Three arrested on human trafficking charges in NC

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Dakim Gregory, Vanessa Robinson, Tiffany Lindsay (Courtesy: Cumberland County Sheriff's Office)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Three people are under arrest in Fayetteville on human trafficking charges.

Police told WTVD-TV that it all started Monday night at the Days Inn on Skibo Road.

Officers were called to motel because of a possible abduction.

A woman told them she was being held captive by physical violence and verbal threats. She also said the suspects were holding her for sexual servitude.

Dakim Gregory has been charged with two counts of human trafficking and two counts of sexual servitude. He remains at the Cumberland County Detention Center under a $500,000 secured bond.

Vanessa Robinson and Tiffany Lindsay have both been charged with: first-degree kidnapping, human trafficking, sexual servitude, and drug charges. Both remain behind bars on secured bonds.


  • badelizabeth2013

    well there is a group of upstanding citizens !!! I guess they didn’t know that this was wrong – and they were just trying to make money to get through college and have a career !!!!!

  • Stephen

    Human trafficking is the modern day form of slavery. This more often goes unreported because the perpetrators are usually black.

    • Me

      Well I guess that is a turn from the oppressed being black to the perps being black, huh?….. Keep your racist comments to yourself…. Cause we all know that that came out the crack of your tail!!!!!!! Human trafficking is wrong no matter who the perpertrators are, its wrong!!!

      • Stephen

        Who are you to tell anyone what to say? I will say what I want to say. If it offends you, then go cry to your mom. YOU are a NOBODY!

    • sinner 3

      Bigase operation in the G_Hood ran and stocked by Latinos and they got a pass and get out of jail free card !

  • sinner 3

    Sure as hLL a higher bond than just pimping ! And the POS_broads involved need a good taste of the justice STICK !

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