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NC elementary school principal removed after allegedly making students walk in heat without water

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tammy Holland


  • sinner 3

    Notice reassigned not fired without benefits just reassigned to think up some more punishment ! A great example of the educators in N.C. Like the molesters they are also just reassigned !

  • Stephen

    So let’s hear your defense of her not allowing to children to eat breakfast. It appears that you will defend this woman no matter what. I wonder why….hmmmm….

  • youdidntask,butillgiveit

    You are completely ignorant. It states they walked for hours. I don’t care how much or how little they walked, but to be given no water is huge negligence! Not to consider spiteful since she told teachers not to give water. Now, if the children were told/suppose to wear their uniforms, then reprimand is due. I personally think forcing them to walk and not participate in the last day is a bit much. It is complete, although, complete and utter negligence to not allow breakfast and make them walk outside all day-not to mention the without water. Her butt needs to go! I believe she is lucky we are not hearing a story about heat exhaustion, heat stroke, or death.

  • Really...

    Lets see how long she can walk outside with no breakfast or water for hours we know she couldn’t do bet I would be pissed if that was my child……

  • Tracey

    You all think this was harsh? They still paddle the children in P.A., Kids need to eat breakfast at home before they go to school. And that is not hot, they play outside football and baseball in hotter weather. You people need to get real. You conplain about everything. I bet you give your children time out and take away thier allowance, then they grow up and shoot up the schools.

  • R. Crane

    These are the points some are missing: The humidity was high as it usually is in NC. This is not PA or Vermont. This can be serious especially when children and older adults get dehydrated more easily than others. Also, the children should NOT have been punished. They thought it was o.k. to wear their uniforms the last day. It was not communicated to parents. Lack of communication was the problem here. See another example:


    not allowing water is cruel –I agree she should be made to walk without water in the exact same heat. There are better ways to punish as a parent she should be FIRED not re-assigned to do the same thing.

  • itsmyopinion

    How is she allowed to just NOT feed the kids? She obviously doesn’t need to be around kids in general. She sounds like a wicked mean woman that lets her power go to her head.

  • Doc Bennett

    Ms. Tammy Holland,
    Thank you for your years of serve and all the good you have done over the years. I am sorry one incident, after numerous times explaining the requirements to these children, has tarnish your career.
    Please apply for a position in Davie County where we look for educators that hold kids and parents to a standard.
    I understand it could have taken the parents literally MINUTES to come pick up the kids that they allowed to go to school while NOT following the simple rules.

    • Mark Stabler

      Apparently you did not read the original story about Ms. Tammy Holland. She has had problems at every school to which she has been assigned as a Principal. Not only with the students, but with the teachers at those schools as well. Walking for 4 hours in Eastern North Carolina heat in June is not appropriate for school kids. She needs to be in some other field of employment.

      • Doc Bennett

        No where in the story posted on WGHP’s website does it denote any other issues with this educator. The temp was in the mid to high 70s. If the parents were concerned: FIRST they should have sent their kids to school in their uniforms and second (if they refused to do that) they should have hurried to go pick them up.

    • sinner

      You should read the rest of her track record before she is hired ! What a damm fvckhead you are doc !

    • Scot Kimel

      Doc Bennett, as a Davie County citizen and law enforcement officer I hope you are not a school employee. Based on what I have read, if this happened in this jurisdiction, she would be charged criminally. Unless there is more to this story than what is reported (good possibility). If these children walked all day and were not allowed food or water, that is negligence, possibly endangerment.

  • tiffany schnegg

    I’m sorry but kids in this society I don’t blame the principal one bit. Yes she went a little to far. But these kids are brats all of them. They get away with everything anymore. She felt they needed discipline. The water thing was a little over board but these parents are not disciplining their children for their actions. And I agree with they should eat before they go to school in the first place.

    • Ms. Zero Telerance

      Ms. Tiffany….Not all kids are brats. I am a single hardworking parent who raised a daughter and son in public schools. By no means am I stating my kids were (are) perfect; however they never failed a grade, did fine on the standardized testing, never hurt anyone, never been in legal trouble, and did not become parents themselves during their teen years. Believe me, I disciplined my kids and talked to them. I explained things to them. There were consequences for their actions, but nothing that could have been considered abuse. I have a new school & old school parenting style, so you figure it out. Never have we leaned on the system. Both of my kids are doing well at 4 yr. colleges, working, and have a good sense of focus. My kids and many other kids have made mistakes along the way but they are not all menaces to society, nor are they all brats! Some can be called that but don’t be short-sighted and stereotypical to the point of labeling. Since I was a single working mom, there wasn’t always time to have breakfast BEFORE school, so they were given breakfast and lunch money. Why is breakfast an alternative at school if they all should eat before arriving to school? Yes, we must show our kids tough love. I don’t know the entire story with this principal. What I have read sounds harsh, and what right does she have to inflict this kind of punishment? And whose to say it was that easy for a parent to rush to the school within minutes to get their child? Sure you want to get your child if they are hurt, mistreated, or in trouble. Whose to say every parent’s circumstance for timing is the same, and it doesn’t mean the parent is being relaxed about it. Yes, rules are rules yet kids AND teachers break them. Surely there could have been a different but effective way for this principal to get her point across.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    What about if any of the Children had to go to the bathroom, did she withhold that privilege as well, I mean they were out there for hours the article stated or did the children have to run over to the bushes & do it….hmmm

    • Doc Bennett

      Please don’t look to the parents to do what is right and required before sending them to school. Just blame the educators for upholding a standard. Please

    • Doc Bennett

      Just continue to keep that train of thought. You will have many opportunities to run down to the McDonald’s where your kids will be working the rest of their lives and get “physical” with the store manager. After all, they won’t wear their uniforms to work either.

  • looky

    Just like o-Holes peeps,They get reassigned and a fat pay raise from the taxpayers. Dumb white people, you have been played by the Dems since LBJ was in the White house and gave your money away to all the welfare and affirmative action people and now you have a mix-race POTUS that is still not worth a damm !

  • Sandy Craver

    Bennett you have no knowledge of children and how to raise them. This woman caused problems in every school she ever went to. The children walked for hours in mid 80 degrees without food or water for something as simple as not wearing what she wanted them to wear. Evidently this was not told to the children or their parents that the last day was a regular school day. This is not correct punishment for anything. Spanking, or time outs or extra work should be the punishment. The last day should be a fun day as it is in most other schools anyway. What if she had killed a child, would you take up for her then. And don’t tell me I don’t know anything about raising good kids. I have a nurse, a marine, and a computer technician I have raised without being abusive like that. What she did is abusive and she should not have anything to do with children.

    • Doc Bennett

      You have green hair, you smell like bacon and your car is ugly. I made all those assertions the same way you did…. I guessed having no knowledge of you or your background. Have a great day

  • Benny hill

    What the he’ll is wrong with you?, they walked Foy hours in 70 to 80 degree temps without water or food. Let’s do that and see how long youlast.

  • scott

    even in boot camp we could drink water when we wanted to..even if we were being punished….water was never withheld…she should be fired

  • Tp

    You people hollering about us parents not feeding our kids before school…. You do realize that Spring Lake is a military town right? Meaning PT, meaning having to be there by 0630, meaning everyone and their brother has to fight traffic to be there on time. That’s the reason we have to pay for our kids to eat breakfast at school! Another thing, this principal is dang lucky this wasn’t my child! We as the parents are the ones that help them get dressed in the morning, what grade were they? My God, elementary kids!!! My baby just got out of the third grade and this women would not want me on her bad side!

  • news2me

    In my opinion, a principal that does what this principal allegedly did…..has no business being hired anywhere in the school system in this state or any other state. This, if true, was poor judgement on the principal’s part. I have worked with the best principals and the worst. The actions of this lady is among the actions of the worst I have worked for. …… I am trying to absorb what this administrator is being accused of…..if true. it is clearly a lack of using one’s good old fashion common sense…

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