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Woman violently assaulted in front of crowd; her toddler steps in to help

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Warning: This video may be disturbing to some viewers.

SALEM, N.J. — A New Jersey woman is recovering after a brutal attack by a former coworker.

That disturbing fight was caught on tape and shows her young son as the only person who comes to her rescue.

Catherine Ferreira suffered a broken nose and concussion as well as extensive bruises and cuts to her face. Salem police pulled video of the brutal beating from YouTube.

“I could have been dead right now, had she hit me in the right spot it would have been over,” she said.

Ferreira says she used to work at McDonald’s with the suspect, who police identified as 25-year-old Latia Harris. She says the fight started over workplace gossip, which she admits she took part in, but never imagined it would go so far.

“This is not good for anybody, you don’t look good. I definitely don’t look good, it doesn’t look good,” she said.

In the video, a group of what appears to be teens or pre-teens stand by gawking while Ferreira’s 2-year-old son Xzavion is the only one trying to intervene.

“After that I became so much closer to my son because he didn’t care what was going on,” she said. “He wasn’t afraid, he just wanted to defend his mom, so that’s my world right there, I love that boy so much.”

Police will charge Harris with aggravated assault and making threats against the victim and her son.

Ferreira studies biology at the Salem County Community College and hopes her injuries won’t interfere.

“I have a dream and right now it’s just a dream, but I have a dream to become a surgeon,” she said.

McDonald’s franchise owner Jim Burglaga confirms that the video shows one of his employees.

He says that he’s cooperating with police and that worker will not be serving customers pending the police investigation.



    People are sorry as poo these days. They’d rather run over and get 30 seconds of an assault recorded on their frigging iphones than to actually help someone being assaulted. They should have the iphones shoved up their but so far, that they’d have a key pad for teeth. The kid had more guts than any of those human stool samples standing around with their iphone in their hand, combined. As to the POS that did the assaulting, should have been shot dead right there by a conceal carry holder. Would have done the world a huge service.

  • Joanne

    She shouldn’t be gossiping, the other woman shouldn’t have assaulted her- she’s made whatever problems she thought she had much worse, people need to grow a backbone, be willing to call the police, step in to do the right thing, and ALL adults need to shield children from this kind of violence or any other thing that steals their innocence and diminishes their sense of security. Gossip is a very low snarky thing, equated to murder in the bible, as in character assassination. A lack of self control leaves a person undefended according to scripture, it usually leads to violence. The fact that no one stepped in to help is not the most compelling evidence of moral or societal breakdown; the use of gossip as entertainment and the enjoyment in watching the beating that some of the onlookers expressed are the things that most clearly show a lack of morality.

  • Aaron

    WHERE ARE THE RACE BAITERS AT?!?!?!? A black beating a white woman – No problem right? Ah it makes me sick. All the blacks standing around doing nothing – I’d like to kick all the bystanders in the head. So pathetic.

  • Slawson

    What a bunch of great people willing to risk life and limb to record the assault but unable to raise a hand to stop the assault. A child was the only one brave enough to do any thing to help all of you phone recorders should be ashamed what has happened to the hearts of men what has happened to the men of God.

  • Kim

    Everyone who stood around and watch need to be behind bars INCLUDING THE ONE WHO SHOT THE VIDEO. Really what is wrong with people ??

  • unque43

    Standing around recording instead of dialing 911 first, then record for evidence. SMH, what a world,what a world we live in.

  • touchy

    Thats what happens when you gossip. it all soundslike high school to me. Girl runs her mouth about other girl. Other girl beats her up and gets in trouble. wow. I would’ve helped either because the facts are unknown. I would’ve however, tried to get that poor baby out of the way so he didnt have to see that,then called the cops

    • Chucky

      Then you’re no better than the sorry losers who watched it take place and didn’t do anything to try to stop her. You are part of the problem.

  • Denise

    What the heck are you talking about Dr.. There were men there making comments and enjoying the situation. Every single person there should be arrested for NOT intervening. Freaking gang slum mentality. Nice religious head scarf too. Just another slug of society that should be put under a cel. YUP, I said it.

  • scott

    how this happens???????? the same way a man gets beaten in Detroit, the same way a man gets beaten in LA….its a lack of morals and its dragging our country down….we have to wake up and see what everyones afraid to talk about, because they are afraid of being shamed…this will become more and more common..there is no more dream its a nightmare , there is no do the right thing, because its a black thang… your eyes don’t wait until its too late

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