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Suspect charged after NC officer dragged down interstate

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Celso Avila-Aguilar

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — Authorities said an Asheville police officer was injured after a motorist grabbed her arm and drove off, dragging her about 130 feet down the interstate.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reported that it happened to 40-year-old Senior Police Officer Ann Fowler after she pulled over 31-year-old Celso Avila-Aguilar.

Authorities said it happened around 12:10 a.m. Saturday along Interstate 240. Police said the suspect was pulled over on suspicion of driving while impaired.

The suspect was uncooperative and refused to get out of the vehicle, according to officials.

Police tried to remove him from the car, but the suspect allegedly grabbed officer Fowler’s arm, pinned it to the steering wheel, and took off.

Investigators said it is a miracle Fowler was not seriously injured. She fell into the middle of the interstate and was able to dodge several oncoming cars, according to officials.

Authorities said the suspect rammed another police car before stopping. He faces eight charges including second-degree kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon on a government official.

Read more: The Asheville Citizen-Times


    • Thomas Noell

      No, those power-hungry left-wing traitors will make WE THE TAXPAYERS look after them, just so they can secure 30 million more Democratic voters and millions more on the entitlement gravy-train. Pretty sad when some place political power over the common good of ALL Americans, but that is the hope and change that voters have chosen, so time for those chickens to come home to roost (disease, crime, budget-busting, higher taxes, etc.).

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    Just another one of the Millions of Illegal Criminals that flaunt the law Murdering, Larceny, Home invasions, bringing in new Diseases, child abuse, etc, etc, plus there are Millions more coming in every day just like this POS…..

  • Kalyn

    Brown skin and dark hair= illegal immigrant to you idiots!? Poor officer I hope this other idiot pays for what he has done. This world is full of idiots!

  • Nanaof5

    It doesn’t matter what nationality the jerk is. The crimes against an officer doing her job is what gets me. Glad to read she wasn’t seriously hurt!

  • Alejandra

    Its sad that we’re in 2014 and ppl like the above comments must involve skin color. He could be legally here for what y’all know, not defending him at all for what he did! If y’all ever walked past me y’all would never make conclusions about me being illegal here bc I’m light skinned and look like a white girl not knowing I’m illegaly here! Stop making your own conclusions bc of skin color.

  • Dayana Hernandez

    Why why why such an idiot !!!!!making all Hispanics look bad , hope he gets what he deserves .

  • Skeptic

    Get his actions on video; immediately put a bullet in his brain. Cheap, effective and he won’t have the opportunity to hurt anyone else.

  • Laura

    Yea every time its a person of color everyone wants to kill them but if they’re white they claim insanity. I wonder when people are going to stop basing things on color or race. People should be judged as people not just their race that’s ignorant.

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