35 Greensboro firefighters deployed to Outer Banks for Hurricane Arthur emergency assistance

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Rescue groups from across the state are keeping their eyes on Hurricane Arthur, including groups from the Piedmont.

The Urban Search and Rescue team with the Greensboro Fire Department was deployed Thursday afternoon by the state to head to Plymouth where flooding is expected.

They were put on standby earlier this week and had been preparing for deployment, packing rescue gear and personal items to take with them in case the hurricane has a devastating impact.

The mission is planned for 24 hours, but could be extended for up to 72 hours.

The group is trained to perform water rescues and search collapsed buildings among other things.

These are skills they've had to use in the past.

The unit was deployed during Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene.

"The waters were so high," Hailey said.

With two loaded trailers and a rescue boat, the team has enough supplies to last without water or power for three days.

It is equipment and skill they hope they won't have to use but are ready to if they do.

"We train for it, we play for it, practice for it," said Captain Steve Couturier of the Greensboro Fire Department.

Costs incurred by Greensboro to provide this emergency USAR assistance will be reimbursed as authorized by the State Emergency Response Plan.

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  • Trav261

    And, your point??? Contrary to whatever you’re insinuating, this is a pretty standard arrangement. I mean, what do you expect, should these highly trained, professional rescue crews just go down there for free? Also, their specialized equipment can get a lot of wear and tear while they’re down there. Many firefighters would gladly volunteer, is they were asked. But, these plans recognize that responding crews should be justly compensated for their help. If other emergency departments were to respond to a major disaster here, they would be reimbursed for their assistance in the same manner.

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