Winston-Salem kicks off Fairground Fridays

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Winston-Salem's Fairground Fridays kicks off tonight. The event is designed to give teens something to do in the summer so they don't get into trouble.

There will be music, dancing, prizes, a skate park and BMX course, however, many people are still wondering if it will be enough to bring teens in; and more importantly, keep them safe.

"You have to change it up and this year, I think the city of Winston-Salem changed it up in a very big way," said Tim Grant, director of Winston-Salem Recreation and Parks. "We're really excited about the skate park. This is our first venture into that particular area."

Grant says that the event will be as safe as possible.

"We will have police officers here, we will also have Show Pros here and we'll have plenty of staff here," said Grant.

However, people in the city aren't convinced a police presence will prevent teens from fighting.

"It's all high schoolers so you know they [are going to] see somebody they beefin' with and they [are going to] be fighting," said Shatoria Williamson, who lives near the fairgrounds. "It's a good idea but, you know what I'm saying, they're still [going to] be fighting though."

Williamson says she has talked to multiple teens who said that were planning to attend.

"Get them out the house. [Give] them a place to go. Get them something to do," said Jamerican Fleming, who also lives near the fairgrounds.

Grant says the city invested $25,000 into the events, with an additional $5,000 coming from Forsyth Tech.

"We're going to make Fairground Fridays the happening place to be," said Grant.

The events are scheduled for every Friday, from 7-10 p.m., until Aug. 1, at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. Attendees are asked to enter through gate 5 on Deacon Boulevard.

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  • Bo Diddley

    Nice grasp of the English language there, Shatoria. And we have to pay $25000 to give these hood rats something to do? Let’s spend it on some birth control.

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