Virginia man claims to have captured ‘clear’ photos of Bigfoot

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A Virginia man claims to have captured the first “non-blurry” and “clear” images of Bigfoot.

Cryptozoology News reported that Randy O’Neal said his father and a friend took the photographs late last month, which he believes could contain Bigfoot.

“Finally, a photo that is not blurry nor hidden behind a tree. A clear photo of Bigfoot standing out in the wide open. You be the judge,” he wrote about the photographs.

O’Neal recently uploaded the images to YouTube. Check it out in the video above. Do you think it could be Bigfoot?


    • sandi

      What 15 year old called their father daddy??
      Anyway why only take two photo?I would be blowing my fone up getting pictures if I thought I saw a bigfoot! Just saying!

      • alsoallergictostupid

        I’m 23 and my dad is still daddy. Just because we are obviously closer to our fathers than you are with yours, don’t judge her on what she calls her father.

      • Christy Thackerson

        It’s very common in the south for people to refer to their father as Daddy–for their entire lives. It’s a cultural thing.

  • Hobbes

    First, it should read “a Bigfoot” as the contention is they are a species, not a singular beast which wanders the planet. With that said, I’m a bit disturbed that the guy shot blindly into the woods. How do we know the creature he shot which ran to the water wasn’t some homeless person? If the eyes he claims to have seen were not as deer or bear eyes, they could have been human eyes.

    • Rachel

      NONWHACKO: The writer clearly states that these photos were taken 6/28/2014. He’s unsure himself what this is they saw, I would react the same way. It really is unusual to see someone dressed this way on the lake…then again, people do the strangest things.

    • Sarah

      Seriously? It says the pictures were taken on June 28, 2014! That’s 4 days ago. His camping trip with the first encounter, of possibly this creature, was 25 years ago.

    • Octavia

      If you follow the narrative through to the end you will find that he is speaking of an event that happened 25 years ago, and that these pictures were captured near the same spot, but in the present.

  • Jane Cassidy

    Dad gave bad advice. Bigfoot or not, it is never a good idea to shoot at something you can’t see and identify, or just shoot where you think it is. Always be sure of your target.

    • the104man

      You are very dumb. If you see something that strange then taking a picture of it is normal…

      • AllergicToStupid

        no, you are very dumb. can’t you read? his comment CLEARLY says “it is never a good idea to SHOOT at something you can’t see and identify, or just SHOOT where you think it is” … not take a picture. fool.

  • Charlyn

    If it is real, and they used a cellphone, why isn’t there a close-up? I can zoom way in with mine. False story.

    • unknown

      They probably didn’t know how to zoom in. I know a lot of people who have no clue how to zoom in on a pic. I believe this is real. It’s creepy. It may not be Bigfoot but it looks like a man like beast who was interested in them. This is why I refuse to go camping.

    • the104man

      Did you ever take in regards that maybe they were at an actual distance in where the photo that is posted is a zoom pic? If ever you see a strange animal, do you think that some people would prefer to be at a range that is far from the animal/creatures site? I mean not knowing what animal it is and what it is capable off, i think it would be fucking retarded to go a little closer just to have a better zoom right.

      I understand that people think skepticism is cool but please apply better thoughts to skepticism. Sometimes applying a an intelligent rational is nice.

    • Bob Blakely

      Really? In today’s day of modern technology? No one has seen a Bigfoot (or whatever) for years and years and years then all of a sudden someone sees it on the side of a river? And takes two photos of it? Nah. I don’t believe it.

      • the104man

        Isn’t that how it goes? Eventually one person will see it? I mean that is just common sense.

      • Chester

        Mr. Bob Blakely, How much time have you spent in the woods, alone or with just one other person? It’s very easy for a desk jocky or City Resident to make judgements while sitting on their rears. Try spending 15 or 20 years, 8 or more hours a day, alone or with a partner, working a job that requires you to be extremely stealthy, and maybe you will not be so quick to judge.

  • Yazmin Gonzalez

    I do believe something is out there , people even if they have that thing in front of their eyes wont believe it or dont want to believe it at first I didnt believe it but there is several evidence I know that if some day someone else sees this thing they will be shocked and get pics but no one else will believe thats the way it is

  • yukidongo

    My issue with the story is just this…you never shoot into the woods at something you CAN’T see, clearly! I wouldn’t be caught dead hunting with them. Obviously, if whatever was in the dark hadn’t attacked them, it probably posed no threat. If it had been a bear, they’d have known it–even a cougar, or bobcat. Oh, sorry, Jane Cassidy–I just noticed your comment. Hunters with any sense at all do not shoot blindly into the woods!

    • Gman

      It was 25 years ago. There was a different mentality about guns then. Especially in the south. Get over yourself

  • Thomas Jefferson

    If you skeptics don’t believe it, go find out for your self. It is much easier to call it fake or someone is crazy when you are chicken shit to go yourself. Human eyes don’t glow in the dark. I have never seen one, but I don’t saw they are not real.

  • JackLink

    So? I’ve been putting videos of Bigfoot in commercials for my beef jerky for years. A few pics ain’t nothin’.

  • Savannah Barrett

    I think I’ve seen these pics before and they were debunked. I believe they were of a guy fishing off of the rocks with dark clothing and the angle of the Sun made him appear in shadow as opposed to a clear pic. Check SNOPES. Of course, I could be wrong….

  • reg

    a 1989 cell phone would not been able to take pictures, and the poor English leaves me wondering also.

    • Christy Thackerson

      He’s not saying these pics were taken in 1989. He & his dad and family friend were camping in ’89 and had a strange experience. A few days ago his dad and the family friend were in the same area as before and saw this “creature” there and took these pics.

  • Robert Totten

    Weather is a chaos event which is to say there are so many factors controlling it it cannot be accurately forecast in the short term. Things sometimes react oppositely to our way of thinking. It is possible for increased heating to bring about worse cold spells and the opposite may hold true also. Mix in the human actions and there may be alterations but bear in mind temp conditions have been happening since the dawn of time–even before man. Personally I think one volcano has the ability to overshadow mankind’s efforts all by itself with one good eruption. In light of the vast numbers of active volcanoes now known to exist in the Pacific ocean and others I believe they may be much more of a driving force than ever believed.Funny but our puny attempts to moderate our impact on the environment seems to only line certain pockets and damage economies like West Virginia coal and make us more reliant on big business oil.

  • truth-hurts

    How many bigfoots are there? Almost every state has had one. Why has know one EVER found a dead one or any trace of one that can be verified ? Male, Female,Young I guess they live forever. I need proof.

  • garrett

    I do not believe or not but I live in these woods in va idk whats in the woods but find you a nice spot in the woods at night. Youll be believing in sumin! N if it was true you see deer records breakin every year or so that are real old deer that stay outta sight why not a smarter human like creature? Wouldnt be that hard…

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