Police identify man seen clinging on back of sedan on I-77 in Charlotte

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police have identified a man who was seen clinging to the back of a sedan on Interstate-77 last Saturday. 

A WSOC viewer sent the video in because she was worried about the situation.

Police in Charlotte have identified the people involved, but are not releasing information at this time.

Officers say a woman was driving on I-77 with two children inside and that the incident started as a domestic dispute when the woman's boyfriend, "assaulted her by grabbing her arm and pulling her onto the ground" during an argument.

It happened near a shopping center on South Boulevard and Woodlawn.

A witness told WSOC that she was shopping Saturday and saw the woman abandon her car in the intersection, then run to the Payless Shoe Store, begging for help.

The witness said she saw the man later walk away and the woman drove off.

Twenty minutes later, the woman's white Alero was going up to 55 mph on I-77 northbound.

911 dispatchers could not believe what drivers were seeing.

"He's riding on the car?" a dispatcher asked. "He's on the back of the trunk, hanging on," the caller replied.

Witnesses reported seeing the man break in the back windshield of the car and climb inside.

Police say the car got off near Clanton Road and the woman and the two children walked to a nearby gas station while the man drove away.

The family who sent the video called police and gave them the license plate number of the car, but troopers said that license plate tag did not belong to the white Alero.

The investigation is ongoing.

Source: WSOC


  • B

    First he is driving the car then she somehow gets the car back with him riding on the trunk. He breaks the back window and climbs in and later drives off in the car. It sounds like she didn’t want him to drive because he was probably stoned out of his mind.

    • Because it is!

      Because it u news, and if you don’t like it don’t read it, and start your own news show!

    • NobodyAtAll

      Really! I used to ride on cars like that just for stunts and kicks..It was never a big deal..

  • beachmama1

    Soundsime she was trying to get away from him. Evidently he is physco! Who in their right mind would hang on to a car flying down the road! He needs to be locked up!

  • Chucky

    At some point Fox8 was reporting that the woman didn’t want the guy charged but the report here says she was begging for help at the shopping center. I hope that no matter what happens with the two “adults”, the kids are removed from that home at least temporarily. The children could have been injured when he broke through the window or if during the incident a wreck occurred. For that matter, other people could have been hurt. Both the woman and the man need to be arrested for at least two offenses here. I’ll start with Contributing to the neglect of a child (2 counts each) and careless and reckless driving, If assaults took place and they don’t want to charge each other, than so be it but the children need to be protected from these two idiots.

  • nonya buisness

    She was the one originally driving the car with the tags that didn’t match! He might have been “out of his mind” but she is not little miss innocent either. I agree with the person above who said take the kids until this is figured out. I don’t even know what to think of this.

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