Bicyclist injured in hit-and-run crash in Greensboro identified

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East Market Street near Holts Chapel Road in Greensboro (Google Maps)

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro police said they are investigating a hit-and-run crash that resulted in life threatening injuries for a bicyclist.

Police said a bicyclist was hit by a red pickup truck around 12:30 a.m. Thursday at the intersection of East Market Street near Holts Chapel Road.

The bicyclist was taken to Moses Cone Hospital with life threatening injuries. He was later identified as Donald Emanuel Watlington, 45, of Greensboro.

The truck involved in the hit and run is believed to be a late 1980s to early 1990s red Chevrolet or GMC mid-sized pickup truck. The vehicle should have damage to the passenger side front headlight.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with any information can call Crime Stoppers at (336) 373-1000.


  • sinner 3

    Keep the damm dumbasses off my damm highway ! 12;30 at night what was this mutt thinking, oh yea its his world right, car meets bicycle ,car wins dummy !

    • Wally the Engineer

      That’s not a “Highway” it’s a city street. Now, if the cyclist didn’t have lights, or reflective clothing on, he is possibly partially to blame for not being visable, BUT we are to share the road with cyclists by LAW. Perhaps this cyclist didn’t have a car, or didn’t want to use their car?
      Open your eyes people, look out for 2 wheelers!

      • Rico the Big Cyclist

        Wally, thank you for your comment, I am glad someone out there realizes that Cyclists are vehicles too. Share the road people, it isnt that hard. 2 foot passing rule in NC. Needs to be 3 feet or more. wait for the lane to clear. And I agree if he didnt have lights or reflective clothing on, it is partly his fault.

  • John Smith

    Come on guys and girls! You know if it is a person on a bicycle all law related parties aren’t really looking for the motorist……just going through the media political correct model to cover the bases. You can kill cyclists and I’m surprise more abusive spouses don’t tell their partner, “Honey, I bought you a bike… when you going riding?”

    • Rico the Big Cyclist

      John, you seem to know exactly how things work for cyclists. we get hit, we get swerved at, and like you say the media PC thing is to say yes we are looking but they never do. Cyclists are expendable is the thoughts some people have, however most cyclists are out there to improve their life.

  • Chucky

    While I don’t excuse the driver of the truck for not only hitting the cyclist but leaving them for dead as far as he or she knew, I do find myself wondering what a cyclist was doing on the road at 12:30 in the morning. Most people who cycle for exercise, sport or hobby do it during the day because they are familiar with the risks of being on the road. While I have seen people out on bikes in High Point after dark, they seldom have lights or even lighter clothing on which would make it easier for them to be seen.

    • ncnarrator

      It’s entirely possible he was going home from work, or heading to work. Before we moved to North Carolina, we lived in an area that was much more bike friendly (specifically, people didn’t aim for you the way I’ve had them do here), and I usually rode my bike to and from work to save on gas. Or simply because we didn’t have a working car at the time, or it was my husband’s turn to drive the one we did have. Not all of my shifts at the time started at 8am or ended at 5pm, so I was on the road at some very odd hours.

  • j

    I’m sorry but this is the ghetto its not bike friendly if u see a black dude on a bike at that time he probably stole it

  • j

    That whole side of town is nothing but crackheads and drug dealers, they should call that st EAST WELFARE ST

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