Lexington woman arrested for embezzling more than $11K from Crisis Ministry

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Viveca Lynn Wallingford

LEXINGTON, N.C. — Police have arrested a woman in connection with embezzlement from the Crisis Ministry of Davidson County.

Viveca Lynn Wallingford, 50, of Lexington, was arrested last Friday and charged with felony obtaining property by false pretense.

Wallingford had worked as an account manager for the program since last May. During her time with the program she allegedly embezzled more than $11,000.

The Crisis Ministry serves 120 clients in Davidson County and surrounding areas.



  • justjulie

    If the charges are true she’s the lowest of low to steal from an agency that helps others.

    • Joe Wallingford

      Look here son. This is her son why dont you say something about my mother while your standing in front of me instead of bashing her over the internet you punk. People like you are why people all around the usa are changing the laws because people like you cant keep your mouth shut

  • Christa Wallingford

    Well I’m her daughter. My mother is not an evil person and did not do this to hurt anyone. She was providing for her family. I’m not saying that my mother does not deserve a consequence for what she did because I believe that she does because what she did was not right period. But do not make comments and talk about something you know nothing about. My mother was wrong in what she did absolutely but she is not a horrible person and has done nothing ever in her life time other than this. When she is getting paid only 8$ and hour for the job that she was doing with 150 clients and you get so low in your life that you can’t even afford to pay your bills, she looked to a source for help and it was the wrong source but she didn’t do this with the intentions that everyone is saying, i’m not saying that is an exscuse for her actions by no means because wrong is still wrong but there was a lot that pushed her to make this decision. My mother is not a bad person at all. She was wrong in what she did and she will forever regret it and she is deeply sorry for it. You can look at the situation and say well at the end of the day she stole from a Crisis Ministries and it’s wrong period, you are right in that but have you never made a poor choice in your life that you could not take back? A simple answer to her actions was she was not thinking and she was wrong for it, that’s it. But when you get to know my mother and her story you won’t necessarily agree to her actions but you will understand her story a lot better and you wouldn’t be so judgmental, get to know who my mother really is and learn all the facts of the situation before making assumptions and going as far to call her scum. Put yourself in her shoes, how would you feel if someone called you scum without learning your story first while your sitting in jail the world is turned against you.This world is an evil enough place as it is and everyone making assumptions when you don’t know what happened doesn’t help the situation. My mother will have her consequences for her actions. But people make mistakes, she did it and she can’t change what she did. She will suffer enough, her life is ruined. Her name is tarnished and she will forever be regretful of this. I am her daughter and am deeply disappointed in her actions because I as well am taking backlash for it and having to suffer but I will stand beside my mother because I know at the end of the day she is a good person who made a bad choice and a horrible mistake. And that is ALL I have to say about that.

  • jaime watson

    well I don’t call her scum I will call her what she is a thief. theres NO excuse for what she did. I feel no pitty for her at all cause she did it for greedy reasons. I can understand why yall will defend her because she is your mother but you are responsible to cause you were spending the money with her. you call yourselves god fairing people but yall are not god will judge yall for your sins of greed. the messed up thing is now she wont be able to get a good job when she gets out of jail cause this will be on her record so she realy might have to depend on the shelter she stole from.

  • onemysticgoddess

    I’m a single mother of 3 living off of $2.13 an hour, so that’s a shoddy excuse. To say her children are responsible as well, that’s a far stretch. Yes, they wore clothes, rode in a vehicle, used gas, lived under her roof, ate from her table, turned on her lights, ran her water, and possibly accepted gifts; but I’m sure she didn’t disclose the manner in which she accomplished such. Children shouldn’t pay for the sins of their parents.

  • Angie Hunter

    God is a forgiving God and honestly that’s all that matters. Joe, don’t sink to the level of others. God is the answer! Your family will be in my prayers.

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