Hobby Lobby does invest in birth control

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NEW YORK — Hobby Lobby is a craft store chain that says it operates “in a manner consistent with Biblical principles.” Those values extend throughout its business, except when it comes to the company’s retirement plan.

The company refuses to cover contraception methods for its employees that it views as abortive such as Plan B and Ella. Hobby Lobby fought the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that businesses pay for birth control all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and won this week.

“It’s been a long journey, but an important one for our family and for those who wish to be guided in all areas of life, including their businesses by faith and conscience,” Hobby Lobby co-founder Barbara Green said in a statement on YouTube after the ruling.

Hobby Lobby’s founders have made it clear that any abortion and certain contraceptives are unacceptable in their eyes, yet the company’s 401(k) plan has millions of dollars invested in funds that own the companies that make birth control methods including Plan B, the so-called “morning after” drug.

Like many companies, Hobby Lobby offers its employees a 401(k) plan. Over 13,000 past and present employees have taken advantage of that plan, according to the latest documents filed with the Department of Labor.

Employees have the option to put their retirement dollars — and the money that Hobby Lobby contributes on their behalf — into over a dozen different mutual funds.

At least eight of those funds have been invested in companies that produce contraceptives such as Teva Pharmaceutical, Bayer, and Pfizer, according to a CNNMoney analysis. Teva makes Plan B. At least one fund also held Forest Laboratories, which makes a drug that is used to induce abortions.

These are huge drug companies that make many different medications. Contraceptives are only part of the mix.

Hobby Lobby has not responded to CNN requests for comment about its retirement plan. Mother Jones broke the story about the company’s 401(k) plan in April.

How Hobby Lobby can avoid investing in birth control: There are ways Hobby Lobby could strip out investments dealing with contraceptives.

For example, an investment management firm called Ave Maria Funds offers a “Catholic Values” fund that “screens out two major categories of companies: those involved with abortion and those judged to be anti-family, such as companies which distribute pornographic materials or whose policies undermine the Sacrament of Marriage.”

The most recent information available on Hobby Lobby’s retirement funds comes from a 2012 filing with the Department of Labor. At that time, Hobby Lobby used American Funds, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard to manage its money.

Another option for the company would be to ask its providers such as Vanguard to create a custom portfolio, sometimes dubbed a “separately managed account.” This would essentially put Hobby Lobby’s funds into their own bucket and give the company more control to forbid investments in firms like Teva.

That said, any time you ask for something special, it often costs more.

“While it would be possible to create some kind of custom portfolio, I don’t know that that would be feasible in 401(k)-type account given the costs involved. It’s probably doable, but expensive,” says David Blanchett, the head of retirement research for Morningstar Investment Management.

Figuring out what companies are acceptable and which ones are not is also tricky. Most of the funds Hobby Lobby offers employees are “actively managed,” meaning someone is picking stocks and likely moving them in and out of the portfolio regularly.

While Teva and Pfizer might be off-limits, what about a company like Aetna that is a health care insurer, but puts Plan B on its preferred drug list?


  • Moses

    do they really invest in those companies or is some investment company doing this? isn’t this known as “blind” investments? like investing in a mutual fund and the company list changes almost daily

    • mopps

      Read the article! If a company feels so strongly it is willing to go all the way to the supreme court over it you would think they would know about all their investment options.

  • j r nance (@rnance1950)

    What difference does it make that Hobby Lobby invests in certain companies that produce contraceptives, investing is One thing but actually giving employees the means to induce abortion or murder a innocent child is quite different, but all of this propaganda is by CNN one of the More Liberal Media types & the Liberals are mad because the supreme court ruled on Hobby Lobby’s behalf & the Libs just can’t stand it & by the way, Hobby Lobby offers 16 other methods of birth control to their employees except for the 2 that’s mentioned, I say good for Hobby Lobby for standing up against Odumber & his Liberal Billionaire friends…..

    • mopps

      Seriously? It’s OK to profit off of something they claim religious exemption from??? Investing in means supporting this product!

    • Kaffie

      I am right with you. They will do anything to give Hobby Lobby a bad name. My employer invests in a 401k plan and how do we know what it is. I am proud of Hobby Lobby for fighting this!

    • JT

      “actually giving employees the means to induce abortion or murder a (sic) innocent child…” Uh, you do know that Depo-Provera/Orthotricycline/Plan B are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from RU-496, right? Obviously not. You are a shining reason as to why people without a uterus have NO BUSINESS telling people who do have one what they should do with it.

    • JT

      No–it is a report that shows just how hypocritical Jesus Freaks are when it comes to their money (you know, that thing they claim is the root of all evil, yet chase blindly…)

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