn-out, the ignorant, etc. What would our country be like 150 years later? Use your head.

  • Concerned citizen

    Your all crazy! This is why society can’t move forward! What these kids really need is community service and a parent to step up and teach them how to be respectful people.

    • FaithC

      We all know it was you who posted the above comment under my name. You are such a loser. LOL

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