3-year-old boy, dog die after crawling into hot car

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A 3-year-old boy who got stuck after crawling in a hot car in Lancaster, South Carolina on Wednesday has died, according to an official at Carolinas Medical Center.

Authorities told WSOC-TV that Logan Cox suffered severe heat stroke after climbing into a car when his parents did not see him. It was announced Sunday that he died.

Teresa Clevinger, the victim’s grandmother, said the boy woke up from a nap and walked outside her home on Walnut Road while his parents were napping.

The boy and a dog got into his mother’s car and shut the door, then could not get back out, Clevinger said.

“This was an accident. It has never happened before and it’ll never happen again,” Clevinger said.

In the 911 call obtained by WSOC-TV, Clevinger can be heard telling the dispatcher she didn’t know how long the boy had been outside in the car.

During the call, his parents had him in the bathtub putting cold water on him, trying to bring his temperature down.

The dispatcher asked if they had a thermometer in the home to take his temperature. Clevinger replied that they did not.

On Thursday, Clevinger told WSOC-TV the child was in the car for about 30 minutes.

The boy’s mother fell asleep on the couch and didn’t know he was gone, Clevinger said.

“She was looking for him because she didn’t see him in the house and she was hollering for him, and he didn’t answer her,” she said.

Then the boy’s mother noticed the blinkers flashing on her car and found the boy slumped over inside it, Clevinger said.

The dog that jumped into the car with the boy was dead.

A Lancaster County sheriff’s detective and a Department of Social Services case agent spoke with the boy’s parents on Wednesday night.


  • patricia stone

    if the grandmother knew he woke up and went outside why did she not watch him or wake up the mother and tell her he was outside?He was only 3yr old so noway should he have been left outside alone

    • mel

      It didn’t say the grandmother was there. Sounds more like she was just giving an interview of the events

      • Thomas Noell

        The article stated that the grandmother said the child was in the car for thirty minutes. How would she know that if she weren’t there since the mother was “asleep”?

  • Jayne Wheeless

    What in the heck are wrong with these parents that are either not keeping their eyes on their babies or leaving them In cars to die, or just neglect of any kind. I am screaming at the negligence !! MY HEART IS BREAKING !!!!!! Lord God please make it stop !!!!

    • Conan

      I am like you Jayne, what in the world are people really thinking? A 3 year old, then put the child down with you for a nap. Negligence doesn’t start to describe what is going on. For the love of God watch your child. I personally wouldn’t be able to nap not knowing where my child is.

    • Angela Williams

      Absolutely!! I Agree!! What’s wrong with these patents these days????!! My God!!?!…I’m so disgusted!!!!!!

  • Marry Daniels

    It says the child was in the car about a half hour but the dog that was with him was dead? OK something sounds fishy to me.

    • H

      I don’t understand your comment; what’s fishy about the dog being dead? Why would you think the dog could live through it if the child couldn’t?

      • anom

        so sad another child and animal have died at the hands of irresponsible people. but I dont understand a 3 year old not being able to open a door….blow the horn????????????????????????

  • karen

    im sorry and this is a sad story it breaks my heart, but i have had kids and when they were 3 they were unable to reach the door handle on my car. and still today i have friends that visit often with young ones and still are they tall enough to get into the car by them selves. a 6 yrs today wanted something out of her mothers kia and was unable to get in. so my thoughts are maybe the door was left open or something or he was let in the car in the first place. again this breaks my heart prayers to the family. just doesn’t make since

    • M

      I have a 3 year old and he is plenty tall enough to reach the door handle. That is why parents and guardians needs to LOCK THE CAR DOORS. No if’s and’s or but’s about it

  • Benny hill

    The dog died from heat stroke. This story is so sad. People who shouldn’thave kids . Hire a babysitter. If your to screwed uo, hung over or drugged up. How many more kids will we lose before this stops. Lock your house up if your going to sleep.

  • Fay

    So glad y’all are such perfect parents,,never made a bad choice,,never was so tired that while your child napped you took one as well,,,never, never,never could this happen to you or yours,,,

    • coach

      Not on my watch. It is a reason they sell all the safety features that goes on door nobs. I’m not saying nothing can’t happen on my watch, but it u some steps that one can take to help.

    • FaithC

      I was not a perfect parent, but I put locks on my doors so my young child could not get out. If by chance he did, I know he could not get into the car, because I kept the car doors locked even in the driveway.
      Most of parenting is common sense and these people just do not have it.

      • M

        All parents and guardians need to keep their cars locked for this reason as well as locks on the home doors high enough to where the child can’t reach it. I can lock my door and bolt it but if I don’t chain it at the top, my son knows how to unlock it.

    • Lora

      Nope, couldn’t happen with me or mine. I do a thing called, ‘watching my children’, and making sure they are safe, at all times. Nice try though.

      • another"perfect"human

        I’ll say a prayer for you, Lora; you are simply asking for Karma to bite you right in the a**. Karma doesn’t like judgemental know-it-all snobs like you.

    • Bree

      I’m so glad some1 said this!!! If by some slight chance I were 2 take a nap during the day WHILE my 2yo napped I would be right there with him. If by some other chance he woke without me knowing (my room is completely baby safe so no worries there) but I would notice him getting up. ON TOP OF THAT my son is smart as hell & knows how 2 open the outside doors SOOOO we have bought & installed top latches (that he can not reach) for all doors leading outside. It cost me a total of what 2 packs of my cigarettes would cost (which I GLADLY sacrificed considering my sons safety is priceless)!!! In other words I might be what some consider an unconventional parent, but I would like 2 think I’m doing something right as far as my sons safety goes. In other words there’s no excuse 4 this!!!!!!!!!

  • Really...

    Ahhh if I knew I was going to laid down I made sure my kids couldn’t get out doing the day or night..mistake not on my kids life…..

  • Debra

    “This was an accident. It has never happened before and it’ll never happen again,” Clevinger said. FACT:: 30-40 children die each year in hot cars, 43 last year and the death toll keeps rising this year. I’m sick of the excuses.

  • Anonymous

    Some are so quick to cast judgement, no one knows the complete story on here! God help u all if something terrible like that happens, then u may not be so quick to do such!

  • anonymous

    How could their child get in the truck and not get out? How couldn’t anyone hear their dog barking or child screaming and crying? If they were another race this case would be thoroughly investigated it doesn’t make any sense….you don’t hear your child nor dog walk out the house?? Where was the grandmother at when this was happening? Let me guess..”taking a nap too” . smh

    • ?

      Who said the dog barked or the child screamed? You’re making assumptions, and even if they did why would you think someone would necessarily hear them? Who – the sleeping parents, the random neighbor down the street? Barks, cries/screams from a closed car aren’t easily heard even if you happened to be listening for them, which obviously no one would have been doing. .

  • anonymous

    Maybe because of living in a large city, I’m used to locking doors. As a child I grew up in homes that had dead bolts and chains on the door so a toddler wouldn’t be able to get out. I was also taught not to touch the door when I was smaller and as I got older could only open it if told to do so. Even the car door was locked with it parked in front of the house. I completely understand that this was truly an accident but it was a completely avoidable accident had doors to the home and car been locked.

    • Catherine Webster

      I agree with you. It may have been an accident, and some accidents happen even with the greatest preparation to prevent, but this is just sad. I have a 4yo, 3yo and 1yo. There are door knob covers on every door in my house that none of the kids have figured out how to bypass. There are all kinds of latches and child locks everywhere, and my cars are always locked. I spent maybe $20 over the course of 2-3 years reinforcing safety in my home, and I have a lot of doors. That’s nothing and so worth the effort. This accident was very easily preventable. As for the person who commented about parents being tired and napping when their child naps, believe me, I know what it’s like to be completely exhausted. Look at my kids ages. I haven’t slept half a night in 4 years. But even with my home so neurotically child-proofed, my mind won’t let me sleep during the day, especially knowing the kids are able to wake up and roam freely (the two who are not in cribs now). I think some people are so confident that accidents like this will never happen to their kids that they fail to adequately prevent them. Ego probably kills over half of these hot-car child victims more so than negligence.

  • Diane Purcell

    My son did the same thing at about the same age, sneaking out while I was in the shower. I had all the neighbors looking and immediately called the police. Luckily, we found him in 5 mins. It was 80degrees outside! Lock car doors, lock house doors. If your child takes a nap in his/her room – LOCK THE DOOR! This is NOT uncommon!

    • M

      And it can happen so fast. My son sneaked off from us and it was about that long, he was already sweating and red in the face.

  • Rhonda

    Some of you obviously haven’t raised a child. I’m a mother of four and grandmother of two. If you put your child down for a nap with you, there is always a chance he’ll wake up before you. This is a tragic and simply horrific and heart breaking event, but accidents do happen. It will be hard for the parents to live with themselves, but the average 3 year old is perfectly capable of sneaking away when you’re asleep. He is also capable of opening doors and even car doors.

  • ?

    Thank you, Diane and Rhonda. Most people commenting on this story have no common sense but think they are perfect.

    • sick of stupid people

      Not everyone who lives in a trailer is trash or getting checks from the government! I work my husband works and we pay our own way for us and our children. My home is paid for and we pay our bills. We just made a decision not to be like everyone else and live beyond your means. If paying my own way and making sure my kids have a home that can’t be taken from them makes me trash then that’s just fine .

  • Anonymous

    My three year old can unlock and open the house door (and knows how to get a chair to reach the top lock), and knows how to unlock the car as well. His older siblings could as well at 3 years old. What are parents to do? Stay up 24/7? The children could just as easily get up at night. Some times things truly are unavoidable accidents. There is no need to stone the parents without all the facts. I make every precaution to keep my children safe, but three year olds are not the dummies some of these people commenting think they are. I guarantee you if it happened like the parents have told, they will never forgive themselves and will always think of the what-ifs. And not everyone living in a trailer is “trailer trash breeding checks.”

  • MOMOF3

    This is a horrific tragedy and maybe the media should quit playing it up. A child is gone and a family is devastated. I have raised 3 kids, have 1 grandchild and help raise numerous others. Children are ingenuitive. Think of all the crazy things you did as a child and didn’t get caught or hurt? One of my children got out of the house at 18 months old and walked next door to play now mind you she wasn’t gone for long before I realized it however, it only takes minutes for something to happen and when you think your child is safely in the bed asleep and you go take a shower or a nap or simply get dressed come out and the front door is open. New and higher locks were installed that night but I am just saying quit judging and say a prayer for this poor family. May God help us all!

  • Deanna Johnston Clark

    Children need to be taught how to get out of a car seat too. With kids and dogs I just leave the windows down unless its raining. When I was a kid it was old refrigerators that killed many.
    This was a accident…none of us can say we never made a mistake. Never assume somebody else is watching the baby…or the dog. That’s my advice!

  • Maria

    All these people passing judgement, if you have children or ever have a young child to care for, I do hope they don’t sneak away from you somehow. Just bc a child gets away from their parents or guardians doesn’t make the parents or guardians stupid or unfit. It just means better precautions need to be taken. Unless your perfect, stop bashing

  • Diana Potter

    It is NOT just a “horrible accident.” The adults KNEW the child could unlock the door, yet they took no responsible action to prevent it. The public’s sympathy for parents whose children die in hot cars seems totally unwarranted to me. It reminds me, in terms of where we are now with the issue, of the way drunk drivers who caused deaths and injuries used to be treated: as if they couldn’t help themselves, poor things, so let’s go easy on them in the courts. No more. I can only hope that public sympathy for people who leave or otherwise allow children to die hideous deaths in hot cars will change in the same way. These people are not taking proper care of their children, period. It’s no different from not feeding them, except it kills them faster.

  • Lin-z (@LJLaws)

    No one knows what really happen for all we know the child could for the 1st time opened a door and got in they had a child lock on by the sounds of it could get in but not out. They cared about them, I watch my young cousins all the time when they nap i nap but I’m deaf you will not hear every sound they make and even if you do mistakes happen bad things happen. All of you who are judging whats going on should be ashamed of yourself you do not know all the details so why point blame? If you are so high and can do no wrong then write a book about how to be the perfect person and we all know no one would buy it since there is no such thing as perfect. As a Social major this is not abuse by any means, the people who leave the child in a car are abusing them, this is a sad mistake that happen. I do pray for the family, its unreal to lose a child.

  • dobydog1

    people need to learn that when they get out of their cars LOCK THEM. it will stop kids, their dogs and thieves from getting into them.

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