Dog dies in hot car while woman shops at Walmart for 13 hours

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CRESTVIEW, Fla. — A woman was arrested after police say she left her dog “Waldo” inside her hot car while she shopped at Walmart for 13 hours last Thursday, according to WPEC.

The deceased dog was discovered by another Walmart shopper. There was reportedly no food or water left for the dog and even though a window was partially cracked, temperatures rose which resulted in the dog’s death.

Police say Cassaundra Rasmussen, 49, was inside of Walmart “browsing” for approximately 13 hours. The woman told police that she forgot the dog was inside of the vehicle.

The dog’s cause of death was heat exhaustion as a result of the high temperatures in the vehicle.

Rasmussen was charged with one count of misdemeanor cruelty towards animals.

Source: WPEC


    • FaithC

      My thought exactly. What can you do in Walmart for 13 hours?
      People should be treated how they treat their animals. 13 hours in a hot car for her, she how she does.

    • jastin Bieltz

      The type of comments faithc has left in the past id say they would shop at Wal-Mart for 13 hours.

    • |k| (@thisoneisbroken)

      I think that speaks to her mental state. The sad thing is, the dog suffered for it. I would’ve hoped that after a few hours, a Walmart employee would approach the woman to see if she needed assistance. If I saw a person in a retail business for more than a couple of hours, I’d be concerned about their mental state.

    • Becky Hunter

      Most likely, she has no AC at her house and just wanted to be in air-conditioning for as long as possible. It actually makes sense in Florida. I live in WA, and it’s been in the upper 90s/low 100s. We have no AC (just a swamp cooler which does nothing in this heat) and I’d gladly spend the day in Walmart or at the mall just to
      Escape this suffocating heat. So I get her being there all day, just browsing. Still, it was not wise to leave the dog in that car. He’d probably have been better off in a house without AC than in a closed up, metal car!! Poor thing. I wonder if they would have let her bring him in with her, given the circumstances? Sad!!!

      • xxmoskauxx

        I’ve seen at least 5 people bring their dogs into different Walmart locations as well as Target. At least the dogs were in the store instead of being locked in a hot car.

  • nicole

    First of all, who shops at Walmart for 13 freakin hours??? Poor dog. I’m so tired of seeing all these stories about kids and pets dying in cars. It’s such a senseless way to die. Totally preventable and so very heartbreaking.

      • tracy

        ban dogs???!! LOL I don’t think so, however they should ban any animal that is left in any vehicle for any length of time, same way police are called when you see a child in car alone, for any length of time..
        I think a big part of the problem are those who walk by seeing anything like this and just shake their heads and keep walking or want to stay out of it, anyone who does this should be held accountable too!
        some people say it’s America and can’t tell anyone what to do, well this isn’t the same America when the constitution was written, that’s something that should be rewritten to coordinate the America that has sadly changed for the worse! and we should all be speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves! shame on those who don’t!

  • Mark

    I can assure you that the dog contributed more to society than that loser of a woman did. The dog deserved better than what he got but I hope she gets hers.

  • NobodyAtAll

    Provided the windows are down, I’d rather spend 13 hours in the hot car as opposed to 13 hours in Walmart..13 willfull hours in a Walmart is basically self-destruction..

  • Michelle Miller

    this and children being left inside hot cars is getting to be daily news… we need stiffer laws for both and they need to do major jail time for both. It’s getting rediculous now… How do you forget your dog or your child is left in a hot car in the summer time. I’m sorry but there is NO excuse for either of these…

  • llw

    I think everybody that leaves a child or a pet in their car should receive the same treatment, minute for minute = justice.

  • blowjangles

    I wanna know what she bought and if she ate breakfast lunch and dinner and partial snacking inbetween

  • ?

    Hello?? This woman is obviously mentally ill. I mean, I feel terrible for the dog but do you people have no compassion at all for mentally ill people?

    • tracy

      this kind of response always makes me wonder if you have a family member who is mentally ill or you are mentally ill…
      if she is, she should not be driving, or able to be alone TO PROTECT OTHERS, sorry she’s sick… BUT THE DOG DIED A HORRIBLE DEATHE!!!!!!!!! HELLO??!!! if you feel this bad for her why don’t you hire her to take care of your kids???!!!

      • Sad

        Tracy, you are clearly mentally ill yourself. Please get help before you hurt someone. (Or are you just evil? After reading the rest of your comments I’m leaning more toward that).

  • demoncat4

    what was the woman looking for that it took her 13 hours in a walmart when the threshhold for some walmart shoppers would be a hour or two at most. but 13 hours that is over kill . hope what ever the woman was looking for for thirteen hours in a walmart was worth losing her four legged companion. would love to put her in a hot car and see how she likes it.

  • tracy

    can we leave her in a car with the window slightly open for 13 hours and just sit around the car and watch her melt, horrible horrible people should never have another animal or care for any from this point on! I hope those in her town keep an eye to make sure she doesn’t get anymore animals! if she isn’t going to be charged correctly, maybe the public and help her absorb what she’s done, looks like white trash!

  • tracy

    you know this time of year and winter, there should be security to just drive around the parking lots to check to make sure nothing living has been left in any vehicles, how many more have to roast before a law like this has been enforced!!! people are looking for work, create this position! a lot of other countries treat their animals so so much better, shame on those who don’t want to get involved or look the other way! they are 50% of the problem!

  • tracy

    almost sounds like she doesn’t have “ac” at home and that’s why she stayed there so long, hope she doesn’t! lets all keep our fingers crossed!

    • tracy

      ok, you think 13 hours is bull, do you have ANY THOUGHTS ABOUT THE DOG?????????????????

  • tammy

    I do not anyone that could shop over 2 hrs and not be completely exhausted just from being on their feet….. 13 hrs just don’t make sense. Cruelty to animals is one thing but just think about the baby recently left to die in a hot vehicle while his father was in his son was in the car, later they suspect he may have planned to have murdered that child according to his search history on his computer. But whether it was a child/dog it is still cruel to think that how a child/animal must have to suffer. I still occasionally see dogs in cars as I come in/out of stores. Some time the window is rolled half way down. If people love their animals so much that they must take them everywhere they go then they should keep the a/c on and be very quick in and out of the store or have some one go with them to watch their pet. Otherwise I would be considerate enough to leave the pet at home and let it run free. It will love you more when you return home. With lots of licks on the cheeks.

    • tammy

      I would like to correct my self…… where I state ” baby recently left to die in a hot vechicle while his father was in his “OFFICE’, and his on was in the car. Sorry I left out the word office.

    • Becky Hunter

      Again, not condoning leaving a pet in a hot car, but 13 hours makes sense if you have no AC at home and you live in Florida. I know because I used to live there, but I had AC at home. When I visited homes without it, it was suffocating. Where I live now, I have no AC and we are having a heat wave. I’d gladly spend 13 hours in anyplace with AC right now, but leave my dog at home with the fans going and plenty of water… of course I’d come home and check on him, unless I was allowed to take him with me. The extreme heat may have caused her not to make wise decisions, too. I know yesterday my husband went to the store to get something specifically for me, but got 3 completely unrelated items and forgot about what I needed. We would never forget about a pet or child, but my point is that extreme heat can cause craziness sometimes.

  • WH

    I can barely stand Walmart for 13 minutes much less 13 hours. They should sentence her to 13 hours in a hot car.

  • Cat G

    Who in their right mind shops at walmart for 13 hours?! I get bored being there for two! Someone should leave this woman locked in a hot car for several hours then just before shes about to really dehydrate take her out and give her water, make her better, throw her back in and let her suffocate! People like this make me sick! so many people leaving their CHILDREN in cars too. how do you forget!?

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