Waitress fired after complaining on Facebook about bad tipper, doesn’t realize customer is her ‘friend’

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FINDLAY, Ohio — A waitress who posted about a bad tipper on Facebook didn’t realize she is friends with the restaurant customer on Facebook, according to a report from Toledo News Now.

Kirsten Kelly was fired from her job at Texas Roadhouse on Monday after she posted her opinion about tippers on Facebook. As it turns out, the customer mentioned in the post is a former schoolmate of Kelly’s. The two women are friends on Facebook.

“I just said, ‘If you come into a restaurant and spend $50 or more, you should be able to tip appropriately for that,'” Kelly said. “They told me that I knew what I was doing when I posted that, and they would have to let me go because a customer came in [who had] printed off a screen shot of it.”

The woman was not happy to see her former schoolmate posting about her online, so she printed out a screenshot and took it to Kelly’s manager.

“I was mad,” Kelly said. “It was a Friday night and I made $60 because I had several people that night who weren’t tipping appropriately. More than one time, people spent $50 or more and they tipped five or six (dollars). That’s not OK!” Kelly said.

Kelly said the Facebook post was vague, however the customer was able to decode the message.

The restaurant told Kelly she was fired for using a derogatory name when referring to the customer. Company officials said it is corporate policy that employees are not allowed to make any mention of the restaurant on social media.

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  • Love life!

    It might be difficult for the waitress to find another job….unfortunately she expressed a bad attitude and mentioned her employer by name! Customers, however, need to understand that the minimum percentage of their bill should be 15%, not 10%! Most of the time if there is a large group with a big bill, the tip should be 20%. So many people are so ignorant and eat like pigs and make huge messes and cannot figure out the tip, let alone leave a tip! When waiting tables, employees should know that there are awful people and that is part of the job!

    • FaithC

      Yes 15% is the proper amount to tip. Was she a good waitress? Or one who thinks she is entitled to a tip, no matter what. Tipping was a way of showing people in the service industry that you appreciate their good service and pleasant nature. Now it has a become expected no mater how poor the service is or how rude the server.

      • Kenedeigh

        Most places have a rule. No matter how the service was, you have to tip according to your ticket.

      • Nathan

        Most “places” don’t have that rule. Most “servers” do.
        And yes I tip my servers. but bad service never warrants 15%

      • Really?

        Kenedeigh, a “rule”? I “have to” tip?. Um, no. I tip my servers because I want to, but no one can make me do it.

    • wendy collins (@wmcollins70)

      I agree she should have refrained from using the name of the restaurant. That was her biggest mistake. Customers do need to realize that is they can’t afford the appropriate tip then you shouldn’t be eating out and expecting someone to wait on you….go to mcdonald’s

    • EyezOnYou

      Maybe she is in the wrong line of business. You don’t just “get” 15% or 20%… you earn it. #FormerSuccessfulWaitress

  • Cheer Mom

    Maybe they only left 10% because of the attitude and service they received from their waitress. I know that is not always the case – I was a waitress once and I know there are those who just won’t tip appropriately – but it could be she got what she deserved in the 10% tips she was getting.

  • Just wow!

    Im a waitress and a customer, I myself never go by the % rule! I think its bs, idc how much the bill is I care about how friendly the waiter or waitress is, how often they check on you, etc…if they are doing a good job, they get a good tip!

    • GC

      I try to do the same, I leave a good tip as long as I get good service, I don’t follow the percentage rule but I often leave 20-25% if I get good service. On the other hand, if I get very poor service I will leave a very small tip to let them know that I was unhappy with the service. I generally have to have pretty bad service to do that though.

    • FaithC

      Just wow – I agree. If my server is pleasant and attentive, I will over tip. Make me laugh and I will tip even more. If my server has an attitude and acts like they are doing me a favor by waiting on me and never comes back to see if we may need anything. I will leave almost no tip and leave them a note on the credit card slip that says “Your tip reflects your attitude andservice” This way management sees it also.

      • Suzie Dillon Collins

        I know someone who used to put 20 one dollar bills on the table. He would tell the server, as long as I am happy with your service and I don’t go thirsty, this is your tip, but every time I have to ask for a refill on my drink I take away a dollar. Some would go out of their way to make sure we were taken care of.. Some, I assume, would think he was full of BS or didn’t care, I don’t know. Bottom line, if you go out to eat, you don’t want your drink cup to sit empty, or your complimentary bread to run out… It isn’t rocket science. Keep your customer happy and most will tip accordingly. Give your customer an attitude, or bring them their food then forget they exist until you bring the bill then they are going to tip that accordingly as well. I personally can’t tip $20, but I do tip according to the service I receive, and the few occasions that I have left no tip, I have written an explanation as to why on my credit card slip so management will be aware why

  • 2Cents

    Exactly -JUST WOW! I agree totally. the % rule is complete BS. I tip based on service, not dollar amount of my bill. Some waitresses need to remember WHY they are getting tips in the first place. It’s NOT because the prices on the menu went up….it’s because of your service AND your attitude.

    • Evon Markus

      so true I know some people dont even get 10 percent ofcoarse its not the best tip but this woman sounded rude in the first place definitely shouldnt of posted on facebook if she wanted to her job atleast …

  • Katharina

    What a sad person to first leave a bad tip and then to be so passive aggressive in getting revenge on the girl. Grow up.

  • Evon Markus

    Well she is lucky to have gotten tipped sounds like she is a rude individual .My husband worked in fast food was lucky sometime if he even got a tip much less 5-6 dollars !!! I know some people tip more some peole tip less Uually if your kind and polite people tip you well !

  • Mike

    There could be a number of things going on such as the service could have not been up to par. The restaurant could be overpricing their items which people will roll that down to the waiter/waitress or they could only have so much to spend on food not leaving much left for a tip. I’ve had a waitress “hook me up” on my order and in turn she gets extra what I would normally tip then i’ve had a waitress forget I was at the table once the food came out and she got jack.

  • jayme

    While I don’t think she should be fired over this, I also dont think its “acceptable” for her to “assume” I “have” to tip her! She choose to be a waitress…yes, the money is shitty, we all know that. I dont know what kind of waitress she is/was but just because I spend over $50, doesn’t mean I’m tipping you based on the amount I’ve spent! Im tipping you on your performance. Im an awesome tipper…but its all about attitude and service!!

  • Eb

    Tipping is NOT mandatory!! It is galling to think I am required to tip, I tip because I CHOOSE to, not because I have to!! If a person is not satisfied with their job, get a new one!! I have gone to buffet places and the server has NEVER come to the table to refill the water glasses, and still expected a tip!! Really???

    • Chucky

      Thank you… I am sick of these stories telling me who and how much I should tip. It was not so long ago that I saw a story on Fox8 saying that you should time your cable repair person, your pest control person, etc. Honestly, I think it is the people who work those jobs who add themselves to the list. If they go above and beyond to give me great service, yes, I might give them a tip but that is rare. I regularly tip wait staff in excess of 20% when I feel they have done a great job. I have left less for someone who was horrible. I have never left nothing because I don’t want them to think I forgot. Chances are with her having groups and complaining like she did on Facebook, I’d bet the service was not the best it could have been.

  • sj

    I agree their tip should be according to the service, why leave a tip when you get a sassy waitress that spends all the time at another table.. and you do not get your drinks refilled, or ask if you want coffee with dessert.. I feel like leaving a nickel sometimes…and I know it is not the waitress fault, but sometimes I would like to throw my steak at the chef..if you could call him/her that… if they even have one, I have gone to some high end steak houses lately and the steaks were raunchy..burnt on outside and dripping blood on inside…My son would call it creameated blood rare..uck…quick belly aching and get a job at Mcdonalds…if you don’t like your tip…

  • Stacey

    I worked in the restaurant business for eight years, and I had days where people never tipped at all, and I was happy to find a couple of bucks left on the table or the credit card receipt. Some people are nice and leave a tip (and the server should be happy with it whether it’s a buck or ten dollars), others are cheap, and then you have the people who only brought enough money to cover the meal because that’s all they had.

  • JWS

    Even as working as a curb service employee I once received a $20 tip for a $4 order. It all about how you treat your customers.

  • Sarah Madison-McCoy

    And this is why tipping in restaurants should be banned altogether! They act like tipping is required by law or mandatory. Restaurants are now expecting the customer to subsidize THEIR employee’s salary and that’s not right!

    • Finallysomebodygetsit

      Exactly, Sarah!! This tipping thing is ridiculous. My server’s EMPLOYER should be paying her/his salary – not me!

  • Me

    Well….my take on this is….if she had been having that problem all night…maybe that says something about her service and waitressing skills…just saying….

  • Sharon Dietrich

    I would like to see all tipping done away with. People should not expect extra for doing their job. Employers need to pay a fair wage. Hairdressers, manicurist’s, housekeepers, bartenders,cab drivers and numerous others expect that they are automatically entitled to the extra money,
    which is often tax free income.

  • De Zaad

    Wow, all these people missing the important point:

    If the post was visible to the public then the restaurant had the right to fire her.

    If it was not, then it was a private matter among ‘friends’ that the restaurant should have declined to become involved in.

    If your FB profile is not visible to the public (and you didn’t view your FB info on company resources), your employer should refuse to even look at or consider anything that arises there. We should jealously guard this nascent principle because it reflects the need for employers to be kept out of our digital business.

  • itsALLgood

    If someone goes that extra mile for my table and their attitude is good then the meal is good. I will tip upwards of 25% sometimes but never less than 18% if they at least serve everything correctly. Sometimes it is the kitchen, not the server at fault!

  • Shannon

    I completely understand that waiters and waitresses make most of their earnings from tips, and I try to tip every time I go out to eat. Sometimes I’m just not able to tip, but most of the time it’s based on attitude. Like most people on here have already stated, if you act like you’re doing me a favor by waiting on me (when it’s your job to do it), and I get poor service and a snotty attitude, I leave close to nothing.

  • Gene

    I’m so tired of hearing waiters and waitresses complaining about poor tippers, but themselves not remembering the pizza delivery guy, the taxi driver or their ski instructor.


    good service–good tip–don’t tell me how much I should tip–don’t say if you can’t tip appropriately don’t eat out. It’s not about what you can afford it’s about getting the service that I am paying for. Waitresses are beginning to feel too much of a sense of entitlement. If you do a great job you may not have to complain in the first place

    • Vicki

      I agree exactly. You are not entitled to a tip. You are entitled to a hourly wage for working the hours you ome to work. The tip is based on the service you give. If you cant write down my order , or refill my drink without my asking… Dont expect much coming your way by me….

  • Boo Who

    Girl bye, you better be glad it wasn’t me, I would have left you nothing but a note telling you to get a better job if you want better pay.

  • BC

    fox…. Here’s a TIP…enough stories about people who have yet to grasp a clue about internet useage… if you post it online, it become public domain… Seem shocked, that you got fired??? Really? Perhaps this former waitress ought spend more time learning company policies rather than comlaining online about not being tipped WHAT SHE THOUGHT she shoudl be tipped… and maybe work on better customer service skills to in order to ERAN a tip

  • busterjangle

    You folks calling yourselves “waitresses”… Yes @Just wow!, I’m primarily referring to you. Read on…
    (By the way, SHAME ON YOU. Ok, carry on, if you are capable of reading more than a “menu board” that is)
    This tells me that you work or have worked in small tow mom & pop’s type places.
    (Places like BBQ restaurants ie : Little Richard’s, Stratford BBQ ETC)

    This also tells me that you’re “sheltered” so to speak as a restaurant employee / server.
    “Waitress”? LOL. That word went out with stewardess, mailman, policeman, weatherman etc.

    The clientele in this type of restaurant generally tips ten percent. Tops.
    Usually, you’ll get a buck or two per table.
    If Jimmy-Joe or Uncle-Diddy think you “done good”, |They might make it a point to personally hand you
    a five spot on their fifty dollar tab. (or more)
    Shame on you for calling yourself a “waitress” and having the nerve to behave like the other folks
    commenting here saying things like “get a real job” and “the employer should pay her salary”.
    SERVERS in full service, mainstream restaurants are paid the state minimum wage for tipped employees,
    which you may or may not know is $2.13 per hour.

    Folks like you go against server code and give other hard working, properly trained servers a bad name.
    Servers that work in restaurants that do not allow them to serve in blue jeans and a t-shirt. (“curb service” or not. Sonic anyone? Little Richard’s? Ha ha)
    Restaurants that do NOT have a cashier at the front door.
    Restaurants that require their servers to carry a “bank”, From which the servers handle all of their own financial transactions on behalf of the restaurant until the end of their shift.
    Restaurants that serve beverages in glasses.
    Restaurants that have an employee or employees at the door who seat you according to a rotation.
    Restaurants where presentation is important and sandwiches aren’t wrapped in paper and thrown in a basket on top of hush puppies or fries, rather served on a plate. (With a garnish)
    “REAL” restaurants, where patrons are not “customers”, they’re “guests”.

    @Gene – So true. These “waiters” & “waitresses” (I feel stupid even saying those words) are a disgrace to the “tipped” industry.

    @wendy collins – Agreed. If you want to dine out and you can’t afford to tip – Go to McDonald’s. Smarter yet, If you can not afford to tip, you probably should not be eating out. Sad but true.

    Servers – If you are a good server and you’re not happy with the tips you’re getting, find a nicer restaurant with a clientele from a higher social class. If you are the type or server that doesn’t tip properly, I certainly wouldn’t advertise it. Maybe you don’t know any better. I don’t know. You’ll learn.
    There’s nothing easy about a serving job.
    Jobs like this in a restaurant are far more difficult than people think. Most of you have no clue. None whatsoever.
    I firmly believe that every citizen should have to serve in a restaurant for a mandatory six months in order to learn how to properly deal with the public.
    People get really, really nasty when it comes to food. Super angry.
    For some reason or another, their the nastiest (attitude-wise) when they come straight from church.

    Bad service is bad service.
    I’m not defending this woman or her rant on social media.
    That was not too bright.
    She could very well be a horrible server.
    Maybe she can’t multitask.
    Maybe she can’t properly anticipate her guests
    needs, who knows.
    If she is a lousy server she is going to make lousy money.

    For you folks that do not “like” to tip, or don’t agree with tipping – Welcome to America.
    Tipping is part of the culture here in the states.
    I’m going to guess that those of you who don’t tip, tip poorly or don’t agree with tipping, know this –
    Your server is taxed according to the dollar amount of food that he or she sells. Most of you, according to what you all say (or are ignorant enough to brag about) are not even tipping enough to cover the servers taxes.
    That $2.13 per hour, once taxed, amounts to a weekly or bi-weekly check that is often in the negative.

    You non-tipping folks, Please, carry on with your ignorant ways. Continue to frequent the restaurants where you don’t tip properly. Ask for the same server (Or just get lucky and “seat yourself” in their section)….
    Go ahead. Be an a$$ before you get your food. ;)
    Servers do NOT forget guests that don’t tip. Trust me on that one.

    Back in the day you had to actually be able to use a computer properly to access the internet.
    That weeded out ninety percent of the ignorant people of this once great nation.
    Nowadays, every ignoramus and simpleton that has a cell phone is on the internet.
    These folks have certainly dumbed the internet down.
    Just because you “can” get on the internet doesn’t mean you should.

    A lot of you folks here are typical of Fox news fans. Oh so typical.
    Remember, You are NOT as anonymous here as you like to think you are. Not at all.
    I’ve already found a couple of you folks and I know a couple of you “waitresses”.
    Tsk tsk…. One in particular. Ignorant waitress. BBQ restaurant. You. Shame on you ignorant woman.
    You are in the wrong line of work. Shame shame. :(

    • Finallysomebodygetsit

      Um, Busterjangle, I realize the minimum wage for servers is very, very low. Guess what?? Restaurant owners can choose to pay their employees more than that if they want to, but most don’t because they are greedy and would rather pass the cost of paying their employees down to the customer. Employers should be paying their employees – not me. If they have to raise the cost of the food in order to continue to be profitable then so be it — at least everyone knows what they’re getting then — the customer and the server. If they over-price the food then customers will stop coming and they will adjust or go out of business — the same as any other business; they can choose a lower profit or none at all. The restaurant server “system” is complete BS.

      • Gene

        I agree with you, finallysomebodygetsit, regarding how it ought to be. But given how it actually is, how do we get there from where we are now without catching the waitstaff in the middle?

      • finallysomebodygetsit

        Well, the system is not the fault of the server so I tip them. I’m just commenting on how messed up the system is, but I’m not delusional enough to think the minimum wage laws will ever change (not enough intelligent or honest lawmakers in office) or that restaurant owners will stop being greedy jerks, so customers are trapped. Servers just need to accept that some people are bad tippers; if they can’t deal with that then find another line of work. We all have our problems. I don’t like my job most days, either, and I certainly can’t demand that either my employer or a member of the public pay me more money.

    • mojorisin73

      Well I hate to burst your bubble busterjangle but there’s no such thing as a “server system” or “server code”. Where do these waitresses get off on feeling entitled to tips? I’ll put it in simple logical terms, If a waitress is doing a wonderful job then she will get a good tip, if she is doing a poor job and has a bad attitude with her customers then she will not get one. If she cannot accept the fact that she will not be tipped all the time then she should find another job or go back to school and get a skill.

      • rudyray1

        Where do these waitresses get off on feeling entitled to tips? That, I can not answer.
        Perhaps she should find another job. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t speak for individual behavior any more than
        You can speak for this woman’s sense of entitlement.
        I’m not defending this woman’s behavior or her self entitled attitude.
        Restaurants most definitely could pay the servers more and some of the do.
        Every once in a while I’ll see an article like this on the web and the incendiary comments sections are always the same.
        People arguing and debating whether or not they should have to tip and/or how much.
        What she did was pretty stupid (IMO) and she deserves what she gets.(Classic example of how having
        Facebook friends that you do not know.)
        I’ve never worked at a restaurant where you were allowed to discuss tips. Let alone blasting it on social media.
        I would have canned her too.

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