Reidsville mom arrested for leaving 11-month-old, 5-year-old home alone

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Jessica Lynn Jessup, 26

REIDSVILLE, N.C. — A Reidsville mother was arrested on Wednesday after she apparently left her two children home alone, according to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office.

Around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, deputies received a report that two small children had been left alone and unattended at 550 Miller Chapel Road in Reidsville. The two children, 5 years old and 11 months old, were found alone inside a single-wide mobile home.

An investigation revealed the children had been left there alone since 8 a.m. Wednesday when their mother left for work.

Jessica Lynn Jessup, 26, was arrested on charges of misdemeanor child abuse, contributing to the delinquency of minors and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jessup was placed in jail under a $2,500 secured bond. Her court date is set for Aug. 12.


  • seriously?

    I can’t wait to hear what her sad story is. Oh wait – I don’t really care because there’s no excuse for doing stupid sh*t like that.

    • Jessica

      Well the sad story is her sister left them she was at work left them with her sister working to support her kids that she supports on her own so there is the sad story.. she is one of the best mom’s i know I am her best friend of 15 years she trusted her sister

  • Mark

    How selfish can a person ne to have children and then treat them like this? They didn’t ask to be brought into this World. I feel so sorry for most young children these days as they are only had and kept around for tax write offs. This country has went straight down the tubes but I am thankful I got to see it when it was something to be proud of.

    • Jennifer

      Hi, Frank!!! This Young Mom is Fausly accused..The Day I Figure out “Word-Spell” WILL Be the day!!!!!!

  • Susie Q

    The waiting list in NC is YEARS long! That goes for folks working and those in school who qualify. This ladies actions were totally unacceptable, but folks have to stop assuming that assistance from the government is passed out like free candy!

  • jEM (@canezjem40)

    Absolutely Susie! It’s next to impossible to get assistance for daycare until someone “drops off” and the list is miles long. The kid could be out of school before they made the list.

  • KT

    The waiting list for NC depends on county. About 1 1/2 years ago the waiting was 9 months for Rockingham county, so yes, maybe she is on the waiting list, but it doesn’t take years in her neck of the woods! And does it matter if she does have to wait? Does that give her the right to leave her kids alone?

  • paige j

    I think everyone should drop the arguement of government assistance. Its not the point. There are families husband wife and kids that get assistance too not just single moms. The point is that she shouldn’t have left those babies alone. Poor babies. Such little respect for children these days

    • Jeremy

      Agreed. Heat index hit nearly 105 today. What if the 5 year old wandered outside? His/her organs could not tolerate that kind of heat long!

      • Jessica

        The 5 year old is a girl and yes her mother Jessica jessup has said the same thing she is very thankful her kids were found by the law die to her sister neglecting her niece and nephew

  • spreadjoy

    And if she decides to lay out of work and live off the government to stay home with her kids, y’all will gripe about that too. Maybe she didn’t have anybody to leave the children with. Yes, it’s unacceptable to leave children that young home alone; sometimes life leaves us with impossible choices. She obviously felt that she had no other option, and to be fair, we don’t know her story or her struggles. We don’t know that she “spread them for some lowliife scum”, as someone so eloquently put it. Perhaps she was married and her husband died. You don’t know, so why not just say a prayer for her, and leave it be?

    • Johna N Mike

      I agree with you, We don’t know why she did what she did, if I lived closer to Reidsville, I would offer to babysit on my days off.I hope someone steps up and offers a solution,instead of judging her

    • Jennifer

      Very compassionate response.. However, the young lady was Doing Everything her young mind could conger up to help/save Her kids in This PARTICULAR case!!!!

  • Cmm

    I’m pretty middle of the road. Wrong choice, right reason? Maybe
    But she was arrested with drug paraphernalia. That tells me this is not the first time, or only time she has made a poor choice. If you want to smoke/snort/shoot your life down the tubes that’s your business. But if you drag your kids down with you then you deserve whatever the law will allow.

  • Melissa

    For each of you to have replied to this story, without knowing the facts, let me enlighten you. Jessica is indeed a single mother. Her babysitter, was next door. Jessica had left the children with them believing her children were cared for. That said, Young single mothers have little resources just handed to them. Instead of living off the government, Jessica went out and got a job, to care for her children, She loves her children deeply, and would never intentionally put her children in harms way. It surprises me how quickly society condemns, almost like burning a witch at the stake…Shame.

    • Jeremy

      I’m not just singling her out, your words about her speaks volumes, as as a testimony of her love for those kids. Unless you are directly involved, you will never get the full story but the harsh Truth is, this is becoming a norm in America, so anytime we see a story like this, we instantly get appalled.

    • news2me

      I agree Melissa. People are too quick to judge. They complain if the mother does not work and if the mother does work. I am sure this mother thought her children were well taken care of.

  • Jeremy

    How can people be like this? To be blessed with children is such a gift. Personally, I’d love to have a couple myself but the quality of women I meet is usually pretty low, therefore, I don’t have any yet! I could not ever imagine doing this to a child, truly sad!

  • angela bass

    ok her sister lives next door and was supposed to get out of bed and go watch the kids. She should have waited for her to get in the house but she was late doesn’t make it right but give my sister a break.

    • none

      If jessica left her sister gabby to watch the kids from next door she should have known better. Gabby is a low life drama queen who barley takes care of her own child

  • robin

    Its funny all of you commenting talking shit none of you know what really happened. How about she left her kids with her sister and the sister left them alone. The reason she is charged is because they are her kids and they were left in her house.

    • Jennifer

      Thank You for the Personal input… Been there, Done this!!!If ANYONE is a Hero and LOVES their kids, THIS Lady DOES!!!!!!!!!!

  • jkr

    It’s nobody’s job to judge. But no she shouldn’t have left them unattended, @ least MAKE SURE the supposed babysitter knew not to leave @ any time till she got home. Common sense will tell u that. Regardless if the children was in her possession @ the time or not, it was her responsibility to make sure her kids were taken care of @ all times. Even people that don’t have kids knows that.

  • Jennifer

    She was TRYING to work.. She is SO YOUNG,,Please investigate the Male in this issue… Bless this Sweet Mom/Girls soul

    • searra long

      Well Jennifer, speak upon what u kno , apparently the male n this situation is not n the home. But he is my brother so i advise u to not mention ppl that u kno nothing about. Worry abt urself an yours if u have sum. Speaking on a subject/person that u kno nothing about could possibly cause more problems.Now have a nice day

      • truthjourney

        He is your brother, and you don’t know whether or not he is in the home? “Apparently” he is not in the home? Does he pay child support? Perhaps he could help with the babysitting situation so the mother of his children could go to work without being arrested. And since when are people not allowed to “mention” people we know nothing about? I would venture to guess that at least 90% of the people commenting don’t know the subjects personally…

      • Jessica

        I do she’s my best friends the greatest mother I know her child’s father is in jail . Her sister dogs this not her she went to work thinking trusting that her sister would take her kids to the baby sitter which she didn’t I’ve known Jessica for 15 years

  • :(

    I hope someone will step up and do right by this mother. It sounds like she was trying to do the right thing. Sad that a loving mother is sitting in jail while there are so many monstrous parents *at home* right now with their children abusing them and we’ll likely never know about most of those cases.

  • Dixie


  • Pat

    When did 26 years old get to be SO young? I think Jennifer keeps throwing YOUNG out there in her comments to get sympathy for this woman and while she may deserve some sympathy, she is not at 26 yrs old, SO young.

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