Mom pranks daughter with ‘horrible’ present, girl’s reaction shocks mother

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Jessie Eaton wanted to prank her daughter by giving her a “horrible present.” However, the girl’s reaction was not what her mom was expecting.

Eaton wrapped up large white underwear and placed it in a “Happy Birthday” gift bag.

“Oh my gosh! This is beautiful!” the girl says after opening the gift.

“What is it?” Eaton asked. The girl answers, “It’s pants! I like it!”

After putting the underwear on her head, she told her mom, “These are so beautiful! This is my special present you ever got for me! [sic]”

“Her reaction is priceless,” Eaton wrote on YouTube. “After she opened this, I did give her a good present just for being such a great daughter.”


    • FaithC

      This child is so sweet, but this mother is a total jerk. Why do parents find it funny to try to upset their kids?

      • Chrissy

        What makes this mother a jerk? Playing a harmless practical joke? If the child got upset bc she had gotten underwear then id question the parenting bc the child is such an ungrateful brat but that wasn’t the case. Calling the mother a jerk just says alot about your character or lack there of. You would be that ungratful brat who whines bc its underwear.

      • kim4503

        That’s right, this mother is trash. The child was sweet enough to not makemommy sad but her mom wanted to watch her become sad or angry. Kudos mom, you are not deserving of a child you hoped to hurt and videotape to laugh about later. Set her favorite doll on fire next, moron.

      • Jen Wilhelm

        No, Chrissy, you are what feeds this parade of child mocking. She wouldn’t be a brat, she would be typical. This child knows it isn’t safe to show real emotion around psychomommy.

  • Carol

    What a precious little girl with a great attitude. She will certainly view life with her glass half full. She’s already a step ahead.

  • cati

    she’s not happy at all !!! i’m a nurse in psychiatric, not from your country, and i’m sorry to say that this little girl is extremely sad !!! She tries her best not to show it to her mum (because that’s what kids do, they protect their parents!). First she picked up all the trash paper around her (she’s is trying to hide her feelings, and NO kids picks up the paper after discovering a “wonderful” present…) then she rubs one eye (not crying of joy, i’m sorry to say)….She’s lying when she said she liked it, and she is desesperately trying to fing out what to do with it… I know her mother just wanted to play a joke, but this is not something to do with kids at this age.. This little girl is extremely sad… Please, never do this again..

    • Chrissy

      I am a child psychology major finishing my last quater.. You are wrong, this little girl shows shyness to receiving the gift buy there is no sadness at all!

      • Jen Wilhelm

        Chrissy, a psych major? Please, I have 3 degree in child psych but reality hits outside the class. However, I would think that some empathy would be in your soul; you may want to switch majors.

  • Dar

    I agree CATI. I am not a psychiatrist, but I had the same thoughts. I DO NOT understand why people do “mean” things to their kids and think call it a “joke”. I have never understood that type of “humor”. Children want (and need) to trust that Mom and Dad have their best interest at heart.

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