Tractor-trailer overturns in Guilford County; driver killed

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- A fatal crash involving a tractor-trailer was reported on I-73 southbound in Guilford County on Wednesday morning.

Officials said the tractor-trailer was getting off the Business 85 North ramp, but was going too fast, hit the guardrail and flipped over. The crash was reported around 2:45 a.m.

The accident forced the closure of the one lane ramp of Exit 97A at about 3:30 a.m. and the roadway is expected to remain closed until 9 p.m. tonight while the N.C. Highway Patrol investigates the crash and clears the scene.

Troopers confirmed the wreck is fatal, but the identity of the driver has not been released. No other vehicles were involved.

The driver was moving boxes, which will be removed from the truck and stored with Garrett's Towing & Recovery until they can be returned to owners, officials said. It is still not cleared where the truck was coming from and headed.

The scene is still active and the ramp remains closed. Troopers said it could take well into the afternoon to get the scene cleared.


  • Chucky

    This ramp needs to be fixed. Who banks a curve to the outside?! To many trucks have been turning over on this ramp since the first week they opened it.

    • Katie

      Agreed. I live just a few miles off this exit and have seen so many instances where this deceiving curve has caught drivers off guard. When giving directions, I am sure to point out to that this particular ramp is no joke and to really follow the suggested limit, at least until after you’ve entered the curve.

    • William McKelvie

      I would venture to say that you do not drive a big rig, not even a daycab. We take the outer part of the curve, because otherwise the trailer would track into the inner part of the curve and run you over. Operating a large commercial vehicle, eventhough this one pictured here is smaller than my own, one still needs plenty of room to make these curves and such. If drivers are turning them over on this curve, they are taking it way too fast and are then losing control. You learn this through training and years of experience. However, the FMCSA keeps balking our demands for more training needed, and now another death of one of our colleagues. There is another problem, if there are the yellow signs with posted speeds, many drivers think that posted speed is for big trucks as well, it is not. It is for autos. Drivers must learn to drive for the conditions of the roads, and the load on the trailer. Hard to do in a week or two. 80 thousand pounds is much harder to control than a 3 or 4 thousand pound vehicle.

    • William McKelvie

      Chucky is it? Can you help me to maybe get some kind of change in the works here? How many trucks or other vehicles involved in that curve since it opened? Any idea of real numbers? If there is a problem here, we can work together to get it changed. I got a speed limit in two residential areas changed a few years back, it took the news2 crew, channel 14, and the local GCSD to help but we got it done. So find me on facebook and message me and let me know, k? Thanks. We cannot get anything done on a forum, but I can get the proverbial ball rolling if this is a bad road. However, if it is just drivers ignoring the signs, that will be a harder challenge. I can assure you of that.

  • Mike

    Oh well, another tractor trailer driver that needed to be pulled from the road. I was just in an accident where the tractor trailer driver ran a red light and tore up my car while I had a protected green turn light. Thanks to NC no-fault laws his insurance company said they didnt feel responsible and closed the case. He even got a ticket but it did not matter. Now I am stuck to out of pocket the expense or take them all to small claims. These truckers need to learn to follow the rules of the road. “GOING TOO FAST”

    • Chucky

      If they are saying that, you must have gotten a ticket also. The insurance company will normally pay it if their driver is the only one who gets charged.

    • nonna1

      Having been closely associated with auto accident liability law for many years, if you were truly so wronged, you would have a very, very strong case in court and you should have hired an attorney. The only reason they would have gotten away without paying is if they could prove contributory negligence, which means you did something to contribute to the accident. Also, having just been involved in a serious auto accident where a careless driver hit my spouse head on, and knowing how quickly our vehicle was paid for in full (less than 10 days), there is something very, very, very wrong with this scenario. Our case isn’t anywhere near settled, and won’t be for at least six months or more. And they will pay every single penny of all of our expenses, you can put that in the bank. Off to a lawyer with you!

    • john shaw

      I can tell you one thing Mike you are a sorry piece of shit . I knew this driver personally he was a great driver .friend and person to everyone . so for you to say something like that is wrong and shows how worthless you are

      • Daphne Hughes

        Carl was a wonderful man! I’ve known him since I was a little girl. We always enjoyed him coming in our office. We felt like he was family. He’s surely going to be missed…what a wonderful driver and family man. He sure loved his family. We always enjoyed his stories about his family. We were so shocked here in Alabama! I’m sure he’s with his wife he so loved. Praying for his family.

    • Rodger

      Hey mike I knew Mr sherman he was not a bad man in fact he was a man who would give you the shirt off his back so quit bashing .

  • Sandra

    I agree about this ramp needing to be fixed..please! I travel this road almost everyday and there have been too many accidents/overturned trucks in this curve. My condolences to the family.

  • sinner 3

    A lot of ramps in N.C. are too short for cars and really to tight for semis with 55 ft trailers !

  • da man

    Sad part is the guy is still in the truck and these clowns can’t even figure out how to upright a tractor trailer loaded with 15 thousand pounds real professional. so I guess the wrecker world will have to wait till after the 4th for the follow up story on these idiots. Sad or pathetic I just can’t decide

    • April

      Retro…..I hope and pray you never need to have a wrecker company come out and assist you. I know these folks and they are sincere, hardworking people! Anytime day or night, they go above and beyond to help people in all types of dangerous situations. If you ever need a wreckers assistance, call Garrett’s!!!! Thank you Mark, Terry, Kevin and the rest of the guys who work with you!!!

    • Linda

      I know the men working this wreck, they are hard working men who know their jobs. Keep your comments to yourself and let them do their jobs. You need to walk a week in the shoes of these men before you run your mouth about htings you know nothing about. Great Job,

  • retro

    I’m glad someone finally said it!! I work insurance and this is typical for this company. Riding the clock unloading a unbroken trailer on site charging for equipment they don’t have ect. All this boils down to is $ and this wreck by the time they r done will b another 50 thousand dollar scam. This folks is Insurance fraud at its finest. This is a message to all concerned citizens

  • Misty

    Retro: Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely, not unloading by choice in this heat. Can’t upright a loaded trailer without airbags. If we were getting 50 thousand a pop, we could afford airbags by now. Which Wreckmaster school did you go to? Introduce yourself the next time you come into our office, would love to meet you. Really makes me mad knowing that’s my family out there in this heat and have to hear stuff like this.

  • Misty

    And you, my friend, know nothing about our company and the fight we are winning with the highway patrol. See you at the next meeting.

  • The tow man

    Haha retro I got u on this one. Retro may not know about the fight with the highway patrol but the wrecker industrie does. In short words it’s pathetic just like ur poor pitiful speech u gave at the meeting. (I wish I had a camera) you want the rules bent cause your under equipped when everyone else abides by the rules everyday. You want and have one heavy wrecker on 3 county’s when all the others have one per county. So if u want ppl to stop laughing at u for starters I would go to the wreck you are attempting to work and take the fake sticker off the MEDIUM DUTY wrecker u got listed as heavy.

  • Wanda orders

    My twin brother was killed almost the same way same place, The load he was carrying , shifted and his truck over turned killing him. 7/1/2008 :-(

  • tow nasty

    Duh the wrecker world been laughing at them how else u think anyone even heard of this joke in Lil thomasville with one wrecker working 3 county’s haha what they gonna do if they get 3 wrecks at once ???? Or if by chance they have a customers truck to tow at the same time?? You do have customers right?????

  • Misty

    We were the ONLY wrecker company who hired an attorney to fight a rule that isn’t there. Everyone else just bowed down and took them for their word and went and bought new trucks or came off other counties. This happened to lots of companies, unfortunately, no one else fought it, but state they will stand with us as we lobby the bill in February. Everyday, we are getting more and more calls from other towers in support. Too bad, none of them are in our area.

    • Tri pod

      Im sure it doesnt phase bigger companys though does it? I believe their are few companies around as small as yall, am i correct?

  • tow nasty

    No one near you supports double dipping obviously. And in America the majority rules . You got to pay to play and yall come up way short on $. So I guess maybe making pizzas or Mcdonalds would b sufficient

    • Chucky

      Now is that really necessary? I am really careful what I wish for people… it could happen to you.

  • Chucky

    And I repeat… this exit needs to be fixed. I’ve driven a pick-up on it a few times and the pavement is banked toward the outside of the curve. If NASCAR did that with their tracks, they wouldn’t be able to have races because the cars would fly off of the tracks.


    First and foremost my concern is for the deceased driver and his family. Prayers going up!!!! As a healthcare professional and a public servant I find it difficult to accept the fact that a body has been left in a vehicle for over nine hours due to a wrecker service that is admittedly not equipped to handle this magnitude of an accident. Now understand, as I have driven by this wreck, it is rolled over. But it is not down an embankment or to where heavy equipment can not get to it. Then for MISTY to want john Q public to feel sorry for her family unloading that truck (unnecessarily) in the heat?????? Really? Not to be too vivid but how about the deceased body in the heat in the truck you idiot!!!! Last I checked its your job! Sorry the weathers a little warm for you. It’s also warm for the highway patrol and DOT workers your holding up by not having a clue as to what your doing. No better job than you do, its no wonder you cant afford air bags or other equipment!!!! What a selfish pig! You should be ashamed!

    • Misty

      Airbags would not even had expedited this operation. The furniture has to be unloaded. It’s not resale, it’s personal property. Trying to salvage what we can for the families. Can’t upright loaded. I feel very badly for this man and his family and I have been in contact with them already. Also, just spoke with the First Sgt. on scene and he confers that we are doing everything possible to complete the recovery. These are always long and involved at this site, not just for our company. We’re not holding up the scene as everyone’s stating. NCSHP would turn us away if that was the case. Boy, talk about feeling beat up. I knew there was a reason why I usually never post to stories on here. By the way, as an RN, thank you for all you do in your profession.

  • High Tek Redneck

    Having worked with a professional wrecker service on many roll-overs (on this particular exit ramp) and even reverse roll-overs, its sad that the deceased driver stayed in the truck as long as he did. I have been on scenes where we have shoveled (by hand) full tractor-trailer (44,000 pounds) loads off of the wreck, reloaded to another truck and up righted the wreck in less time than this one has been completed. While air-bags weren’t an option, had they had the equipment they should have like the rest of large rotation companies, the wreck could have been picked up enough to extract the deceased driver before they even started, then unloaded and cleaned up the mess. If this were me, I would be ashamed to have known I worked all day with a dead person just 50 feet in front of me, when that particular problem could have been solved in a matter of minutes. A perfect, inexcusable example of “milking the clock”. My heart goes out to that poor driver.

  • Deborah Ford

    So sad that some people choose this posting to argue. A man is dead. Mr Carl Sherman was our neighbor for over forty years. A fifty year experience professional driver. A well love widower, father and grandfather. Loved very much by our community. Rest In Peace Mr.Sherman. Blessings to the family. Scenic Wood Community. Houston Texas.

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