South Carolina billboard reads ‘Obama vs. the cross’

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SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WHNS) — It’s big, tall and yellow and if you travel along Southport Road in Spartanburg County you’ll probably see it.

“It’s an eyecatcher,” Leo Kingsley said. “It’s just hey – there it is.”

Kingsley drives Southport Road often and said he’s noticed the sign before.

“It’s just Obama vs. the cross,” he said.

The billboard has President Barack Obama’s campaign symbol on it and a cross.

“I am a strong Christian and a believer in Christ,” another driver, Walter Grady said.

The words on the billboard state “Time for a new revolution?”

“Everybody is entitled to their beliefs,” Grady said.

There’s also a website posted on the billboard. It is in red letters. The website takes you to information about the Liberty Counsel organization.

“He (Obama) has had a war on American and GeoChristian values,” said Mathew Staver, founder and chairman of the group. He said the billboard shows the truth.

“We’re urging people to engage in a revolution of ideas to get involved in the political process,” Staver said.

He said the organization supports policies that protect liberty and Christian values, like prayer in schools and an anti-abortion message. He said those are views President Obama doesn’t support.

“We have a revolution and it’s called the voting booth,” Michael Bailey said.

Bailey is the vice president with the group Upstate Atheist.

“I just think it’s kind of almost sad in a way- that to feel like there’s a point of a revolution in this country,” Bailey said.

And even though he said he’s not getting involved with the political message on the board, he said he doesn’t agree with the organization’s message when it comes to prayer in schools.

“I just think it’s very unconstitutional,” Bailey said.

He said he has concerns about the organization’s message, especially prayer in schools.

However, some drivers say it’s just another billboard.


  • Love life!

    Obama isn’t a Christian. He never holds his hand over his heart when the National Anthem is played. He doesn’t go to church except during a special event or holiday. He was never brought up In a Christian home, so why are people trying to get blood from a turnip? He needs to be impeached!

      • Love life!

        Just in case you haven’t kept up with the news, Obama has made decisions without going through Congress and does not have a clue what is going on with our Military. He spends way to much money taking his family on “vacations” and has lied about the Home Affordable Mortgage Program! This country has gone to hell in a hand basket and it will take many years to get back to a decent level!


      THANK YOU!!!! For those of you who don’t know Obama is a MUSLIM!!! He should have never been president in the first place!!!! He cares for nobody but himself and needs to be gone!! He doesn’t care if anybody has a job as long as he still has his!!! WORST PRESIDENT I’VE EVER SEEN!!!!!

      • ncturd

        You care for no logic. Are you peolpe really this dumb? You can disagree with someone”s political decisions but what you say and bring to political discussions doesn’t help anyone. It’s like your brain has dysentery.

    • ncturd

      So like all the other idiots you can’t give me one legitimate reason for impeachment. You can’t impeach someone on the grounds of “you don’t like him”. Congress does have a clue whats going on, you clearly don’t.

  • really?

    its a lost cause man..they are brainwashed. Most only listen to the TV and what it tells them, but never do the actual research..robots that don’t think for themselves…

  • ratfink

    this is a question i pose to the holy-rollers, when in history has a theocracy worked? it seems to me if i said i take orders from a being that you can’t see, only talks to me and is at war with another imaginary entity, i would be mocked and locked away with good reason. also if obama is a muslim, then he is a pretty bad one. he drinks alcohol, does not engage in salat, does not fast for Ramadan, does not partake in hajj. in fact he does none of the required five pillars of islam. which is kinda of a big deal because that IS the religion. also we do have religious freedom, which means president obama can practice whatever his faith is.

  • JT

    I just wish we had a president who came out and said, “You know what? I am a man/woman of reason and logic. Therefore, I do not subscribe to superstition and mythology. I am, in fact, and atheist. Deal with it.” And I think that day is coming–recent studies show that over 20% of Americans espouse no belief in a deity and have no religious affiliation. That’s a bigger voting block than women, Jews, or African-Americans. Times are changing, SC (and, by proxy, NC)–get right or get left.

  • Mark

    After reading the comments here, I have to remind you folks that the Constitution of the United States of American supersedes your religion, whatever it is. Once you bring your personal beliefs into an argument of Constitutional law, you have already lost. In case you don’t get it, you can believe whatever you want, but you can’t force others the follow your beliefs through law or anything else. Quit making yourselves look like the fool with your beliefs that belong in your personal lives out of the public laws.

  • j

    I would rather have my left nut as president than obama I’m sorry but that dumbass has had plenty of time to turn stuff around

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