NC husband publishes letter, admits he has looked at other women for 61 years; his reason will melt your heart

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Credit: WBTV

LANDIS, N.C. -- Bob Phillips admits his proposal to Gail 61 years ago was not very romantic.

"I had taken her home and before she got out of the car, I said 'Gail will you marry me?' That was it. How's that for romantic?" Phillips told WBTV.

However, that may have been the only time in the past 61 years that Bob was less than romantic.

Every day, the couple showers each other with affection.


Credit: WBTV

"My years with her have been for better or for worse," Bob told WBTV. "But worse with her is better than better with anybody else."

On their anniversary, Bob decided to write about his feelings. His letter was published in the Charlotte Observer.

"I look at newspaper pictures of new brides every Sunday," Bob read from the first line of his letter to the newspaper. "I'm searching... I want to see if there is now or ever will be a bride as lovely as you are. Been doing that since June 27, 1953."

Gail says sometimes she doesn't feel like she deserves it.

"Sometimes it's overwhelming because I don't feel like I come up to the mark sometimes." Bob interrupts with a sweet disagreement, "Way over. Way over the mark."

As for the brides he's looked at for the past 61 years, not one has been as lovely as his.

"I found two that came close," Bob said, referring to their two daughters.


Credit: WBTV


  • christie cain

    this so sweet.. i hope that i will get to have love last as long as your has… this is very inspiring to me and so very sweet although i know that any one with a love so great will be able to over come anything just depends on if your willing to make to effort to keep going on.. sincerly christie cain

  • C V L N Sastry

    So wonderful. Felt very happy reading it. (A 68 year old male from Hyderabad in South India)

  • katti

    I know this couple personally and they are truly an amazing couple. I can only hope after 60+ years of marriage my marriage will be just as strong

  • kisha blackman

    Wow! This letter has touch my heart i have a loving boyfriend that i hope to share the rest of my life with i hope after 60 + years we both can say the same thing about each other you inspired me

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